Hi I’m Zoey Waterston, I attended Angie’s self-nurture retreat and I really enjoyed it. So I want to talk a little about what I learned on the retreat. One of the reason i attended was I felt really guilty taking time for myself my stress levels were high and I wanted to implement some self-care, I wanted to create a space for me to feel better about myself. So a few things that we learned on the day- Angie spoke quite a bit about scientific research based around self-nurture and self-care and we spoke about how to implement that and creating a self-care habit looking over you week and seeing where you can implement it basing that on what’s realistic for you I was a bit worried before I went about opening up and was a bit scared because I knew I was feeling a bit vulnerable but the retreat made me realise that I’m not alone and that a lot of people experience this and it’s absolutely OK to not feel OK and it’s really important to implement the tools that Angie gave us as they are really useful. I really enjoyed it and the tools that we used – I still use to this day. So if you’re feeling a bit rubbish feeling stressed, managing everybody else’s needs before your own I would definitely recommend it, it’s been effective for me and my self-care.