So I talked about how I want to go more eco-friendly I Discussed that in my lush haul that I did last year in the summer I’ll leave that video down in the description box below if you didn’t catch it today, I’m gonna share with you a DIY Recipe that I did take from somebody else. I found it on Google I’ll leave the link to the blog post in the description box and I’m gonna make this DIY body bar body butter bar because My husband is going to shave today and I do want him to start shaving at the sink Which he has been but he hates his shaving cream So I’m gonna make this body bar for his face and I’m gonna see if he will enjoy it as a body bar, too It’s been getting really annoying having to overturn Body Lotion tubes and bottles So maybe the body bar will make it a lot easier for him to apply body moisturiser I have my recipe here on the phone, but basically it calls for shea butter This is shea butter unrefined. Although I believe yes the recipe calls for a refined shea butter I didn’t even bother reading the notes because I didn’t buy refined shea butter. So I’m just gonna use whatever I have I bought all of these from Amazon here in Germany, by the way, and I bought this back at home this is jojoba oil the recipe calls for Coconut oil, but I don’t want him to use that on his face, even though he will rinse it off afterward Coconut oil is just to clog pouring. So I’m gonna use olive oil instead and this is what I get at the grocery store I can get this back at home too. It’s extra virgin olive oil. This is beeswax And this is a big bag of organic cacao butter I’m only gonna use these spoons and not our measuring spoons because these are much easier to clean with oils This is my silicone mold that I’m going to use. This is from a BBB fan shop in Dortmund And then I’ve went to lush and I bought one of their reusable tins This is for their shampoo bars and it’s a lot bigger than the molds But it doesn’t really matter on the stove here. I have some water boiling or are a double boil to go and itself I just realized before that. I bought both of these pots or this bowl and this pot from Ikea not bad I’m gonna let it just calm down a little bit So it doesn’t like burn all my stuff now I’m gonna get one tablespoon of shea butter 1 tablespoon of cocoa butter 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil 2 teaspoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of beeswax. I’m gonna put all of them in there and melt them I threw all of the oils in here and now the lens is all steamy. My husband’s gonna put in the beeswax I Realized that this recipe I think will only make one bar. So that’s actually perfect because I don’t know how this is gonna go I bought this spatula I think at a supermarket I remember which one but I’m only gonna use this for making my own bars and stuff The recipe says that it makes 1/2 ounce big bar or two one ounce smaller ones There are essential oils in this recipe, but I don’t care too much for that. So I’m gonna leave them out Okay, this is completely melted. I’m gonna pour this into the mold. Maybe you don’t make too It seems like a lot Don’t ya feel as many as you want, I mean, I do cancer it’s good You leave a little bit because I’m I don’t want it to like spill. Oh, this is actually making more than one bar I can’t actually give this as a gift only to BVB fans, obviously. Mm-hmm doors Nothing oh My god, what do you think what’s gonna happen? Put it in the thing. Now the recipe says to put it in the fridge for one hour Okay cow butter smells so good. If you didn’t know it’s chocolate You made space yeah Okay, so we’ll see you guys in an hour and then I’ll show you his using it on his face when he shaves It’s been like 2 hours I think and here is the finished body butter bar. Oh That’s so cute we’re gonna take one for now ha ha funny. Yeah, that’s actually really nice very wheelie I’ll leave the rest in the fridge and then let’s go to the bathroom so he can achieve So he used the Garnier skin active deport exfoliating scrub first just to get his skin ready it’s gonna rip some honest based a Little difficult. Yeah, it just warms up with your skin. So Yeah, we took out of the fridge What is the smell like how does it smell mostly like a cowboy like the cacao? Okay, it smells good actually Chocolate. Yeah, raise your time. This is Wilkinson story Yes, all right Okay Well, not really smooth now. He’s gonna try to use the body butter on his body See if he likes it might be a little bit too heavy for him, but I don’t know I told him to just like swipe it down his arms like once or twice or something once on both sides of each limb might be a lot easier to Not that it might have a little bit of like a pole because the butters are that thick. Okay you feel like this will be the first step in my eco-friendly journey and there will be more to come because I want to attempt to make my own so I’ll leave my Lush haul on the screen right now and I will also leave whatever my last video is On the screen now for you to watch next