Hello everyone, its Barry here, welcome to
my virgin kitchen I hope you are well I hope you are I do. When I say that I genuinely mean it. Today we are making cloud bread. Its not bread made from clouds ok its nothing
to do with the cloud where that whole sort of storage thing where you store your pictures
and videos. I still dont get that where does it go. Its a really quick easy extremely light low
carb alternative to bread and it primarily uses eggs and cream cheese. Ive not heard of it before so this is me attempting
it showing you how I got on and I really thing you are going to love this. So the ingredients, steps, method, all that
stuff are on myvirginkitchen.com head on over have a little browse find other stuff while
you are there as well, but this is how you do it. First thing you are going to do is separate
your eggs. Now Ive got various gadgets that do that,
but I still like to go quite rustic from time to time do the good old egg separating with
a knife. So get your egg yolks in one bowl and your
egg whites in another. We are going to start with the egg whites
first of all and whip them with an electric whisk starting to beat them and then add in
the cream of tarter, which is actually like a stiffening agent which is really good for
making meringues and stuff gives it really strong peaks. Really really good. So that goes in there and just keep going,
keep whipping away until you�ve got a lovely meringue. Now into the other bowl is going to go your
egg yolks, cream cheese which I still don�t understand why that necessarily goes in there,
and the sugar. Now pour that all in there and you want to
mix that together with a wooden spoon at first, it will be a little bit lumpy but then you
grab your electric whisker again with the prongs all nice and cleaned, and just blast
it so that cream cheese was never there. Kind of like a mystery like a mirage in the
desert it was never there, so you should be like a thin yellowy colour. Now what you want to do is take your extremely
strongly whipped egg whites and gradually add them in with the egg yolk mixture. You want to fold it through but just really
gently and as least as possible so you can keep as much of that volume, feels like a
shampoo advert or something, in there as you can. Now for me as you will see on this next step,
it was a very hot day in the kitchen so youll do better than I did at this step I promise
you. With it being so hot in here the meringue
you need to work fast, so on to a lined baking tray you are actually going to make bun shapes,
and as this was my first time ever doing it I wasnt sure how big to make the buns if they
were going to raise and take over the oven. They actually stay pretty much within their
shapes so bare that in mind cos yours will look better then mine. The first two that a plonked down were looking
kind of good and then as I left it for a little bit while I was moving the camera it got a
little bit warm and dog pooey can I say that, can I say that. yep I can say it apparently. So hopefully you are not using a video camera,
do work fast, get them in the oven bake them for around about 20 to 25 minutes. Whilst it was baking in there I was a little
bit uncertain if it was going to work, but it actually did work and I was so surprised. Even the ones that were a little bit wetter
and runny still firmed up. I was a little bit disappointed at first because
I thought you had to halve each individual piece but you dont. Treat each mound as a slice of bread, so we
got a bit creative. Bear in mind it is very delicate when you
make it but one of mind I turned it on its side put down a little bit of tomato puree,
tore up some mozzarella, banged it in the oven for about ten minutes just to melt it. Finished it with some basil on top and Ive
got a cloud bread pizza, and I havent tasted it yet. Its really really delicate oh my gosh it is
so light it kind of has the resemblance of a Yorkshire pudding actually. Lets try and have some on its own, it does
taste like bread as well. Then I turned it up a notch, I cooked up a
burger patty in a pan until it was nice and charred and blitz which totally wound up the
pugs they were well in that zone. So by using two slices, I guess that�s what
we are going to call it, of the cloud bread whacking down are patty and I got a little
crazy with mayonnaise I must add, tomatoes and lettuce on there. I managed to make a cloud bread burger. A cloudger, like a cow girl. Yeah maybe too much mayo. Of course, to bring it back to its roots to
make it feel like bread we made a good old turkey sandwich. A little bit of spread on there, I know in
some countries you don�t generally do that in a sandwich, we love it here in the UK ok. A little bit of turkey on there, avocado,
lettuce, tomato. And there it is so good. So there it is, I think out of those three
there the burger was probably the wettest out of it so it has kind of fallen apart over
there. But what I love about this just like all my
other videos I am trying to inspire you guys to cook too. So you see my little bits of errors in terms
of the meringue when I made it, it was so hot in here, just make it be very careful
with it, and shove it in your oven as quick as you can. Make it as big as you can send me your pictures
I would love to see your attempts and customizing cloud bread. Remember to subscribe for regular recipes
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out the my virgin kitchen weekly podcast, its amazing. See you next time guys. Congratulations you made it to the end of
the video, heres your pug pause.