– Hello everyone. It’s Barry here, welcome
to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today, I hope you’re enjoying
the Back to the Future t-shirt by the way, loving it. 1.21 gigawatts of t-shirt
loving from you hopefully. We are making some cream horns. Me so cream horny I put on Twitter and you guys loved that, I know. These are so nostalgic
and they remind me of when I was younger actually. I used to go to the bakery and eat one nearly every other week. You’d like a cone corn, horn cone, that’s what
I was trying to say. Basically it’s like a
spirally horn of puff pastry. It’s all nice and ribbed effect on it. Really cool. There’s fruit dumped at the bottom, any fruit you like
really filled with cream. So we’re actually gonna
put some extra fruit on top just to make our look extra super fancy and all that stuff. And it does look a little
bit tricky and complicated but trust me, they are
really, really easy to make because I actually made some last night to test the theory. Kinda like here’s some I made
earlier on those TV shows so I know it works, they look great, but I’m gonna show you
how I did it from scratch right now. First thing I want you to
do is take a paper plate or a sheet of card. Now I was like doing
this for ages last night going ohhh, and I did a snip up the middle and then folded it and
it looked horrendous. It looked like a real small, stumpy cone. The best way I found to
do it was to actually get quite rough with it
and just take a point and just sort of roll it up
quite aggressively like so. So you get quite a high cone. Don’t worry about the angle
’cause we can trim that. It does help if you have someone with you. I’ve only got the pugs
to help me at the moment. Just tape one side so it kinda holds it shape a little bit. It doesn’t actually
need to be that pretty, the foil which we’re gonna
get in a minute will cover it. But let’s trim our bottom. Yeah, see. It’s still not ideal,
but that doesn’t matter. It’s standing up which again actually is quite irrelevant really,
but we’ll foil it now. I think I just find it more aesthetically pleasing like that. Anyhow there’s another
two that I made earlier. So we take our tin foil, get
it right tucked in there, roll it across and then over like that, cut off the end because we’re
not making the Olympic flame, twist your point at the end, give that snip and then push the ends actually into the cone. And that is our very futuristic looking foil carrot or mould. I don’t have any spray oil at the moment so I’m just getting oil in my hands and it’s really important
that we lubricate the cone to make sure that the pastry
does come away from it otherwise you’re gonna end
up with a lovely foil insert. That will do. This is our lined baking tray. We’ve got some ready made puff pastry which is sat out for about 10 minutes just to make it a little
bit more manoeuvrable and hopefully wanna roll out. Be very careful when you do that. Don’t wanna tear it. It’s quite cool ’cause it’s
got like a backing paper underneath it as well. I’m gonna get my knife. What we’re gonna do is cut strips. It doesn’t matter how thick
or thin you make them, just try and make them quite even. I’m actually finding
this really therapeutic so I’m gonna do all of them. But you only need about
three strips for a cone. Nice. So here’s what we do, we take a strip and be careful they do
stretch quite a bit. You wanna make sure they hold their shape. Take it round the top like so. And just start to sort of you just wanna gently overlap it so it just touches the edge and
work your way down the cone. Can you see that effect
we’re getting there? And you’re gonna get to a point because your strips aren’t gonna be that big where you’re gonna come
to an end like that. So we need to get a joint. I’m gonna just pinch together
our top end a little bit. So try and marry that
joint up as best you can but to be honest it doesn’t
really matter that much. It’s gonna get covered in sugar anyway. It’ll be just all about ensuring that you maintain a relatively consistent overlap on the pastry ’cause it gives it this
really cool affect. I really like it. So that’s two strips on there. We’ll get one more strip on. So just try and just blend
it together a little bit. That joint as I say that
is the trickiest bit. Work it around. And hey presto, that is it done. What I’m trying to do at the top there is we’re just gonna just
try and just make it so it will blend in a little bit more, so we’ll blend the top to give
it a little bit of a seal. But there we go, that is looks like some sort of Mediaeval spear. That’s it done. So I’m gonna do that with my other two. And the pugs are eagerly
anticipating the final results of this, you can
see how excited they are in their beds. I’m gonna say it really does help if you have the strips precut because you haven’t got to keep swapping from one roll to the other
so get all your strips done and then just wrap them around. Like your bandaging,
you’re a pastry nurse. So here’s what we’re gonna do next. We have got our lined tray again and this is some beaten egg. ♫ Beat it ♫ Beat it Take your cone, get your beaten egg, and you’re gonna paint your cone, this is very therapeutic, in beaten egg. It’s gonna give it a nice golden colour and also act as a bit of a glue. And to seal the layers
together a little bit and also help when we put our
sugar on in just a minute. It’s gonna help that sugar stick to it. There you go, nice and glossy. So what we do is we take
our cone drenched in egg and this is some Demerara sugar okay. It’s really sort of nice and grainy so don’t get any really super fine sugar if you can’t get this, just make sure you get
some granular sugar. What we’re gonna do is just sprinkle it on top, can you see that how
it’s sticking to the egg? Gives it a really cool effect. So you’re gonna get the golden sugar and also the golden colour
from the egg on there around those sort of ridges. It’s gonna look really cool like this. So with that done for some reason I though yeah we’ve got to stand it up
and bake it, but you don’t. You actually lie it down,
so what I do is find the worst side with one of the seams on it and sort of bake it,
lie it down like that. So then we’re just gonna
repeat that with our other two. I’ll do that now. There you go. They are done. I’ve preheated my oven to 180c fan which is 200c, the equivalent
is on your screen right now. We’re gonna put them
in there and bake them for 15 minutes or until nice
puffed up and golden brown. Just while that’s in the
oven, I wanna talk to you. So you know I’ve told you
about this whole thing with the studio and to
some of you guys are like oh my gosh, well most of you
are like it’s really exciting! A few of you I knew would be
like oh no, it’s gonna change. Trust me, I’m still gonna do
some videos from home still but to have help, someone film and edit and making it sound good. I’m using the lapel mic today. They can help monitor
the sound, do all that and actually capture
bloopers while I’m moving the camera and stuff, I
do a lot of funny things and they can capture that,
edit it, make it look awesome. Plus I’ll still have a grab cam anyway and get other friends
that I can interact with, the kids and stuff. It’s gonna be awesome
and you’re gonna love it. Plus if you hate it,
there’s over 1,200 videos still on our channel that
you can go back and watch. That sounded like a rant though, honestly I’m genuinely really, really excited and you should be too. We’re gonna make our cream filling. The horn at the bottom of it has the fruit which typically I have
stewed apple in mine which I always love so that’s
what we’re gonna go for. You can either make that
by chopping up some apples, stewing it in some water with some sugar and then you make this or you
can just buy a jar like that which typically goes with
pork on your roast dinner. So we’re gonna use that. But also you can flavour our cream, you can put vanilla in it, whatever, but what we’re gonna do,
I don’t actually have any lemon curd, I was gonna whip
the cream up with lemon curd, but instead we’ll add a
little bit of this in there. Let’s do it. In goes our cream, oh my gosh. We’re gonna whip it up. Alrighty, then if you can see out there, it’s not the thinnest cream,
but it’s not the thickest. We do want it to be relatively thick so it can hold it’s shape. Here’s our jar of the apple filling that will go at the base of our horns. Boom. About one and a half spoons of that. So about a tablespoon and a half. Rather than, I’m gonna need
to move this out of the way. Rather than actually whipping it, ’cause then that would extra curdle it, you’re gonna just fold
it through the cream. You can spot then if it
does then need an extra whip ’cause it’s a little bit wet back there. But generally there is
quite a nice thick cream which we can either pipe
or spoon into our horns. So let’s say there’s an alternative to adding vanilla extract
and as you can hear that beeping noise, hopefully
the horns are now done. Today’s random shout
out goes on Twitter to follower Chris Weston @chrisweston95. Cheer mate. I just wanted to show you
that, it actually does need another two minutes in the oven, there are some strawberries
that we’re gonna stick on top of our ’cause it’s
hopefully gonna get real cool contrast with the cream. I was gonna hull them. I’m not sure. I think it would look more strawberryish with the hull on so you don’t
eat them with the green bit on them alright, unless you’re hardcore. Time to get them out. Oh yeah. Check that out. That’s my mmm, yummy. We have to be a little bit patient now. If we try and pull them
off of the sheet right now the sugar is still quite hot. It might stick to it and
rip off some of the pastry. Just let it cool baby. The only other step you need to do is pull out the foil cone inserts which should just slide
out with the oil on there. Which brings me to the ones I made earlier which we’ll finish off with. Ain’t got time to wait
for these to cool down. People need to see this video. I’ve got to get it uploaded. Not sure if you can hear
that really nice and crispy. The sugar’s all caramelised and crunchy. That Demerara sugar really makes these. I’m using a glass by the
way just to hold it up. We are gonna go old school
’cause I just generally don’t like piping as a thing. I’m gonna push the cream into the tops. So gently hold it as you
press it all the way down ’cause you don’t wanna break the pastry. It is delicate. Kinda need to go in on a piping course, actually I’d really like to do that. I don’t mean plumbing. I mean pastry baby. Patisery. I hope I should start to branch soon and actually learn from the pros and get them to come into the kitchen. That’s what I can do
at the studio actually. So if you are a chef from
anywhere around the world, ideally UK ’cause the budget’s pretty low, and you wanna come and
teach me how to do something and be on the videos,
get in touch actually. I’d quite like to do that. When I get to the top, I wanna try and make
some sort of relatively nice mound, I didn’t think
I’d ever say that word before. Relatively nice mound. Alright, great. That is looking phenomenal. It’s looking like a lovely, I’ll take that right now. Do you know what? We’ve forgotten to put the
apple in it haven’t we? I was getting to carried away. So the apple goes in right at that bottom really pushing it right down there. Then we put the cream on top like so. Boomchicawowow. Sorry. Then I keep it in that
glass as long as I can just for stability but
I’m just gonna sprinkle a teeny bit more Demerara sugar on top. Oh yeah. And we’ll just get some strawberries and just set them on the to there. Just let the cream bite into it. These are amazing English strawberries which I’m sorry are the best
strawberries in the world. And they’re actually just from up the road from me in Chadar. Which if you’ve never been
to Chadar it’s amazing. They’ve got like cliff
and stuff and goats. Everyone needs goats right? Take you off and lift you out. There we go folks. Cream horn. Let’s just come out a teeny bit. There you go, look at that. And it’s apple right, I
think it got to about there. Apple and our creamy apple
filling all the way to the top with some strawberries all over. Love it. So I have hulled the
strawberries now for this scene. I did also have this crazy
idea of merging two cones together and actually making viking horns. That would be amazing. Or would it? Here we go. Ohh, phenomenal. Sorry. I think it’s gone. I quite like that though. The crunch of the pastry
and the sugar, so good. The creamy appleness in
there plus a little bit of the strawberry. I didn’t hit the bottom
with the filling right there but there’s enough in the cream. Try it, let me know how you get on. I love to see your pictures
and your attempts of recipes. It’s so good to see. Loads more inspiration
on myvirginkitchen.com. Let me know down below
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I’ll see you next time.