In this video I’ll be talking about food cravings.
Most of us crave particular foods at one time or another. Did you know that chocolate really
is the most often craved food? It’s true. But, what causes food cravings? Are they a
dire warning from your body or are they simply you wanting the foods you enjoy? If you search
“food cravings” on the net, you will find thousands of articles that assert a long-held
belief. That is, that many people are convinced that when they crave a particular food, it
is because that food contains a certain nutrient, or set of nutrients, that the body needs.
This is the absolute most popular explanation of food cravings: Food cravings are triggered
by your body’s nutritional needs. Some commonly claimed manifestations of this explanation
are that if you crave chocolate, your body really needs magnesium. So, therefore you
need to eat eat foods like beans, nuts, and seeds, instead. Then, your chocolate craving
will go away because you’ve given the body what it needs. Another one is that if you
crave coffee or tea, your body really needs phosphorus. So, you should eat foods like
chicken, beef, or fish, instead. What is the scientific evidence behind these claims? Are
they scientifically valid at all? NO! Absolutely not! We do not know the exact mechanisms behind
food cravings. But, they are based more on flavor and texture than on nutrition. Food
cravings are probably mediated by a response in the brain associated with the eating of
certain palatable foods. In addition, they seem to be more mood related than nutrition
related. So, you crave foods that you have enjoyed in the past, and foods associated
with certain positive feelings. You crave foods that bring you pleasure. Now, this may
not be the only explanation or the whole explanation, but idea that your body always craves what
you need is a complete myth. Some of these claims are quite ridiculous. If you crave
coffee, it is more likely caffeine your body “wants” as opposed to phosphorus. But you
may also crave the taste, the feeling, the warmth, etc. Cravings are much more complex
than these simple explanations can provide. If you crave chocolate, though, it has everything
to do with how you feel about chocolate and nothing to do with magnesium. Do not believe
these craving related myths. Cravings are much more complex. So, if you would like to
read more about the scientific theories related to food cravings, visit the link in the description