*Ominous whispering; What was that?* [Bang] What WAS THAT? [Fire alarm Beeps] What is that? What is that? [More Beeps] [More Beeps] *earlier that night* *3:00 AM* [Suspenseful Music] What’s up Youtube So welcome back to another 3 AM video Today we’re going to try to make a cake. So we are going to try and bake a cake Its 3:00 AM, Actually it’s currently 3:48 AM Its almost 4:00 I am extremely tired but… I stayed up just to do this video So, Bear with me. Here we go! So! If you guys don’t know what 3:00 AM is. It’s basically The hour where weird stuff happens. All the evil spirits come out, ghosts come out, demons come out. Supposedly. And if you’ve watched the previous 3:00 AM videos You know whats up. Things happen. So I am very not excited to see whats about to happen pretty soon. So! in that case, lets keep it simple. We are just gonna be baking a cake. So I have here some red velvet cake. It’s really simple. All you gotta do is you need 3 large eggs, 1 cup of water and 1/3 cups of vegetable oil. Put it in the oven, 350 degrees. Let it stay there for about, whats it say 15 minutes. And then it should be a cake. From here you just wanna pour all of it, (there you go) This equals one cake everybody. Very good. I’m supposed to use vegetable oil but I don’t have it. I only use olive oil cause I’m allergic to vegetables. [background laughter] and now just grab 3 eggs and now just put it, you know how to do it. If you’ve never baked a cake before, uh yes, this is how you bake a cake So, there you go. One, two, three. [sigh] Awesome and uh so far, so good, nothing has happened yet, like as far as like no weird things happened my sister’s there making sure everything’s okay Cause last time it was just us two, and it was creepy so let’s make this cake (Behind the camera) Water. oh sorry sorry, sorry you’re right I need some water and 1 cup of water So, you know how it goes, just fill this cup into one cup, and then just pour it in here. Perfect. Now what you want to do is just mix it up until it is really really mushy. Really really nice. and then put this in the.. [scary sounds] Ariel? Ariel : Yeah? Was that you? Ariel: Yeah. [Sigh of relief] wooo I heard like a door open but it was just her she was just there earlier Don’t do that it was just scary OK. now.. just keep mixing and mixing alrighty y’all so after mixing it for a little while it should be this consistency its a little bit thick Ahh man it’s kinda weird that its red Maybe I should’ve gotten, like, chocolate cake or whatever But, after this all you wanna do is preheat the oven to 350 degrees Let’s go 350 there you go Now we wait for that to preheat and once it’s preheated Just put this thing in there and it should be fine So, [clap] I guess we chill until we wait… unless you wanna…. Ariel: Nope. Nope. (No way.) You’re just gonna stay here. Uhhh… Yeah whatever let’s follow me Hi! Let’s just make sure the house is like really–
it’s fine first the first things first you want to turn on all the lights to
make sure everything is okay. I think it’s good nothi-nothing behind the uh.. what do you call it. The curtains. (hm…lets see…) This room’s fine. The only room that I’m
really really concerned about is the room upstairs.
Cause, last time weird stuff happened in that room it’s right here
see that’s the only room I don’t-I can’t I don’t even know. So, let’s make sure it’s okay [Roi opening the door] [Roi gets scared away] ~some type of shuss, cant tell who it came from~ D-did you see the way that door opened. Did you see that (hold on what) look at this that was just creepy how it
opens it just opened forcefully see look and then It just stop right there save me
make sure this room is okay this rooms good. so this is where I, if you guys don’t know this where I did all my gaming videos back in the days my
reaction videos and whatever so yeah let’s go back down and see if the oven is preheated.
I don’t think anything’s going on at least not yet I feel so I haven’t
really given you like a proper apartment tour but this is my apartment
I have some cool windows curtain is broken over there [Roi is suprised by what he see’s when he turns the corner] BAH!! Did I just scare you? I’m just kidding. Alright y’all.
Ariel: BOO!
Stop, go go. shouldn’t you be asleep? Ariel: no you told us to all
stay up.
Yeah it’s scary.
Ariel: Nothing happened. alright y’all so it’s been 15 minutes
already unfortunately I don’t have a baking
p- actually, I have this. this kinda looks like saracha or some kinda hot sauce sometimes you gotta improvise this is a cookie sheet tray really simple it’s going to be a really amazing cake I promise you guys I promise it’ll be so
nice and now we wait 30 minutes so let’s kill time there’s no ghosts right
there’s no ghosts to here right just I’m so tired of you there you ghost 30 minutes
on the clock I’ll see you soon. Ariel: uh oh is he ok?
Ariel: I dunno he just ,like, starting to want to throw up wait are you good boy? come here
Ariel: he wants to throw up because theres a ghost right here he sorry just wants to yeah
throw up no are you okay are you okay okay
all right I think it’s fine so you okay okay are you okay Ogie? are you ok? okay all right so the dog has
some kind of hiccups or is throwing up or something but it’s all good (inhale) and uh… What was that, Ariel: I play the guitar, hello?! Ariel: you’re so paranoid i know [inaudible whispers] alright! you know (Replays of the whispers) (and its says I’m still falling) was sup y’all so I’m currently editing
this 3 a.m. video and the voices you hear on the video I did not hear in real
life and the thing is that voice I- There’s more I’m just gonna I’m just going to
say that there’s more of that voice later on in the video so I’m just
letting you guys know I’m capturing I I just caught this right now while I was
editing it: freaky scary for sure um…just a heads up there’s more voices
coming up and woo alright I’m just gonna go I’m gonna play it so this is my
balcony um… (voice: lets see…) as you can see there are no cars because
everyone’s sleeping the only cars out right now are the people going to work
YO! what was that?! what was that?! do you see that? right there! guys no no there was
someone that just walked right by it wait a second wait wait wait…
keep an eye on there wait, white make them make it wider make it
wider just keep an eye keep an eye on there okay? I saw something I saw I swear
I s-saw something (voice: not me..) that was kind of weird bro, all right let’s
go back insi- Did you close the door?! Camera man: No. Did you close the door? you didn’t close the
door Ariel: I thought you closed the door. Naw I didn’t close the door. All right weird
stuff is happening now oh shoot it is whats that 4?, It’s 3:50, 350 right now all
right you know what if the ghost does not want to go to us how about we go towards
the ghost so the best way to provoke a ghost is to walk around and be obnoxious
calling out the ghost so let’s start by going around the hallway maybe you come
back here it’s probably not the best thing to do but you got to make this
video interesting at least… right so I I did a video earlier about or like last
year about haunted apartments that was actually this building but the building
across from it when it was being built and apparently there was a ghost in that
building apparently what they told me is that building was built on top of an
abandoned hospital which they tore down so I don’t know
the history on this building let’s see what happens. so far so good so far I’m getting no
creepy vibes at all ahead which is really really quiet right now (voice: let me know…) all right if you guys see anything that I
didn’t catch in the Edit please comment down below because its kind of creepy just
walking down like no one’s here why her here so there’s this scary thing
that I saw online it’s called the Korean elevator Camera man: I’m going back, something wrong but of course
always clap well what happens is if you type different buttons on an elevator
correctly it will transport you to another world but you can only do that
buildings taller than 10 stories tall as you can see there’s only five floors
so we’re totally fine so let’s so yeah so far so good
um elevator is going downwards nothing weird is happening
at least yet… and i swear is it elevator transports us to another world I’m going to poop my pants. alright guys so this next part it’s very
very disturbing and I have no idea how I did not hear this in real life so brace
yourself because this is weird straight-up weird
what you’re about to hear alright here alright, here we go Alright were good all right let’s check on the cake
hopefully there’s a doll there you see that? I’m just kidding go back up (fake ghost noises)
swear with other it all and I’m so mad What was that? I swear if this elevator falls I’m going to be so mad We just heard like random shakes and like I think we’re on the right floor okay let’s go
back and just okay now I’m just hearing hearing things maybe my mind is playing tricks
on me but we gotta go gotta go *Whisper* What is that noise? Come on, come on! I like heard like a lady scream You heard that to right? Camera man: Mmhmm| It was like straight up someone screaming Alright lets get back to it. Ariel? What? Ariel? Are you sleeping? did you put the candle down there well I
lit it before you guys left wait you’re sleeping have you been sleeping this whole time what
wait hold on I’m so confused I’m so confused what’s going on down
there just come back everything smells good though okay’s looking nice, looking nice
uh something smells really off and I can’t I can’t tell what did you hear that? Cameraman : Hear what ? kinda sounded like a guy like whispering it’s kinda weird , i’m just gonna have to
check that is that you what was that oh I’m so confused I’m
literally really confused now I don’t know if it came from upstairs or here
Ariel? all right I’m going to check the Edit because I heard I just I
swear I heard someone like whisper like it was like a male’s voice is really low
he was sayin’ something I’m just going to |EDIT| and see maybe there’s some this is
kind of weird but I feel something is really off because I heard that voice
but then I can’t tell if it’s like from the outside or whatever so [Roi notices tht something changed] what is it look at it what what what is
that ermergerd it
what what a salad the salad but is that a B letter B maybe some music note is
that are those three sixes six cause it’s kind of weird wait where’s look
where’s the red velvet cake I wanted red velvet cake right now what
Is that a banana?! Someone’s pranking us, man Ariel why’d you do it
it doesn’t make sense though as we were just here something is off with Yui with
Yui was it no no you see that what there was a shadow
there was a shadow I’m not even lying I’m not even lying
come on they can someone’s pranking with us it’s probably the ghost but I guess, we’re just chilling straight it’s always coming from this
room like right here we go you ready yeah anyway I don’t see anything… yeah, i don’- OMG MY DOG IS ON FIRE WHAT THE HOLY COW BEING MILKED WITH DIET COKE MYORKNOYJHRNTYHUHNISBEOGEUYGNTGUWYTGYERNFWYNTERUTGEYGFHGIDJ What? Should I bring it? Should I bring it? eat ur mom (0.0) What?! – okay yeah that was the weirdest thing
that happened all night although in the salad this thing transfer all the way maybe
this room is the mic or the oven or whatever so looks let’s get back out
downstairs and see what Oh [sounds like a gasp] unexplained incidents going om. unexplained incidents going on. What was that ? Cameraman: What?
Roi: What was that? that was weird you didn’t
hear that thumping?! It was kinda like a was like it was literally just what I heard it
was like can you can you zoom out the window real quick to you can you go back
to that one room that way where else you go outside come on whoa
let me spray on there ~what do you mean i wont find it~ things are you for this right I see me Right there! That’s where I saw it See anything? nothing nothing the
all right I’m just going to end the video here I’m just going to see what
happens I’m going to edit the video and see if I caught anything that I do “weird noise of whispering” so your awake now? Yeah..
good morning like 4 o’clock what I just Were you running down the stairs? what? were you running down stairs came downstairs nothing’s happening is
go sleep alright like I said I’m going i’m going to edit the video and let’s see what happens and uh, comment down below what you’d like me to do at at 3:00 AM again, is this even good (taste and dies a little inside) tastes like blood Thank you all for watching and make sure to hit that bell and uh, Imma try to get some sleep it’a like 5 or something,it’s almost 5, but yeah, stay juicy ya’ll! do do do do do! do do do do do! do do do doo! do do do. do do do do do… *Otro music*