So in Russian there is a fantastic
expression and that is мужчина должен быть чуть лучше, чем обезьяны and
that’s the theme of today’s Tip Thursday me Conor Clyne welcome to the Tsar
Experience and I’m going to be going into whether you need to be a pretty boy
to date beautiful girls in Russia Ukraine and Belarus and here in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. [Russian] Поехали! (‘Let’s go!’) Salut! Привет! from Chisinau the
capital of Moldova so one thing that I’ve heard quite often
from from friends who come to visit me in Eastern Europe not so much from
clients interestingly when people come as my clients they seem to have already watched
a lot of my content and have a fair idea of you know the dating scene and the
travel scene here in Eastern Europe a lot of my friends they just come because
they’re old friends it’s the first time and maybe they’re not watching as much
of the videos here on YouTube and what they’ve asked me quite frequently or made an observation is there are a lot of guys punching above their weight now
what do they mean by that they look at the local guys for example here in Chisinau
and they see the beautiful girls that they’re with and whatever image
that they project to them it … doesn’t conform to what they expect to have
to look like to date a beautiful girl and that begs a question are good looks
useful for a foreign guy when it comes to Eastern Europe are they just completely
insignificant whatsoever So another expression you’re gonna hear
a lot especially when Russian speakers speak English is the idea of a ‘real man’
what do they mean by that? they don’t mean someone who’s maybe
a metrosexual covered in creams looking after their skin getting a manicure and a
pedicure they mean a guy that has like manly pursuits and interests he …
he’s the main breadwinner he’s pretty macho by Western standards
he does very masculine associated recreational activities like maybe
hunting fishing he knows how to fix stuff like it’s gonna be good DIY guy so
those gender roles those more stereotypical gender roles are a lot
stronger here in Eastern Europe than they are say in Western Europe or North
America so being a manly man if you want to call it and manning up that is
something that is seen that is quite attractive to Eastern European women a
lot more so than in Western Europe where definitely in my opinion being a
pretty boy or being good-looking physically definitely will go further
than it does here now at the same time we do need to be presentable basic
grooming is still very important and definitely will make a good impression
being sloppy is frowned upon here so paradoxically whilst natural good looks
might not be seen as something very important in terms of what Russian or
Ukrainian Belarusian girls would go for so definitely very important I’m gonna
go in descending order of important stuff from what I can see what my
clients come from my friends and my own personal experience here is being
assertive and having presence definitely number one that one’s gonna make the
biggest impact here when you come to Eastern Europe in terms of your chances
with beautiful women number two is definitely being interesting
I’m gonna be very candid like most guys are super predictable and the more you
hang around with beautiful women and look you know get an inside look at say
their text messages and how guys try to pick them up you realize just how
predictable guys are most guys just think exactly the same so
be interesting be different be able to project a certain amount of of status for
sure and then after that definitely money, wealth, resources would be the next important thing I think for dating here
and then the final one coming in the last place is how good looking you are So if I were to divide up my friends and
my clients who I travel with here in Eastern Europe and put them into two
categories good-looking and not so good-looking they were all at least
better-looking than a monkey and assess how they got on with local women you
know who had the most success who didn’t what I noticed is quite interesting I
would say statistically it’s very hard to see a big dif… really noticeable
difference in terms of how they got on I would say it was like maybe 10% difference at
most and even more interesting than that in fact that looks a very small
percentage in terms of how they got on in terms of you know the quality of the
women and the quality of the women is the fact that the guys who were on
average better looking came with higher expectations and definitely left not as
happy as they were not as good-looking a bit probably didn’t have I’m guessing
the same expectations when they came here but I noticed that from a lot guys who were
better looking that they they were more likely to judge local guys here and say
oh they’re not good-looking or find a way to maybe put them down a little bit
rather than focusing on themselves and making themselves as attractive a certain
amount of entitlement so if you happen to be a super pretty boy maybe it’s
actually not going to be that interesting for you to come here
especially if you rely on that a lot I think that’s one of the key things like
if you were you know very good-looking a guy and you actually have some game you have
presence you are interesting you have a lot of confidence you then on top of that
have a lot of financial resources then you’re gonna have a fantastic time here
and we’re gonna go out and party together and you’re really gonna help a
blast for sure but if you are just relying on your good looks and you’re
not actually really that interesting and you don’t have that much presence and
you’re gonna just waiting around for girls to approach you you are going to
find it very frustrating in my experience here in
Eastern Europe but at the other hand on the on the flip side if you’re a guy who is
not considered particularly handsome in say North America or Western Europe and but you have you know a pair of cojones and you have good presence
you’re confident whether you have a lot of money or not
of course having more money in general is an advantage over not having it and you
come here we are gonna have a very interesting time and you’re definitely
gonna see a jump in the quality of women you can get here for sure so see
you in the very next video it’s gonna be here from Moldova gonna be shooting a
lot of great content over the next week and I am super excited about that la revedere! in Romanian and до свидания I was gonna say до побачення but we’re not
in Ukraine we’re in Moldova! See you in the next video!