Yes man, It’s your boy Qucee and we’re still here. In Dubai And we’re still busy with expensive things. Boys, tonight I’ll treat myself, because I’m going out for dinner, But ofcourse it’s all going to be very luxurious, that’s what Expensive Things is about. We are gonna eat crazy things, private chef, the full package and… I don’t even want to talk anymore, because my stomach is rattling. Oh yes, we’re leaving Hey, how you doing? Chef Raymond, how you doing?
– Qucee. Nice to meet you Nice to meet you too. Do you understand the joke? Like meat, meet you. You are goning to have plenty of meat today. I heard that you are like the big star here. Yeah well, I am a chef here and I am very passionate …and you know, I enjoy what I do? Not the best, but you know. So you make the most craziest things Yeah we make some unique dishes in here Seafire We make our savory donuts We also have a different kind of peanut butter sandwich That sounds good! So the client doesn’s forget? No, it sounds nice. Yes that’s the one, it sounds nice. I hope that the food is better than my English. What can I expect today? So we are specialized in meat. We also do Irish meat, which is dry aged. We do the dry aging. Come to the dry aging cabinet, to check out the meat. Yes, lets go! This is like our troffee cabinet, where we show our meat. We got some tomahawks here, some T-bones. What is a tomahawk? So basically a tomahawk is a rib eye with the bon in it. This is from Australia, this is our ranger valued meat. Oh, so it is kangaroo meat? No, no no.
– oh. I thought that because you said Australia. It is not from a kangaroo? No it is not.
– Oh okay. You’re here on vacation, so you have to try it. You’r smart.
– Thank you, you’re big. Come this way, we will give you the bigest portion. Okay, I want to see this. How would you like your steak? Medium-rare? Medium?
– I think medium-rare. For a rib-eye, I recommand medium for a rib-eye. This will render down the fat. I can hear that you know everything about meat.
– I know a lot about meat. I have been coocking for over 15 years in the culinary business… …my father had a restaurant in Scotland, wherer I am from. Ah you’re from Schotland?
– Yes I am, can’t you tell? Let’s go with the goat.
– Yeah, or go with the steak. Let’s go with a cow. We are going to season it quite heavily and then we’re going to brush it with oil. This is going to start it cooking a little bit. So that’s good to go and we’re going to grill it. I am very impressed by the crazy fire and stuff… …and he is only using charcoal. …that will cause a smoking flavour to it. You got the char marks right here, we are going to put it in the oven behind you. It is going to take about 20 minutes for your medium stake. So why don’t you have a seat, and I will bring some starters. Okay big chef!
– Hi how are you doing? Good, you are also good?
– Are you hungry? Yes I am hungry. So what are the starters that we will have? We will start with this one. These are our savory donuts. It is a bit unusual. It is basicly a short-rib, which is been coverd with a donut. And than you have a nice black Parmazan charcole dust on top… …served with coleslaw. The next dish is from our new menu. This is our take on a penut butter sandwich, but we are using something else. In this little jar here, we have our penut butter and we made onion jam. So it has like a savory taste. Penut butter is common used in the Asian cusine… …it is like a sweet, sour and savory taste. Here you go. Oh yes.
– There you go. Is it okay?
– Yes, I like it, I like it. And then our donuts, you just pick one up and then just eat it like a donut. I know how to eat donuts. I really like them,
– Yes I can see that. For all the people watching saying: “weren’t you a vegitarian”. I was for 2,5 years and now I don’t eat as many meat as I did before… …just now and then, and this is a special moment because we are in Dubai! We are getting steak that we normally can not afford… …but today we can… …well not today, because we are not paying you know? This is what we do, because this is “expensive things”. What we have here are 8 different knives, from different countries. These are based on the clients we have at Seafire. *Trying to choose a knive* I will choose this one. So, are you ready boys?
– Yes I am ready. Alright, let me cut this. Wow, that knife cuts it very easily. Are you ready? Do I have to eat it like this? Thank you. Nice! So here you go boys, enjoy!
– Thank you. Take your time. This meat is high quality.
– I know right. If this was a movie world, this would be 4K or maybe 8K. If I have to give it a score…
– It can never be the highest, because… …you don’t know if there are any better steaks. That is true!
– You get me? I wil give it a 4.8 out of 5. I don’t know if that is possible… …but with me everything is possible. I have a big question, the question of today And that is? How much will this food cost? A meal here at Seafire, when you talk about everything including starters and side dishes… …will cost you 2000 Dirhams. Thats 500 euros dude. Thats 500 euros people, I mean we have had more expensive things in the show… …but hey, this is still very expensive. This whole experience is luxuriance… …we are in Dubai so… …yes. Very nice! That’s nice. I wan’t to thank you for today.
– It was a pleasure. Thank you very much, and enjoy!
– Yes, thank you!