we make Easter cake today and i will show you my recipe we need a big bowl such we take yeast, 100 grams “Lviv” I take break them I sprinkle all the sugar I have a large portion here: 1 – 1.2 kg of sugar it to taste I spill everything, then I lay eggs I have 10 eggs according to the recipe and 7 yolks I separate the whites from the yolks whites will come in handy later can also be can also be used in dough not necessarily egg yolks you can just eggs You can also just make yolks that is, instead of 2 yolks, we throw 1 egg I have 10 eggs and 7 yolks according to the recipe mix for yeast dough do not need to beat the eggs and mix well it all shuffles by itself when will fermentation So… I took the fat and margarine: 200 grams of fat and 200 grams of margarine so: soft margarine you can grate if it is hard and you forgot to pull it out of the fridge can be grated and add warm milk milk we have … … whole liter can not necessarily milk can do on the water if there is no milk I have 2 packets of flour it is believed that flour should be mixed from different bags, then better quality dough Well, that’s how we mix We need to make a leavened dough (brew, ferment, sponge) like thick sour cream it is now mix such bubbles it is due to fermentation according to the recipe we have 3 – 3.5 kg of flour on 1 liter of milk but it happens that the flour “floats” and need more flour, up to 4 kg, goes about Here, we have the dough this is it in pieces like this, you can leave it (this is not a dough – this is a leavened dough (brew, ferment, sponge) so you can leave it about half an hour It took us half an hour and we knead the dough so, open it covered with a towel so that the top layer is not weathered see, yes? bubbles a, we have a lemon we rub it on a fine grater you can, of course, add just vanilla sugar you can add lemon it’s a matter of taste preferably on a fine grater because when it is large – large pieces come across and add flour residue we have on the recipe about 3.5 kg of flour here now with flour need to be careful because you can add too much flour the dough will be “hammered” it will just be very “hard” see, yes? it is not immediately absorbed, as in powder, dough can do so can take on the table pour flour and knead it first hands then there is such a scapula, very comfortable we select here and so fairly neat and fast so you definitely will not “hammer” the dough add more flour I got my hands on it and add some flour finish to knead the dough see, yes? the dough is so soft and fluffy all the flour will go away now it seems too soft, but when it rises it will be air more tight, and do not stick I know for sure that it took me 4 kg of flour, even a little more I’ll show you now I’ll show you how to add raisins to the dough. we take raisins I sort out it first, then I wash it and dry when it dries i take the flour add it to raisins and so I paned see, yes? take the dough raisins can be laid already when it rises once, dough but you can immediately whoever wants, he does I have raisins 300 grams here raisins can be taken any he is dark, light it all depends on taste but it is advisable not to steam because he will not be so sweet later In general, you can add not 300 to this amount. but 150 grams of raisins it’s all a matter of taste, who loves how you can do without raisins so, the dough is a bit sticky when you knead the dough, you can not flour to pan, but vegetable oil here you see, yes? it doesn’t fall as much as it usually does no matter how much you mix, all the raisins are on the table but here he still holds take some oil I take a little vodka I take a little vodka add to dough now we have to knead it all I put it all the first time first kneading but some do for 2-3 kneading if you make dough long you can, when it is the first time will stand You can then add raisins and vodka vodka will help your dough to rise quickly will help yeast raise your dough see, yes? oh heavy now take this our bowl add some oil a little bit now we put it here and top a little bit and cover with a towel when it rises well, we knead again this is it somewhere like this should rise it’s all! our dough came up here proceed to cutting the dough slightly on the table take a piece cut off so, on such a big easter cake we have about 250 grams of dough and on such a small 150 here you go and the knife can not? Why do you torture dough with your hands? you know?! if i were such a cool baker like you … so, we are doing just such a bun, so that there would be a flat and put neatly, slightly pressed So it’s all! so all the dough we put the dough in the box like one third here, right? and here we have after baking the dough should rise almost full and when we put it in the oven – we still have such a cap Yes? here easter cake baked at 220-200 degrees Celsius it is at first when we just put in the oven then the temperature must be reduced because it is fried a little see, yes? Little if easter cake high let’s say this little one 150 degrees, I usually cover it with paper on top and she is not fried but if it is tall, like this one or this one see, yes? the big due to the fact that close to the heating elements, it is slightly roasted it is very necessary to watch the temperature how it gets darker on top, roasted I’ll show you how to pull a bead out of the mold they are still hot enough just take a towel and so here is a neat shake it’s a little cool I usually pull out right away so, it does not climbs … can I get a knife I have in this case a confectionery shovel preferably thin so as not to damage the easter cake and so here … in a circle take a easter cake shake out so here – as if in a circle maybe she “sat down”? like, baked, and … slightly damaged usually this happens when a lot of raisins or bad lubricates raisins cling and get such a bit of damage well, for me it’s not scary so, take another oh, this one came out well right away it is seen? she baked well I sprinkled with semolina, can be sprinkled with breadcrumbs so a bit shaken up shake need a little bit, and usually put on its side because when they are hot, they drop a little in volume this one also came out perfectly in the same way, they took … … and shocked and now we can decorate our little easter cake a little we need to take powdered sugar you can use sugar I take 250 grams of powdered sugar and I said when we put yolks in the dough – we will need egg whites I take 2 egg whites put under the mixer here: we whipped egg whites first and now we add a little powdered sugar until the mass becomes dense Can I add more powdered sugar? so, add a little vanilla see, yes? what is it, this mass is obtained take any easter cake and begin to smear we take, so we put on hand, we collect can you see it does not spread very dense mass, it is very good it dries quickly as it dries quickly, it is better to coat 5-6 pascakes and sprinkle with sprinkles because egg whites harden quickly and then it won’t stick just if you don’t like this fudge, you can take it easy, coat it with syrup then the crust does not dry out, a very long soft remains we sprinkle? here! it feels like it’s already fully prepared these are ordinary mastic candies Enjoy your meal!