Right, I’m going to be showing you how to make a chicken curry this is one of my children’s favorite
recipes it’s one of my favorite recipes and I think, with a little time, it will be one of your favorite recipes too. This particular curry is more commonly known, in my house, as a Kerryani because it’s mine. I invented it, but with a bit of luck and a bit of work, it could be yours too. It doesn’t cost that much to make. It’s simple, it’s delicious. Everyone can do it. Let’s get started. We’ve got some chicken breasts here. Peppers, one of each color. Some onions. Garlic. Carrots. Some potatoes. Some mushrooms. Some fresh thyme and some coriander. I’ve got a teaspoon and a half of ground cumin. Half a teaspoon of chilli powder, half a teaspoon of ground corriander. I’ve got four tablespoons of mild madras curry powder. We’re gonna need a bit of salt and pepper and that’s the rice that we’re gonna serve it with. The most important equipment your going to need for this recipe is a large mixing bowl. A large pot to cook your curry in and a smaller pot for your rice. Now, if I cut raw meat on this chopping board we’re going to have to go and wash it and bring it back because we don’t want to put raw meat with raw vegatbales. So I’ll chop the veg first and then the chicken after and just wash it once. We all like a simple life. So we’re going to slice some onions. Nice and thin, we don’t have to worry they don’t have to be perfect. We’re gonna transfer those over into our bowl so we can make space on our board for our next item, the peppers. We are going to slice these up pretty much the same pretty much the same thickness as the onions because we won’t everything to cook at the same time. You’ll notice that my board is not moving around and that’s because underneath I’ve got a slightly damp j cloth and that just holds it in place so you’re more secure. There’s no sliding around – and less risk of cutting yourself. If your knifes sharp your not really doing any work the knifes doing it for you. Now I’m going to chuck in some fresh thyme. We’re going to peel the carrots, everything doesn’t have to be the same. It’s just what you can do in the time that you’ve got. Look at me, show off! Right, garlic. These are quite small so I’m going to use five cloves of garlic. You can either chop it, or, you can just use a garlic press. So we’re going to get some potatoes in now. I’ve got four smallish to medium ones. They’re not new potatoes we don’t need the skins. This is my standard curry but sometimes I’ll put extras in, like I’ll put some baby sweetcorn in. Once you’ve made it a couple of times you will then build up the confidence to start adding your own things or taking things
away and put in your own spin on it and then it can be your curry. It won’t be a Keeyani anymore. It could be a Freddyani, or a Lisaani, or a Johnnyanni. Whatever your name is. Make it yours. We’re not going to slice these because we still want them to hold some of their shape so we know we are actually eating a potato. We’re going to get some mushrooms now. I like to cut some in chunks, I like to slice some. Now we’re going to cut the chicken. I’m going to just cut this into nice bite size chunks so don’t feel like we missing out on a bit of meat with all that veg. Now we’re going to season it with our curry powder and our spices, good pinch of salt, good pinch of pepper and a little drop of olive oil. If you want to measure it it will be about a tablespoon. So now you want to get your hands in and give it a good squeeze and massage. You can see it’s soaked up all the seasonings all the flavors. It’s all got the yellow tinge from the curry powder and it’s all coated in those lovely spices. This is quite a bit of work, all this preparation. The chopping, the peeling and all that. You feel like you’ve done a days work. So I trick myself by putting it in the fridge to marinate. When the next day comes, I feel like it was the easiest dinner I ever made because I really didn’t have to do anything. Leave it for a minimun of twenty minutes a half-an-hour anything after that is fine. Right, this has been marinating for half an hour. What we’re going to do now is we’re going to start frying off the chicken so we can get it nice and golden. I’ve got a pan here, warming up. I’m going to get in about a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. That’s quite hot now, that’s just what we want. So when you take it out try take off all the little bits of onion or garlic or thyme just for the simple reason that they might burn when your frying and they might add a little bitterness to your food. You don’t want to put too much chicken in the pan at one time because then the pan will crowd and the meat won’t fry anymore it will start boiling. I’m going to carry on picking out the chicken so it’s ready for when that batch comes out. Try not to get your face right over because it does spit, we don’t want you to burn yourselves.
I’m going to wash my hands again. Now this is what we’re looking for we want it nice and golden and crispy on the outside. You’ll see it’s not cooked in the middle, not completely. That’s fine. All the flavors that we’ve worked so hard to get in there we want them to stay in and that’s what this is doing, this is keeping the flavor in. And the next stage we’re going to get all of these veg and we’re just going to put them all in the same pan and we’re going to fry these off. So we can seal those as well and get them a little bit soft. All of the chicken-y goodness and the garlicky and the curry and the cumin it’s all being lifted off the bottom of the pan by these vegtables and now we’re going to put the chicken back in and all the juices. All the flavor, we don’t want to waste nothing. Now the bowl that we seasoned the chicken in. We’re going to put some water in here. Use it to rinse this out and pour that into there . There is no determined amount of liquid that we need to put in, but what we want is just enough to
cover it. I won’t to bring this up to the boil now so it’s bubbling, it’s almost there. Turn that down to as low as it goes put the lid on. We want to leave a little bit on so some steam can escape and that’s it finished. Trust it, trust yourself it’ll be fine. I’m going to show you a fail safe way to cook rice never sticks, never burns always comes out right and it’s so, so simple. All you got to do is have a mug fill it up with rice straight into the pan and then you want two cups, the same cup, of boiling water, a pinch of salt. As soon as it comes to the boil you want to turn it right down as low as it goes, cover it, and that should be ready in about fifteen to twenty
minutes. We want to chop some fresh corriander. The stalks are amazing, just chop them up nice and fine. So, lets get some on a plate perfectly steamed fluffy rice all the grains are loose, none of them are stuck together. The potatoes have started to break down a little bit and thicken the gravy. It smells amazing. So there we have it a beautiful chicken Kerryanni, you’ve fed your family, you’ve done a brilliant job. Well done. Give it a go tell me what you think and if you’ve got any other ideas, don’t forget let me know! Good luck! If you like this recipe and you want to see more of mine and any of the other gang from Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube, don’t forget, click this link and subscribe now.