My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert
Village. Today I am going to show you how to use a George Foreman Grill to make stuff
besides grill cheese sandwiches and hot dogs. The next I am going to show you is potatoes.
I’ve taken some red potatoes which grill up very very well. And once again, we are going
to put just a little olive oil on here and you’ve got to be pretty liberal with the amount
of oil you are using. Olive oil isn’t really nearly as bad for you as some people like
to believe. It is pretty good for you as for as oil goes. If you don’t put the oil in these
potatoes, it’s not really going to crisp up very well when you grill them. I’ve switched
the heat on the grill to high so that we are actually going to get a nice brown on these
potatoes. Same rules as the last few dishes. Just little bit of pepper; okay, a whole lot
of pepper if it’s for me. Just a bit of salt here and I’m going to grab my spatula. I’m
sorry, my tongs. These handy things and I am going to show you how to put on the grill.
Okay we are going to open the grill up and we are going to take these and put them top
side facing up and it doesn’t really matter where they go. Obviously on a Foreman grill,
the middle of the grill is going to be hotter so you might want to put the smaller pieces
closer to the edges for that reason. But you don’t have to, going to put some in the middle
and also really keep them close together if you want. There’s no need for any space in
between them. They will cook very evenly. And since these don’t have any juice to come
out of them, don’t worry about the drip pan but I will still leave them there. So I am
going to go ahead and close the lids on these potatoes. The grilled potatoes are probably
going to take seven to eight minutes. They do take a while. You can do them a little
less if you do them before hand. Do them like five minutes and throw them in the oven to
finish them while you are cooking your steak. That works as well too. We’ll come back in
about six or seven minutes to check on our potatoes. Look at that; nice grilled potatoes.
I do see a couple of them here. You can tell on the edges how they are done in the middle.
These aren’t because they don’t have any contact with the grill. So what you can do is you
can actually pluck out these ones that you know are done. They are the ones that had
more contact time with the grill. And the rest of these didn’t so I’ll close these up
and let them go for another round.