hey guys it’s Tasha from one big happy
life and welcome to another meal prep video in this video I’m going to be
sharing how I make delicious home-baked bread for my family even on busy work
nights using this easy five minute recipe be
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baking to make this recipe you’re going to need a bowl with a lid a spoon three
cups of water six and a half cups of flour one and a half tablespoons of
kosher salt and 1 tablespoon of granulated yeast add all of the
ingredients to the bowl and give it a stir once you’ve mixed all the ingredients
together simply add a lid now you’ll need to let the dough rest at room
temperature for two hours when you’re done it’ll look like this and so then
you’re ready to form your loaf now if I was making this bread on a weeknight
what I would do is make the dough the day before put it in the refrigerator
and then the morning in the morning before I head off to work I would do
this process I’m about to show you right here where I form the dough into a loaf
that way when I come home from work all I have to do is pull the loaf out of the
refrigerator let it rest at room temperature while the oven heats up and
then throw it right in the oven so to form the loaf all you have to do is
sprinkle a little flour on top of the wet dough now this dough makes this
recipe makes more than one loaf it makes between three to five loaves just kind
of depending on how much your dough Rises and so you’ll see the loaf is really
easy to form all you have to do is pick the dough up and pull the dough taut
tucking it under a couple of times until a nice ball forms then you just put it
on top of some parchment paper and let it rise for about 40 minutes meanwhile
you preheat the oven to 450 degrees now to make sure that this bread is crusty
we use a baking stone in the oven and then you’ll also want to put a baking
pan a metal baking pan in the oven because you’re going to add some water
to that baking pan too which helps create steam inside the oven that helps
the dough rise and helps the crust form nicely so you bake that for 35 minutes
and you pull it out and bam there is your amazing artisan bread now of course
if you want to you can add herbs or whatever you want to help add flavor to
the bread but we like it kind of just the way it is so for this recipe I
actually added it on the side of some grilled salmon with some sauteed spinach
so that’s it that is how I make freshly baked bread for my family on the
weeknights I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe be sure to thumbs up and
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