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I hope that you are doing fabulous today we have such a great episode I’m gonna
show you how to make homemade truffles four different ways guys these truffles
are the perfect treat or gift any time of the year but they’re extra special
during Valentine’s days so guys forget about getting her that expensive jewelry
and ladies don’t get him that expensive cologne instead make these truffles for
your sweetie and they’re gonna love you forever guys these truffles have an
insane amount of flavor they’re so easy to make and it’s all done using just
five simple ingredients alright folks this is gonna be so much fun let’s dive right in
I’m gonna begin by grabbing a saucepan filling it half ways with water
and heating it with a medium-high heat while our water is heating up in the
saucepan I’m gonna grab four ounces of a good-quality dark chocolate this equals
about 110 grams and get in there and break it into small pieces this is a
very important step you know the smaller the pieces of chocolate the easier it melts once I have all the chocolate broken up
I’m gonna transfer it into a heat-proof bowl add in 1/3 cup of heavy cream
and a quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract alright let’s move back to our saucepan
our water has began to boil I’m gonna grab our heat-proof bowl with the
chocolate and the heavy cream and place it on top of the saucepan very important
guys to not mix this just let it naturally come together now I like to
cook my heavy cream in this way a lot of people like to add it into the saucepan
I find that when you do that you can easily overcook it then it curds the fats
separate and your chocolate sauce is completely destroyed by cooking it in this way
your odds are much better of not overcooking that heavy cream giving you
perfection in this chocolate sauce exactly 10 minutes after adding the bowl
to the saucepan that heavy cream should be hot enough to melt the chocolate and
as you guys can see the heavy cream never even boiled so it’s not gonna curd
get in there mix it around you can easily see this is ready to go I’m gonna
remove the bowl from the heat and mix everything together until it’s
well combined as you guys can see by cutting up that chocolate it makes it so
much easier for everything to come together once everything is well mixed
I’m going to transfer it into a shallow bowl I like to do this step that way when we
add this into the freezer this mixture hardens up a lot quicker I’m gonna cover
it with some saran wrap and add it into the freezer moving on to the next step
I’m gonna add in 3/4 of a cup of shredded coconut into a large bowl you
can usually find this stuff in the baking aisle and half a cup of condensed
milk and get in there mix this together until it’s well combined once again guys
this is such an important step you want these two ingredients to be perfectly
combined together once again I’m gonna transfer this into
a shallow bowl that way when we add it to the freezer it can harden up a lot
quicker cover it with some saran wrap and add it to the freezer while our
mixtures are in the freezer hardening up I’m gonna get the toppings ready I’m
gonna add some shredded coconut some chocolate sprinkles and some chopped
almonds into separate bowls you can use whatever kind of toppings you want
here and customize these truffles to your liking 30 minutes after adding the coconut
mixture into the freezer I’m gonna take it out the chocolate one needs another
15 more minutes I’m gonna remove the saran wrap grab some of the mixture and
start forming it into the shape of a ball now I like to shape my truffles in
the size of a cherry tomato which makes it a one bite or two bite deal if you wanna
make yours bigger go ahead but this size right here is the perfect size for
a truffle and as you finish each one transfer it into some parchment paper
and continue to do this until you have all your truffles done you should get
between 12 to 14 from this mixture once you have all your truffles done I’m
gonna coat half of them in the shredded coconut and make sure you move the truffle
around that way it’s evenly coated and as you finish coating each
truffle transfer it into a wrapper and once again guys make sure you move the truffle
around that way it’s evenly coated with the toppings once you have all those done
I’m gonna coat the other half with the chocolate sprinkles and
once again make sure you evenly divide those chocolate sprinkles into each truffle and our first two styles of truffles are
done guys look how insane these look I’m gonna
cover these with some saran wrap and add them back into the freezer that way they
can harden up while we move on to the chocolate mixture so I took the
chocolate mixture out of the freezer it was in there between 45 to 50 minutes
and we´re gonna do the exact same thing getting it with the spoon and then with your hands
and roll into truffles that are about the size of a cherry tomato very important
guys with each one that you finish make sure you add it to some parchment paper
that way they don’t stick now if you find that your chocolate mixture is too
hard to work with that’s okay just let it sit at room temperature let it soften up a
little bit and vice versa if it’s too soft where you can´t even shape the
truffles you just add it back into the freezer for a couple minutes and from
this mixture we should end up with 10 to 12 chocolate truffles once all the chocolate truffles are done
I’m gonna grab half of them and coat them in the chopped up almonds and again
guys just mix it around that way it’s evenly coated once those are done I’m gonna coat the
other half in the chocolate sprinkles that’s it guys all our truffles are done
look how beautiful these chocolate ones turned out I’m gonna go to the freezer
grab the coconut ones they should be ready to be served they’ve been in there
for about 15 minutes look at all these truffles guys insane
amount of flavor four incredible truffles that are gonna blow your way so easy to
make and no baking required you guys can box these up give them as a gift
enjoy with some afternoon tea either way you go you’re gonna absolutely love
these truffles okay guys our truffles are done look how beautiful these turned
out make these for yourself or even better make them and give them as a gift
this is the best gift you can ever give let´s give one of them a try and see how they turned out
I’m gonna try one of the coconut ones here here we go what an incredible texture
kinda melts in your mouth you know all four of these
truffles are incredibly delicious so hard to choose which one that’s the best
thing you got four to choose from guys so easy to make and so much better than
the store-bought stuff really quick before I go I’d like to give out a quick
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