For six weeks in partnership with morrisons
each week we are uploading a new recipe to the emotion cookbook. Todays recipe is homemade
pizza super gorgeous and a real fun way to get the whole family involved in the kitchen.
Welcome to my emotion kitchen brought to you my morrisons emotion cookbook todays recipe
is all about family alright guys so I brought my family into this one there is a link down
below to the full morrisons emotion cookbook and other family inspired recipes for you
to check out but today we are making one of our favourite family recipes right, yeah,
what is that? Pizza, oh yes nothing better than making your own homemade dough we are
going to do this you will love it and try it too. So if you want to make these delicious
homemade pizzas hit pause on the video now scribble down those ingredients and make them
now to your liking you are going to love it. We are going to make our dough now there are
some gluten free options available at morrisons too if you want to try that out we get a lot
of questions about a gluten free base so you do not have to make it at all you can get
a ready made one which saves time but we will make our own with some strong white flour
so can you weigh out 300g this is where it goes everywhere, you got it mate, gonna be
precise, can you tip that into the bowl chloe with a little bit of help, oh yes, do not
worry about the counter top getting messy, that is why you put a bit extra in, it is
all clean make sure the counter top is clean as that is where we are going to be kneading
next thing we have got a packet of fast acting yeast about a teaspoon of that these packets
tend to have a little more than that so I do a little shake with you next pinch of salt
who wants to pinch the salt, me makes all the difference, tablespoon of olive oil, do
you want to do the olive oil? And last but not least is some warm water, this is 200ml
it is warm because it gets the yeast going, now comes the part that she is looking forward
to stir away mate, does not look like much right now but trust me that is going to be
awesome. Is that stiff and hard to do I hold the bowl and you both do it, I will get the
scales out of the way, is it getting harder, I am just holding the spoon and chloe is stirring
as you can see already it has come together quite nicely there comes a stage where you
need clean hands and we knead away push the dough out and bring it together with your
spoon, bring it together with your hands girls squeeze it together try and get it into one
big ball this is where the family fun comes right, some flour on there, alright some more
flour, that is it, squeeze it, bring it together as one, and what we are doing by working with
your hands you are putting more heat into it so you are really working that yeast, I
need you to mop up that flour too so keep going it does take a good ten minutes to do
that step about 15 minutes but we have a nice smooth ball and we have cleaned out our bowl
it needs to be clean add a teeny bit of olive oil in here tiny drop, now our clean bowl
gets filled with our shiny dough sit that in like so, cling film over the top, seal
it all down, now this goes into our warm space we have our boiler cupboard for an hour to
prove and double in size. Tada that is enormous since that has been in there we have prepared
some of our other toppings but phoebe can you remove the clingfilm what do you think
of that, it looks like over cooked porridge over cooked porridge not that I make you over
cooked porridge right there is a hidden story there, do you want to have a smell, does it
smell yeast like a bit like beer knock it back see that the air will come out of it,
put your hands in there see it has all shrunk back so that has been quite wet we need to
flour down our surface there we go we need to put that on our flour there we go so we
put the flour on there get it nice and coated again, make it feel like a dough squeeze it
roll it, so we will tear that up into chunks we probably have enough there to make 3 maybe
4 pizzas we will make 2 smaller ones for the kids we will divide it up and portion it then
start to roll it out. Spare pile of dough and they both have an even size amount kind
of like just over the size of a tennis ball it is quite flat at the moment we will let
them roll away the great thing about being homemade pizza is it does not matter if it
is not a perfect circle and more rustic kind of like a dinosaur footprint but just let
them have fun and ultimately if they are having fun they are going to eat it. She is rolling
the spare you can also do it with your hands so you can shape it or pull it apart it is
quite flexible and elastic or you can do the whole Italian thing where you spin the pizza
in the air I have not done that before but would love to see it if you have send me a
video I would love to see it. We have some very keen children here with
their toppings and bases all done so here are the ingredients we are choosing in fact
you could put anything you like on it the sauce this is passata want to go for that
in the middle try and leave an edge on the crust do not go all the way over if they do
it is fine but you could use pesto as a base you could use bbq sauce, ketchup, tomato puree,
mix it up, it is whatever you like, have fun with it your favourite ingredients, what I
really love about cooking with my family is that this sort of stuff when I first did my
videos before that I would play with Barbie dolls with phoebe and there was nothing that
brought us together but with cooking with phoebe it changed our lives a little bit so
brought you closer together, it is my version of Barbie dolls now.
Alright that is look good, really good, and also I find that the girls will always eat
this more than if I would have made it yeah you happy with yours, yeah and I am really
impressed as they have both left a really cool crust which will be really good.
Chloe is just making sure that the ham is ham, any excuse so I assume you want ham on
your pizza yeah and what about you phoebe what would you like, pineapple and peppers
yeah it is a really good way of getting your kids eating more vegetables too mix the colours
up and it is like a rainbow pizza, the rest of the dough we wrapped it in cling film put
it in the fridge so I can make a pizza for mrs barry and I later, go on!
In terms of herbs and things we have some basil that you can add on the end you could
use mixed herbs from a tub and just sprinkle that on there, whoah I like what you have
done there phoebe it looks like fried eggs wow looking good, they made a face and a pepper
ham infused one really good we have tons of stuff left for our one later on we are going
to whack it in the oven at the temperatures on your screen and it will come out looking
gorgeous, alright they are out of the oven and I am now going to lift them off the tray
place them down like so, that is mine, it is no cheese on that one, we have a nice charred
effect on the peppers where the cheese on that has spread and gone golden brown mine
smells really nice does it super fast, yes it was, chloe was just saying how quick this
whole thing was to make so the best bit now is having a taste going to try some guys alright
I will have some of yours chloe ok you let me share I will just have some of phoebes
can I have some of yours? See that, thankyou hmmm amazing, hmmm thumbs up, wow good job
girls so do you like your homemade pizza? Yeah alright now it is your turn to give this
a go. So that is our recipe for family right guys,
if you want to make more family inspired recipes down below there is a link to the morrisons
family cookbook you can win a prize if you let us know what recipes represent families
to you leave a comment of the recipe and what it means whether it is making a pizza, something
that brings the family together what prizes could they win, the prize is your amazing
cookbook and some morrisons shopping vouchers amazing and we will announce the winner at
the end of the next video so good luck make this pizza get the family in the kitchen we
love it and you will love it too, bye!