Hello friends, and not yet friends, Welcome back to What I Ate Wednesday, the
weekly show where I share all my tasty vegan eats in a day. Plus, by request, I’ll show you the easy way
I make homemade naan. But first, tea! Still on the butterfly pea flower tea train. It’s a relaxing train. Calming. Meditative. And so cozy. Especially since the last few mornings have
been chilly as hey. And I guess they will only get chillier. By the way, I’ll apologize in advance if I
sound funny for this voice over. I think it’s just the really dry air. On the same cozy note, there’s rolled oats
under that chopped apple, water and spices. It’s pumpkin pie spice and brown sugar leftover
from making doughnuts. That goes in the microwave for a few minutes,
until it comes out like this. The apple soft, but not mushy. Oats slightly sweetened by the fruit, cooked
through but still holding their shape. It’s so delicious. It’s like having apple pie. Really healthy apple pie. So not apple pie at all, I guess. You guys have been asking me for ages to share
my naan recipe, so today, I’ll do just that. It’s an incredibly simple recipe; basically
the same as making pizza dough: water, yeast, flour, and salt. You can add oil which adds to the naan’s chewy
texture but I just didn’t think of it today. You could also add vegan yogurt, but I didn’t
have any handy today. It would add a little extra flavour and softness. But if you added that, you’d want a little
extra flour too. I let it proof right in the food processor
for about a half an hour before dividing it up. You could let it sit longer; for an hour so
it doubles in size, which makes the naan chewier and nicer. Actually, if let it sit in the fridge overnight
that develops the flavour even more, but that requires planning ahead. Something I just don’t want to do most days. I also knead each piece and roll into a little
ball. This develops the gluten a bit so the naan
comes out chewier. Then starting with the first ball you made,
pull the pieces into flat shape. Hand pulling or pressing gives you a really
nice rustic look. Since I didn’t proof the dough very long,
it isn’t as elastic as it could be. But we do our best. You can also roll these out if you want. With a rolling pin. But I like the hand pulled look. Then, preheat your pan. I’m using a nonstick grill pan over medium
high heat. To make sure the pan is hot, just drip a couple
drops of water on there and if it sizzles and evaporates right away, you know it’s hot
enough. Then you can stick the dough right in the
pan. It will start to puff up in half a minute
or so. Flip it. Give it another half minute and flip again. You might get some bubbling in the middle. That’s nice because it kind of separates the
naan like a pita. But with a barely proofed dough like this,
it doesn’t always happen. I have this habit of pressing down the bubbles. I don’t think you have to. It’s just fun. Be really careful though as the bubble might
have a hole or two in there and hot steam might vent when you do this. Ask me how I know. Actually don’t ask me. You do know. I burnt myself. More than once. Sadly. Flip a couple more times, making sure you
get the browning you want in between. Place the naan on a clean cloth and cover
so the heat and moisture stays in. As you cook the next pieces, you might find
they cook faster so turn the heat down if you feel like they are charring more than
you’d like. Soon, you’ll have a pile of hot, steamy soft
naan! Obviously, I had to have a piece for quality
control. Even though we made these so quickly, it’s still stretchy and soft and delicious. Then, since this it was lunch time, I made
a sandwich. With roasted garlic spread. Some store bought seasoned pressed tofu. It’s similar to smoked tofu in texture but
it isn’t smoked. They add soy sauce and other stuff to it. Fresh roma tomato. And half of a perfect ripe avocado. That was one great sandwich. I love me a simple avocado tomato tofu sandwich
but that roasted garlic sauce just takes everything to the next level. So delicious. Now in the middle of all this, while I had
flour up to the elbows, the postman came with a delivery. Yes, that’s the Edgy Veg cookbook. They sent it to me so I could do a cookbook
review for you! How nice of them! You guys have been asking for cookbook reviews
and, yes, they are coming back soon! I also received America’s Test Kitchen’s Vegan
for Everybody recently because a few of you requested the review. Not sure which book I will review first so
let me know which one you’d rather see first in the comments below! — I love cookbooks but physical books don’t
love me. My tendonitis was flaring a bit and my hands
were saying no more! Luckily, I had some bean vindaloo in the freezer. I guess it all worked out perfectly. I was planning on making something else but
bean vindaloo and homemade naan ain’t bad for dinner! In fact, it was pretty darn good. And then. I had a doughnut. One of these. Recipe coming soon. I think you’re going to love them. And that was my food day. How was yours? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks so much for watching, friends. Please give this video a thumbs up if you
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