It’s heartwarming that several of America’s
major online financial media networks have quoted from my book, The Wolf at the Door:
Undue Influence and Elder Financial Abuse. The latest story comes from,
one of our country’s leading online financial websites. Brian O’Connell, a business/finance writer,
who regularly covers business news and trends, particularly in the financial, health, internet
and technology sectors, wrote an interesting article, “My Stepmother Stole My Inheritance.” The article quotes a number of authors and
explores the idea that the “issue of warring stepfamilies after the main breadwinner passes
is generating some heat in estate inheritance circles, as adult children accuse step-spouses
of grabbing the lion’s share of the estate.” The article quotes from a study “that parents
with stepchildren ‘were about 30 percentage points more likely to be planning unequal
bequests than those with genetic children only.’” It doesn’t take long before the battle lines
are drawn. The is where our law firm, Hackard Law, is
regularly retained by stepchildren in cases where undue influence resulting in elder financial
abuse was exerted by a stepparent against their biological parent. We represent abused beneficiaries, heirs and
victims of elder financial abuse throughout most of California’s major urban areas,
including Los Angeles, Riverside, the Bay Area and Sacramento. You can call us today at 916-313-3030. We look forward to hearing your story. Thank you.