this time guys we will gather paros in this water way canal so cold it’s cold the water is too cold these are our target today there are holes under i wonder what’s inside snake fresh water crab snake don’t dwell under water it’s too deep to reach you are too fast father i think you’re touching my butt you’re touching my butt what the heck our target is paros not mud fish he’s touching my butt mud fish do you have underwear father? maybe you’re not wearing one maybe crab will enter did you get some live shell father? yes, i think 3 pieces i think there are mud fish in here yes of course that’s a dead shell mostly dead shells let’s double check later no, that’s a live one that’s my foot your feet is in my area the shell sits like this in the mud this area is good, all shells are alive there’s too many in here it’s tongue is sticking out the tongue is pointing at albert it said, biiillldaat biiiieeelldaaat the other term of this shell is bildat that’s snake hole check both sides he’s touching again later we will remove his pants as revenge maybe we should remove his pants for real you are catching mud fish instead of paros shell maybe you are thinking that we still catching mud fish i think we are still catching mud fish just like from last episode he is doing like this later on i think someone will get chill because of cold i can endure that my skin is thick the tongue is sticking out this has a good color yellowish i will stay away from you father, you are a balls graber daaang! this is the mother of those shells a huge one it says “biiiilldaaat” check the sides, all shells are alive but the bad thing is if you don’t wear gloves it will cut your hands, the side of the shells is really sharp many of them are in the edge if you got one, sure there are more it’s urinating even you, urinate in the water sure we will remove his pant’s later that’s why i keep my distance because he is grabbing my balls let’s remove his pants offcam then we will take it and run there are too many this one, it will urinate like this it’s not that cold if your body is submerge what more if you have underwear its not cold if you wear underwear bert hold his other hand let’s remove his pants! the black one is dead this one is dead no it’s not! there is mud inside see? that is mud! this one is alive the senior surrendered already it’s too cold i’m old oohh! it’s cold!! good job camera man do the shout out uncle so guys, we are finished gathering paros we caught this much ok let’s go home we will do alternate in lifting this bucket of shell coz it’s kinda heavy this time guys we will make oven out of this old oil tin can this is trash but we will make oven out of it we will cook our shell with this we will make baked paros that recipe is based on baked tahong but what we have here is paros and that’s ok that’s it home made oven here we can place the food that we need to bake and here we will put the charcoal ok we made a few holes under so that oxygen can pass through if it is totally sealed the fire/coal will cease to burn it will be tested tomorrow this thing is the cover will just fold a little bit this side guys, these are the paros that we have gathered yesterday we will make two recipe one is baked paros and these, we will make a soup we will use young papaya and chilli leaves just like tinola we will boil them and we will remove the meat from their shells then we will put papaya, so that we have some soup now we will boil the paros these are our boiled paros and now we will remove we will remove the half of the shell guys this is it we already arranged our paros this is our grated cheese grated garlic and the bell pepper this is our butter we will mix it with garlic guys, this is the oven that we have made yesterday out of old oil tin can we already have burning charcoal will put it under it’s totally fit and this is our paros will be placed above let’s put the cover a little bit more nice! wow it’s still boiling it’s already cooked guys our DIY oven is effective it cooked the paros properly we will pick some papaya now guys we will pick some chilli leaves our second recipe is just like tinola we will put some papaya chilli leaves and these are our spices ginger, onion, and garlic we will remove the meat these are the paros meat now we will add the soup we boiled the paros in this soup so the taste of paros is still there when the papaya is cooked, then it is done because paros meat is cooked already it’s done