When Mughal emperor Shah Jahan thought of shifting the capital from Agra to Delhi… …he thought that this new city Shahjahanabad… …should be on the banks of river Yamuna But the river wasn’t clean then too… So, Shah Jahan’s doctor suggested that… …if you want your people to be happy and healthy… …then your food should be tasty & spicy! This obviously means that Delhi was never at the forefront of the health food movement Infact, there are dishes here, right here in Old Delhi, that can be described as a tasty heart attack on your plate! And we are here to try one such dish… Today we are at Aslam’s Chicken Corner… …and we are here to try their famous, special chicken! So, now we are with Sultan ji, who would like to tell us something about Aslam’s Chicken… So firstly, the speciality of Old Delhi is Korma Kebab etc… …so where did this dish come from? This dish was basically discovered by their grandfather… …whose name is Naseeruddin He used to do this work from the start… …now they have it in their legacy! This has been going on for a long time now So, this is a very old dish? Yes, it’s a very old dish And how did Aslam start? They use to work with their grandfather So, working with him, they adapted to his talent Now his son Aslam handles it… How much butter do you use in a single day? There’s no limit! But approximately? Approximately 100-150 packets Big ones! See, everybody sells chicken… …the main thing is the unique spices which are added to it The secret recipe, given by their grandfather Naseeruddin… …spices play an important role Amul Butter brings out the flavours really well The chicken then melts in your mouth! See. They are pouring the butter… …boiling the butter Have you ever thought of keeping mutton?
Because you have fish, chicken and paneer… We don’t keep mutton because the taste you’ll get in chicken, you won’t get that in mutton …because mutton is hard and doesn’t soak up the butter & spices But we do serve Burra at times! The softness and the uniqueness of the chicken can only be found at Aslam’s I have seen some places which are trying to replicate this dish… …they’re trying hard but they are unable to find the right spices! Yes, exactly. They can’t find the spices! Now let’s go inside and see what else interesting facts do they have for us… So, now we have Mr.Arbaz with us who is the owner of this place So, we wanted to ask you… …what is the story behind this shop? This shop opened 15 years ago… There was a small table back then… …which had a grill on it.. First we used to grill kebabs there… Mutton kebabs, beef kebabs… My grandfather had this idea… …and then he taught this recipe to my father… So, all these secret masalas are made by my father till date! This is a great thing because… …when you know everything you can sell it nicely! When you know what the ingredients are, then you can sell it in a better way Yes, absolutely! But the menu you have and the dishes you prepare… …chicken, fish, paneer Even in such a small menu you still get so much of love… First of all I would like to thank God, it’s all his mercy Not everybody gets so much love in such a short period of time! My father must’ve done something really nice that we get so much love… Our speciality is our butter chicken… …second is the chicken kebab We use Amul butter in everything! We’ll have a great product placement for Amul butter in this episode! Now I have said Amul butter so much that… …tomorrow there’ll be 15 kgs of Amul butter in my office! As we made it so famous! As you can see the chicken is in the making… …but our food is unique because we use original products only! So, do you eat this chicken of your shop? I eat this chicken. But I eat it dry! I forgot to tell you that he’s a junior category body builder! Zoom on him, please! Amazing! Very scary, very scary! You must have worked really hard on this! Yes! I want to ask you this question, because I don’t live here… …you live here, you know what’s good & what’s not! So, what are the places which people might not know about in Old Delhi… …but they serve really good food? I do know of a few places… …inside the streets this guy sells great haleem! And behind this street… …there’s Taufeeq biryani… …which has some really good biryani! There are some places here which people don’t know about… I know. The hidden gems! Mainly, Delhi has two food hubs – Old Delhi and Nizamuddin Which is your favourite? Do tell us in the comments below! Now I’ll get ready to eat. So, let’s see you after that! One full kebab! So, now I’m waiting for my food. It’s taking some time…let’s wait! So, right now we have their special chicken…I have ordered the half plate Look at the amount of butter! This is like a Shah Rukh Khan movie going on here! Anyway, let’s try the food now… They work with full force here! It looks so simple but it’s not! I can’t believe how many flavours are in this! I didn’t realise this small dish will have so many masalas! Looking at all this butter… …my heart is being like Jaya Bachchan in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham! That’s enough! Let it be now! Play the GIF right now! That’s enough! Let it be now! Anyway… I can’t explain you in words how good this is! This is my happy place! Let me try the kebabs now! Though I can’t get enough of the chicken… …but I’ll have some kebabs too My favourite is their butter chicken only… …I travelled so far for this! Just satisfied! If 2 of you come here… …the price will be around 500 bucks Which is good news for us as we’re a cheap production! Now we’ll all eat here If it was too expensive, we would have gone out to have chole kulche from the streets! Many of you suggested this place to us… So, we have come here! So, please keep sending us your suggestions like this! And we’ll keep covering these places! Now may I eat my food? I am very hungry! See you on the other side! Delhi is so great during the monsoons! And now it’s time for the rating! I’ve never eaten so much at a food review! I liked it so much! I would love to give it 4.5 stars! I’m cutting half a star because it’s really buttery… …and after a point in time, your mind can’t process so much butter! It gets too much! As always, I’ll request you to like this video, subscribe to our channel… …and keep watching our videos… …and loving us! Because we love you a lot! Till then, I’m Shashank. And YOU HAVE BEEN SERVED!