To add a modern twist to this French classic,
we’re using European butter with the sous vide cooking technique with both the pears
and the citrus in the brown butter for the financier cake to really elevate the dish. We brown the butter like you normally would
traditionally, but we’re adding in what would be considered food waste – the peelings of
a lemon. So we are able to cook it sous vide at a low
temperature with the butter not high enough to turn it into a puree and start to break
down the pectin. And it really infuses like a nice citrus-y
flavor into the butter itself so when you make the financier and you add it in in the
last minute, the aroma of the lemon really carries throughout the entire cake. After you cook the pear sous vide with the
French butter, you’re left with a beautiful juice that the pear exudes while it’s cooking
combined with the butter. So we just make a caramel sauce with that. As a chef, I love European butter because
the browning is super nice and very nutty and it really carries through in the dishes
that you’re preparing it with. I found that French butter typically is a
lot nicer than other kinds of butter because of the quality of the milk that it begins with. You really get the flavor of the terrior that
the cows are raised on with this butter and it’s much higher fat content, and fat always
equals flavor. I prefer Butter from Europe because my training
is with classic French chefs and the French butter that’s added in a lot of different
components of this dish add to the really nice rich flavor, a nice smooth mouthfeel,
and just overall a really well-rounded dish.