JEANEMARIE: These relationships are NSA, no strings attached. And that’s how you have
to look at it. It’s real, but it doesn’t mean you are going to spend the rest of your
life with this person. COMM: 25-year-old Jeanemarie lives a life of luxury in a penthouse on Miami Beach. JEANEMARIE: On a Wednesday, yeah, yeah, yeah, doing nothing is fun, I like it, whoa! JEANEMARIE: Oh shoot! My hair got wet. That’s my worries guys, my hair getting wet, First
World problems. COMM: But she is not the one footing the bill of her lavish lifestyle. Finding herself short
after going through her divorce, the aspiring singer decided to try a rather unconventional
method to get back on her feet. JEANEMARIE: And my friend like was like, “You need to go on Seeking Arrangement, it’s
this dating site for sugar daddies, it’s pretty, you know, perfect for you actually,
because you have a fun personality and you like to go out and you’re great around people.” COMM: Since that day, Jeanemarie has been an avid convert to the sugar baby lifestyle. JEANEMARIE: A typical interaction with a daddy is like: I meet them, go out to a nice restaurant,
have a lunch or a dinner, talk about travelling. I speak three languages, I have a Bachelor’s
degree in International Relations, so like, there is so much for me to talk about. Then
after we eat, I will say, “Let’s go shopping.” JEANEMARIE: I don’t really need another purse, but I want one. Purses don’t hurt. JEANEMARIE: Slutty photos. JEANEMARIE: That is the key to this thing. JEANEMARIE: The sluttier, the better. JEANEMARIE: A sugar baby is someone, a girl or a guy, who utilises her youth, her intellect
or personality to get what she wants or what he wants. If someone wants to help you, because
you’re smart, because you’re beautiful or, for whatever reason, and they have all
this wealth, why shouldn’t they help you? A lot of people confuse it with prostitution.
A prostitute is someone who shows up, does a job, takes money and leaves. A sugar baby
is nothing like that. JEANEMARIE: We have 34 new messages on Seeking Arrangement since an hour ago, because I got
the world on my fingertips. COMM: But before you think you’ve got her all figured out, Jeanemarie also is an advocate
for a rather surprising cause. JEANEMARIE: So, when I was 15, I started competing in beauty pageants and they ask you to have
like a platform. A lot of girls chose like breast cancer awareness, animal rights, I
chose learning how to love yourself, you know, feminism, women empowerment. So I started
this organisation, it’s Empowering Young Girls organisation, and I wrote a book that I give
to girl scouts. It’s a step by step guide on how to love yourself, and that’s just
the most important thing to me in this world. I just think that as women we have to like
stick together and we have to like bring each other up and I hear a lot of like negative
things about this site, about me as a sugar baby, but at the end of the day, I love myself,
I have no shame in what I’m doing. JEANEMARIE: I have never paid for a drink, and I never will. OPM – other people’s money.
I really don’t care what people think about what I do. But what do they think? They think
I’m smart. They think that I’m a genius. I want my story and everything I do to empower
people to love themselves and to know like, you can be anything you want, you just have
to follow your dream.