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we are making an absolute gorgeous fish singer sandwich in a brioche bun with homemade tartar
sauce, you are going to love it. Welcome to my emotion kitchen bought to you by Morrisonsn
emotion cookbook. If you want to check out the rest of the play list there�s a link
up here and in the description down below, and todays emotion is celebration. Celebrate
good times come on, best celebration you have ever been too? Our wedding day definitely,
how about you? Yep is definitely up there with my eighteenth birthday, no our wedding
day was the best day, amazing, weather was glorious, we had everything a bear on the
dance floor, we did, you serenaded me, I did. We even had space hoppers, we did, we even
have pictures to prove it. We have a bit of a craving you see, fish finger sandwiches
and we wanted to share that with our guests. We did, we shared every last one with our
guests, share is the key word there, cos we didn�t get any, no, and Im sure it was one
of your relatives who was waddling away with a stack of six on his plate, I swear if I
remember who he is. I think I�d had a few, you�d had quite a lot, yeah the night before
that�s another story, yeah let�s just say he enjoyed them, and we hope you will
too. This recipe is super simple give it a go you are going to love it. So these are
all the ingredients that you need, to make these delicious fish finger sandwiches. Hit
pause now and the quantities for the ingredients will appear. Don�t forget to write them
down you don�t want to miss out on any vital ingredients. The first step we are going to
make is our tartar sauce it is so easy to make right, yes, it is its so simple. All
we need to do is put all these ingredients into the blender and whiz away. Yep, but not
the bottle, we need to squeeze it out, ok so four tablespoons of mayonnaise are going
in first of all, you can just wing this you know, you can just sort of go a splodge, that�s
like a tablespoon, four of those. Along with the nice noise as well, yeah, I feel like
I�m milking a cow. Now we need are mint leaves, so just pick them off the stalks yeah
don�t put the stalks in there just the leave, about a table spoon, or a good handful. Do
you want to help? I feel like I could do that yeah, I feel like you could too. These are
some capers oh yeah, smell that, do I want to, smells like the sea, in that goes, boom,
but these are going to make the tartar sauce taste nice its going to give it that tang.
Lemon next, zest of a lemon, do I want the whole lemon or just half the lemon, what do
you reckon? A good half, we can tweek this to your liking as well. Once we whizz it up
and get all those flavours together, its worth having some of the ingredients close to hand
cos then you can go ooo it needs a bit more lemon or it needs a bit more mayo, make it
your own. So we are going to get some juice out of that now as well, so lemon juice, so
go like that so you catch the seeds in your hand. You haven�t got any cuts on your hands
have you today? No, I don�t know if you remember but on a recent video for Mrs Barry
she did that on her hand and she made a noise very loud indeed. A pinch of salt, get it
on there, a grind of pepper with the smallest pepper mill in the whole world, right you
guys love it. Now we are going to put the lid on and here we go. Now is the bit where
we get to tweek it to your liking, here we go, let�s try it, Ummm maybe a bit more
pepper. Now that�s done we can put it in the fridge, we can just to keep it nice and
cool, so its ice cold when it�s going to hit that fish, yes. Behold the Nasa style
dunking station, alright trade mark. So this is some flour, we are going to season it with
some black pepper, just mix that through, just to season your flour it�s not essential,
but it will just give it a little hidden taste in there, it will. These are three eggs which
I am just going to beat together, these are going to help act as the glue, and then are
breadcrumbs. So we are just going to give them a little bit of a lemony zing, to go
along with are tartar sauce and then just lift that through, so that�s are dunking
station. Thawed cod fillets, now that�s a tongue tangler, here from the freezer, they�ve
thawed out so we�ve just left them to sit on some kitchen towel. We are going to dunk
away, make sure they are nice and dry so that they will grip the flour, which is the first
step. Make sure you get some sides covered with the floor and the sides as well, and
now in to the egg. Make sure you give it a real good coating, you want to make sure,
cos that�s the thing that�s going to grip these breadcrumbs. And now in to the breadcrumbs
it goes, ok you want to try and keep it steady and then just like lift the breadcrumbs on
like that, let it act like a glue for you because the more you move it the more likely
it is for the breadcrumbs to fall off. Then dig it away, kind of like when you are at
the beach, this is kind of my own version of doing it, other people just check it in
there. But if you are not happy with your coating, you can just dunk it back in the
egg again and then in to the breadcrumbs. This is ready to go. So Mrs Barry�s got
one dirty hand there and one clean hand which is really good for the dunking thing, so you
can carry on doing the fish, ok I will ill do the others. A little bit of olive oil in
a pan, just going to warm it up slightly, and then we are going to brown the fish all
over and then shove it in the oven to fully cook through. So this pan is just warming
through there we�ve got the oil on, we are just going to brown it off all over. Be very
gentle with it because fish is delicate my friend and it has a personality that needs
to be looked after and cared for. So the bottom sides done just turn it over like so and you
get that nice brown colour on it lovely breadcrumb finish, repeat the same, if you want you can
do the sides or the oven will actually do that for you too. So are fish is ready to
go in to the oven, it�s really golden brown, you did a good job there, thanks mate. So
in that goes, give it about ten to fifteen minutes, and in the mean while you can get
all your other bits to one side, so your sauce out the fridge, your ketchup, lettuce, already
then we can build it and stack it. So we have got ourselves a gorgeous brioche bun right
here, this has just been blasted in the microwave for ten seconds or you could toast it in the
pan or leave it as it is right, yeah leave it cold. We can tell that is good cos the
pugs are sort of hoovered around by us right now. The tartar sauce, make sure you cover
it around all the base, that looks really good, a splodge of ketchup there we go just
let it mingle, it�s like a party, and now we can put are rocket on, nice, Amy really
is getting excited down there. So we are just going to take one of these fish fillets, and
just sit it on top, slide it there, looking good, and now we are just going to repeat
that and give it some more loving. So let�s get some more sauce on there and ketchup,
yeah there we go, and just a handful more rocket salad on top and shove are bun right
on top of there. Oh my gosh, can you see that spilling out of there like that, it�s looking
stonking. I think we should have a taste of that, wedding memories. Here we go, wow, it�s
like we got married again, it�s amazing, I hope they tasted this good at our wedding,
we will never know we won�t no. we have finally had a taste of our wedding, right,
we have two years later and we got it. Tasting good and it was worth the wait, we hope you
try the recipe, we also want to know what recipes mean celebration to you guys right,
yes we do, so leave a comment down below, with the recipe and why it means celebration
to you it could be a wedding, it could be a birthday, and you could win some prizes.
You could, you could win this lovely cookbook and also some Morrisons vouchers. There�s
a link down below to the Morrisons emotion cookbook, there are more celebration recipes
on there. I will actually announce the winner of this competition at the end of the next
video, try this recipe out, good luck and we will see you next time, bye.