faster-faster-faster opera Chelsea if I push you any faster you’re gonna spin through mrs. Santa’s window again she was really nice I mean like she may give me cookies Barbara I think we have to go home it’s almost seven o’clock okay come on girls time to go now it’s really time to go that is not funny huh yeah the kids are literally shaking whatever you need to loosen up a bit I mean like it’s whirlpools day evil first no you need a stop you’ve been breaking people all day not everyone likes pranks whatever I saw my friends would understand [Music] Oh evening that wasn’t me quiet disembodied ghost voice my mama calm down my job is to send you the ghosts of the past present and future cuz you’ve been very bad very bad I have been an angel all day see nothin you scraped your friends in two kids for video oh yeah sorry halo well they don’t understand it mean it was just a prank Katherine Katherine your cars on fire wait what yeah wait a minute I don’t have a car I’m broke Oh baby wanna sleep forever Martha go get my baseball bat baseball Nicky what are you doing in my house my name is n Nikki it’s [Music] I’m the ghost of the past any questions oh yeah big question Adi Australis go whoa yeah hey go get them up in here no one’s happy that’s because it it is this is grandma widows you know you know of things like some people I know is he ugly kid you what me pass me is sensitive don’t worry nobody can touch see or hear us it’s still hurtful very easy my mom’s pranks were dangerous on Hoss there was no way I would let my daughter captain do pranks what wasn’t sane she doesn’t understand grammar we don’t like I do I’m so sorry Catherine whatever it’s in the past just take me home look nick minaj i just want us what whatever this drive down memory lane was more of a train wreck happened we’re wasting precious blood on time are you the ghost of the present no I’m the ghost of Rhonda McDonald of course I am I’ve enjoyed the book let’s go okay where are we just watch Barbara I can’t sleep I’m too scared what are you scared of that bear fruit today oh boy that was just me old captain playing a prank on us how about we you out something funny to cheer you up okay 9c oh my gosh captain was prank video of us has over a thousand views no way I bet everyone hated the video check the comments you will see it bet lol funniest thing I’ve ever seen I feel bad for those people smiley feast whoa welcome to the Internet I can’t believe this fools day ever not even I post an embarrassing video of my friends without their permission well I mean some of the viewers liked it doesn’t mean the people in the video did I want to go home now you wish Catherine who are you I am your worst no gene I am the ghost of the future you are a trainee and what do they do stand back and watch Donnie in ghosts but I’m good at this we’re going to the future or what Lotus me go Jean as of now this is your future whoa you continue to bring your friends what you cross the lines several times no they cut you off no you want a friend no no no take me home will be good again oh oh it was Audrina which means I still have time to fix this hey guys I took down the video and I also made you this card and I got you the stuff and I’m truly personally sorry I didn’t mean to scare you that badly I’ll stop things forever Katherine we don’t want you to stop pranking we just want gonna be considerate of how we feel I know at least I know that now I’m really sorry plus you think we wouldn’t get our revenge did you what yes you’ve been posting every three weeks since the beginning and apparently it keeps on living on holidays but yeah oh are you guys doing the exit sequence yeah can I join oh thanks make sure to LIKE comment share buy my bread and subscribe and our shout out today goes to a lot of moves AG for such a nice comment but no rage oh do we get you back guys I know how hard I’m broke this is probably mrs. Santa’s his car hate the car that’ll work