Now no need to Consume Money on Butter Paper / Parchment Paper anymore.. Its very Easy to make at home and will save the Money consumption on butter paper.. Only few things we needed to make this.. Check my recipe How to make Butter at Home.. I have some printing sheets here. You can use any paper you want but make sure the paper is blank Clean all the papers with a clean tissue paper or cloth. Clean by the both sides. Keep these aside. I had taken here melted butter. You can also use the Vegetable Oil or the Olive Oil.. Use a brush or spatula Take 2 papers to soak the excess of butter. Use butter on the upper sheet/paper Dip the Brush in butter And coat the papers with butter by both sides. Again taken 2 papers and coating the upper one with spatula now. Spatula is better. We can also make the Tracing Paper in Same way by using the Mustard Oil . Lets Test it if its transpaparent or not.. Its gud now.. To reduce the excess of butter . so.. put a paper below. And one sheet on the paper and rub gently .. Remove the upper one. I had taken a tissue paper and folded it. remove the excess with the help of tissue paper. I am also showing here removal of excess butter by using a piece of cloth.. And its better enough.. Its clean now.. To store these sheets dust very small amount of flour to both sides so that it cannot stuck to each other.. Or use the plastic sheets to store.. Try this and give me your reviews in the comment section below Hit Like and Subscribe by clicking the red subscribe button below and don’t forget to click the bell icon so that you can get all the notifications of my recipes….. Thanks For Watching..