Hello this is Chef John from Foodwishes.com
with a homemade french fries do not try this at home unless you have a giant dutch oven
full of oil leftover from a donut video so I had some oill left over from my pinchy video and i decided to show you how those really crispy restaurant fries are made
again I don’t expect you to do this this is like an fyi so what we’re going to do i mean what i’m going to do you really
should not do this I’m going to hand cut some russet potatoes
into some french fry like geometric shapes so i’m gonna cut this
into like three thick slices actually four and then just cutting your traditional
french fry shape if you are going to hand cut fries which i do not suggest you do you
got to make sure they’re fairly evenly sized otherwise when they fry they
won’t fry evenly right also the potato, russet works the
best potatoes is call the kennebec it’s a special potato I believe it’s from Maine, it has the
perfect ratio of starch and water to make french fries we’re going to rinse those off really well in coldwater, soak
them for about half hour you can change the water a couple times all right we’re going to dry those off
really well I’m no exploding oil expert but you’d never want to put wet food into hot oil right the secret to crispy restaurant
style fries is blanching they’re cooked twice so the first cooking is at a lower
temperature I’m going to use 275 degrees farenheit and we’re
just going to cook those for about five minutes they’re not going to be cooked
crispy by any means it’s just going to kind of cooked the starch and potato a little
bit and they’re going to be once chilled, prepared and set up for crispy
fries so that’s the first stage to crispy restaurant fries is the oil blanching in
a lower temperature you’re going to let those cool completely I put
mine in an open window I didn’t want to put them in the fridge all hot but you can definitely refrigerate these
before your fry them then you crank up the oil to 350 degrees farenheit and then they get fried for real so this
is the second frying this is what gives them the crisp coating, the first frying just
kinda prepared the french fry they’re sort of cooked right they were
just partially cooked the second frying is what really crisps
them up crisps is a hard word to say I just
pulled a cheek muscle so what you’re going to do is you’re going to fry these
for five or six minutes you can actually feel with your spider
which is that little deep fry strainer there you can actually feel with the
spider the crispiness right the bubbles get a little smaller
meaning there’s less moisture coming out of the fry and you know what you can tell they get golden brown and
crispy so once those have developed the desired level of exterior crispiness you’re going to fish them out, I like to blot them on a
paper towel just real briefly and of course, make sure you touch them when they
first come out of the oil because they’re really hot and you’ll burn your fingertips so that always feels
good dust them with some salt, what I like to
serve these with is ketchup and I’ve been serving ketchup with fries since
I can remember, it’s one of my signature pairings and you can hear that crispiness so that’s how you achieve the ideal
french fry in my opinion the really light fluffy in the inside and
that really thin crispy exterior really nice alright – check out the site all the info is
there and all the ingredients let’s see there was, well actually… it’s potato so check it out and as always Enjoy!