Stephanie Manley: Hi! This is Stephanie Manley
and you know me from But today I’m working my way through my old Home Economics
book from junior high school to where I can teach you how to cook just how I was taught
how to cook. And today we’re making French Toast, and it’s
very very easy to make. And everyone, or practically everyone has some left over bread and an egg
and some milk. And guess what! That’s all you need to make a nice breakfast, or lunch,
doesn’t matter. Okay, so I’m using a griddle here. Now, if
you don’t have one you can use a skillet, that’s going to work just as well. But I’m
using my griddle, because I love being able to make so many pieces at once. This is really really easy to do, you need
a few ingredients, not too many. You need bread, we’re going to use a quarter cup of
milk. Now, ideally you should try to measure liquid ingredients in a liquid measuring cup
because they’re more accurate this way. If you don’t have one, that’s okay, but if you
do, grab that one. We’re going to use one egg. Now, I’m using a large egg, if you only
have small eggs, you might want to use a couple, but just one egg. We need just a little bit
of salt because that helps everything taste a little bit better. We’re going to use sugar
because this recipe was developed a long time ago when we used to stick sugar in everything.
No, actually sugar is pretty good in here. And, just a sprinkle of cinnamon if you like,
that’s going to add some great flavor. So, let me tell you what we’re going to do.
We’re simply going to take our egg, we’re going to crack it in our bowl and we’re just
going to beat it up. Then, we’re going to add in our milk and we’re going to continue
to beat this all together. And you want to beat it until it’s all nice and creamy and
yellow. And at this point, we’re going to add one
tablespoon of sugar, this makes it taste really good. And we’re going to add just a little
bit of salt. If you have a measuring thing, you might want to use about a quarter of teaspoon
of salt, you don’t need hardly any at all. And then we need just a sprinkle of cinnamon.
And if you want to measure it, about a quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon should be plenty. All right, and we’re just going to continue
to whisk this in here together. Now, before I cook anything on the griddle, I’m just going
to put down a little bit of butter. If you have non-stick spray, that’ll also work. And
we’re just going to put our butter on the griddle, so our bread won’t stick. Then all you need to do is take your bread
and dip it in, then dip it in, you don’t need for it to soak in or anything like that. And
you’re just going to put it on the griddle, just like that. Okay, and you’re just going
to let these cook for about two, two and a half minutes on each side, they’ll get nice
and golden brown. Now, if it’s cooking faster than that, turn down your heat because it’s
up too high. If you’re using just a regular electric stove or a gas stove, I would put
it on between low and medium, so it doesn’t cook too fast, nobody likes burnt French toast.
So after about another minute or so, we’re going to flip these over and let them cook
on the other side. So we flipped over our French toast and it’s
cooked now on the second side for a couple of minutes. And now I’m just going to go ahead
and take these off. And here you go, you have a great big stack of French toast, and wasn’t
that easy to make! So please give this video a big thumbs up.
And if you’re learning how to cook, maybe a comment down below and tell me what you’d
like to cook and I will help you learn how to cook that recipe. Thanks for watching!