Hey guys, so this year we’re at the end
of Southend pier again, and the guests are in, we’ve got some fantastic people
coming on the show, we’ve been cooking up a storm. Perfect food for the weekend,
stuff to impress, stuff to make you really really happy so check out some of
these amazing recipes I think you’re gonna love them, enjoy. Blushing, beautiful beef-steak surrounded
by gorgeous outta mushroom filling, crisp golden pastry, oh yes! Welcome to the
world of beef wellington, and it all starts with a beautiful chunk of
grass-fed beef fillet. This whole procedure is about celebrating that
vivid green pancake, beautiful English mustard, boom. Mushroom duxelle which is
basically a mushroom pate, this wrapped around the beef is a thing
of absolute beauty, and that my friends is gonna sit inside your puff pastry and
it’s gonna be phenomenal. It’s so crispy come on man, look at that! Gorgeous, oh wow, The
beef billet is so tender. It’s really special and every now and again you
deserve something special with someone you love. This is the ultimate t-bone
steak sirloin phillip beautiful beef dripping potatoes and the best condiment ever, salsa verde, let’s do this. Sizzling, dancing fat gorgeous, and you
want to keep as much juice inside that steak as possible. So this is when your
friends and family are around, you do not want them to miss out on this bit, and
off it comes. Lay it out with pride, take the juices and I will pour that all over
the steaks. The salsa verde, look at that. Crispy potatoes, oh my lord,
that’s what it’s about, outrageous, come on enough talking let’s just do it. Mmm that beef melt in your mouth. Every
mouthful you got flavour, flavour, flavour, flavour, wow. There you go lovely people, I
know you love your steak and chips nights, but why not take a little bit of
inspiration from our Italian brothers and sisters? Cheers. I am so excited to
give you a recipe for an amazing homemade pie. Beautiful crumbly pastry,
chicken, sweet leeks, creamy sauce look at that! Bubbling, blipping, just so
so good. Look how flaky that pastry is. I’m very excited, come on, look at we’ve got the
chunks of chicken, the flaky pastry. That is a slice of heaven. Let’s have a dunk
mash, some of that amazing cabbage done good, and then gravy. Let’s get in there.
Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho, hallelujah. Everyone deserves to enjoy a good homemade pie, guys, what you
waiting for?