in the name of ALLAH,the most merciful,the most kind. hello friends!how are you all? our today’s recipe is bread rolls stuffed with potatoes will add some more veggies in this so lets start the recipe now first of all i have boiled and peeled 4 medium sized potatoes carrot chopped 2tbsp,green capsicums..1tbsp chopped onions 2 tbsp, coriander leaves chpped…1tbsp blackpepper…1tsp salt…1tsp if you like spicy taste than add red chilli powder and green chillies instead breadcrumbs…1cup….all of this will not be used…we just need it for frying. one beaten egg. take bread slices according to the number of rolls you want to make cut the corners of bread slices i have taken three slices will make three bread rolls with them i have mashed potatoes. i am going to mix all chopped vegetables in this and will mix salt and black pepper as well if you like spicy than add chopped green chilies and red chilli powder. increase the quantity of spices as per your taste. as i will not cook it so chop the veggies in very thin size. so it will not get burn while frying potato stuffing is ready now now i will make bread rolls take a bread slice and slightly dip it in the water sqeeze it gently by pressing against your palms. i will gently press this slice between my palms sqeeze it stuff moderate amount of potatoes in center of slice and press bread slice gently and lock the stuff in bread. its prepared in a cylinder shape you can change its shape at this time it can be made in circle or rectangular shape as well. but now i am making bread roll shape making two more bread rolls following the same process than i will fry it at once you can store it in fridge for 2 days and just take it out , fry it and serve…. when ever you want to. donot over fry them. because they are already cooked. bread and boiled potatoes doesnt take much time in cooking. now first i will dip one in beaten egg be careful because bread is very soft when can be teared after cover it in breadcrumbs gently. if you dont have breadcrumbs so just dip them in beaten eggs and fry them .it will be great as well i have heaten up oil first its now very hot.let me check….ready for frying added bread rolls in oil for frying shallow fry them on medium flame fry them till golden colour not brown. turn them quickly to be cooked equally from every side its very quick doesnt take much time in frying because stuffing is already boiled if your stuffing is ready so it will hardly take 5 to 10 minutes to prepare these bread rolls i have fried three of them by now. they are golden brown now…let me take it out and serve… if you like this recipe than press LIKE button donot forget to SUBSCRIBE my channel and press the bell icon thank you guys for watching.BYE-BYE.