A list of healthy fruits low in sugar. Many people are trying to lose weight and
get healthy. Some fruits are high in fructose, a natural sugar which can slow your weight
loss. Eating too much fructose is linked to diabetes,
gout, kidney stones, a fatty liver, obesity and leptin resistance. In nature fruits should only be eaten seasonally,
but because of imports and exports we have access to them all year around. The good news is that there are many fruits
low in fructose and sugar. These can be eaten in small amounts of a low carb or ketogenic
diet. Let’s take a look at the fruits lowest in
sugar. 1. Lemons
One of the healthiest fruits in the world for weight loss. Lemons help to purify and
detoxify your body whilst burning fat. 1 regular lemon contains only 1.5grams of sugar. 2. Limes
Containing only 1.1g of sugar per fruit, limes are a tasty ingredient which can be infused
into water to make a weight loss drink. 3. Raspberries
Berries are acceptable on a low carb diet as they have a high amount of fibre. 1/2 cup
of raspberries contains 1.5g of sugar. 4. Avocado
Well known as one of the healthiest foods in the world. 1 avocado contains 1.3g of sugar.
Avocados supply healthy natural fats and high amounts of potassium. 5. Tomato
Tomatoes are used in cooking delicious healthy meals all over the world. 1/2 cup of chopped
tomatoes contains 4 grams of sugar. It also has 2 grams of fibre which helps the
body to process the sugar. 1. Grapefruit
Used heavily on the Atkins diet, grapefruit supplies enzymes which help you to lose weight
and break down food. 1/2 grapefruit contains 8g of sugar, so be careful to not overdo this. 6. Blackberries
An excellent source of Vitamin C and K, blackberries reduce inflammation throughout the body. They
contain 3.5g of sugar in 1/2 a cup. 8. Blueberries
One of the richest sources of antioxidants in nature. Blueberries contain 7.5 grams in
half a cup, but also have 3.6 grams of dietary fibre. 9. Coconut
1 cup of shredded coconut contains 5g of natural sugars. Coconuts supply healthy MCT’s which
boost energy levels throughout the body and cure brain fog. 10. Gooseberries
These contain 8g of sugar in half a cup. Use these wisely and keep within your daily limit
of sugar and carbohydrates. As you can see there are many fruits that
you can enjoy whilst following a weight loss plan. Be sure to keep any fruit to a minimum when
trying to lose weight, reverse diabetes or insulin resistance. A low carb diet usually aims for less than
20g of carbohydrates per day. These sugars are to be counted as carbs. To learn more about nutritious foods and natural
remedies, please see our other videos. Thank you very much for listening, a like
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I wish you great health, wealth and happiness.