Last time you were here,
we had a few hiccups. It was Nicole
Kidman’s fault. Right? She’s not here, right? She’s not here. We won’t– I know you surprise people with
people coming out of things. No, we won’t have
her back again. Ever since– look at her. Do we have to
relive this moment. Look at her. You almost choked. Yes, because she made me laugh. The thing is, they were
sitting out too long. I think someone made them
way earlier in the day. Maybe like five hours early. Yes, and so that
was the problem. This time, we don’t
have that problem. But I’m glad you came back. We hope not. I’ve only checked
every 30 minutes for the last four hours. OK, good. But first of all, we’re
starting with alcohol. What’s happening? Yes, because I figured if
we got you drunk enough, you wouldn’t know
the difference, and then you would
just love everything. I see. OK, well, that’s a good point. So we’re going to
make spritzer slushy. Mm. Yes? Yes. OK. So here we go. Ready? You have your own fork. What do I do? So what we did is we took
orange juice, lemon juice, and a little bit of Aperol. You just scrape it
with a fork like that. I think this is so much fun,
because look at that color. And then you can go ahead. OK. You have a spoon, too. Do I? Yes. I do not. Oh, you don’t? No, that’s all right. What? I can use a fork. All right, here. Put it with a fork. This seems like children
would love this. Ready? Close your eyes. Yes. [CORK POPPING] There we go. Sometimes, yeah. Oh, wait. I should do it to you first. All right. A little Prosecco? Sure. There we go. So it’s just Prosecco and– Oh, wait, don’t mix it. Don’t mix it. No. No. No. No, because you’ll
break up the ice. You want to keep
it nice and cold. OK. Bottoms up. Mm. Mm. Mm. I may have had a
little too much there. It’s not bad, though, right? It’s delicious. OK, so moving on. Now what? I hear you love avocados. I do love avocados. They’re very good
for you, you know. Yes, they’re very good for you. So we’re going to make
an avocado bean dip. I like it. So basically, an
Italian guacamole. So the beans are
already in here. Canned beans– rinse, drain. Do you know how to
open an avocado? Kind of. Yes? Yeah. Kind of. No. Well, you take– no. What are you doing? No, take it in your hand. Don’t be afraid. OK, all the way around. Watch your hand. Nice, sharp knife. All right. OK, take it out. Take it, put it down. Ready? OK. Right? Yep. OK, now, this is the fun part. Yeah. Nice! I did it! Great job! All right. You’re a pro. I do know how to do that. OK, now just throw
it all in there. All right. So two avocados in
here and a little bit of lemon juice, a
little bit of salt. [COUGHING] What’s wrong with the salt? Oh, shit! [GROANING AND CHEERING] Well, it was stuck. I was like, is this real? Oh, boy. Oh, God. It’ll have a little salt in it. It’s going to be
a little too much. OK, a little bit of basil. Go ahead. OK. Go ahead, go ahead. A little basil. OK. I’m putting you to work. Take the whole plant
and dump it in. It doesn’t matter anymore,
with the salt that’s in there. All right, ready? [BLENDER GRINDING] All right, well anyway. You do that. You take that. All right. What do you want to dip in it? Chip? A chip. I like a chip and a dip. These are the little toast ones? I heard they’re
gluten free, vegan. Should we try them? Um-mm. No, OK. We’ll leave that. I’ll try a pita chip, thanks. No. I’m vegan, but once you add
gluten free to vegan, it– what are you doing? I need salt! That’s too much salt. Is it? No. Uh-huh. Mm-mm. Is it too much salt? No. See, I told you. It also needs a
little bit of lemon. That’s delicious. Oh, [BLEEP] [LAUGHTER] [INAUDIBLE] Put it down. Let’s move on. You could also– I can’t see anything. Can you guys see
anything on her shirt? [CHEERING] OK, so now, this is to redeem
myself from Nicole Kidman, OK? OK. We’re making pizza. Positano pizzas. You ever been to
Positano in Italy? I have. You have? Have you eaten on the beach? Yes. There’s a pizzeria
there that serves these little heart-shaped pizzas
as their little appetizer. My daughter loved it
so much, I decided to knock it off and
put it in my book. Wow, and your daughter helps
you cook in the kitchen, right? She does, very much. Yeah, she’s 10, so now,
she decides what we do. Oh, yeah. All right, this is really
what you do, just so you know, Ellen. You take your knuckles,
you stretch out the dough, and then you go, oh shoot. But this is what Jane
and I do in the kitchen. See, and this makes
it so much fun. [LAUGHTER] Here, you throw it to me. I’ll throw it to you. All right. Ready? One, two, three, go. [SLAPPING SOUND] [LAUGHTER] I didn’t say throw
it to my face! I said, just throw it! I know, I thought
you’d catch it. [LAUGHTER] All right, now what happens? Anyway. All right, then you do that. Stretch them out, you
cut out little hearts. Yep. You cook it for 12 minutes, OK? Stuff it with tomatoes
and your vegan cheese. Then, you cover it up,
put it back on there. You put it back in the oven? Yeah, so what we’re going
to do is brush the tops to make them nice and golden,
as if you were tanning here. OK. Go ahead and do that. I don’t know how to do this. Yes, you do. Just paint it. Yeah, OK. Yeah, there you go. Right over the top. All right. And then I’m going to sprinkle
a little bit of dried oregano. OK. Back in the oven for 5
minutes to melt the cheese. And then it comes
out, and it’s this. Like this. And you can stuff it
with anything you want. I make it with these little
baby cherry tomatoes. I put a little olive
oil, garlic, salt, and I throw them in the
oven at 425 for 15 minutes, so they pop. This is delicious. Really? Yeah. [APPLAUSE] I wish Nicole were here. She would like them. And they’re hot. Yeah. And they’re hot. So you just opened your second
restaurant in Vegas, right? Mm-hm. Pronto by Giada at
Caesar’s Palace. And then I have a third
one coming in Baltimore, GDL Italian, May 8. That’s delicious. It’s not bad, right? I’m not gonna talk. [APPLAUSE] Giada’s Italy is in stores and
available online now, today. And you signed all of these. All 400 books. You’re all getting a
copy with a signed– [CHEERING]