One in four girls will not finish high
school. One in four girls suffer from clinical depression, anxiety, and other
mental or emotional disorders. 78% of girls are unhappy with their bodies. But if you believe in me, that changes everything. At Girls Inc., we’re all about empowering girls to grow up healthy and educated and independent. We accomplish this by providing three core essentials, people, place and
programming. The people are our incredibly skilled staff, that nurture the girls, mentor them and provide encouragement. The place, is a pro girl
all-girl environment where girls feel safe to be themselves, and programming is our research-based programming. The research based programming inspires the girls to want to be all that they can be. At Girls Inc of Pinellas, our mission is
to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold. By strong, I mean that girls are
making healthy choices, that they are building healthy relationships, and that
they have a sound body image. So we have a stem specialist that works off a research-based curriculum that gives these girls different experiments, that helps them be creative and really think and use their minds, and get the
confidence that they can do it, and that these are careers that they can pursue as an adult. This summer our theme was environmental science here at Girls Inc. of Pinellas. We partnered with USF St. Pete and together they rolled out these
lesson plans in the classroom and then we partner with Keep Pinellas Beautiful
to actually let the girls go out in to the real world and experience some of the
things that they learned in the classroom. Part of that was we did a
beach cleanup at Fort De Soto Beach and the girls learned that the waste that
they put out into the environment affects the marine life. They cleaned it
up and then we got to enjoy the beach, because you work hard then you play hard. When I grow older like it will help me understand that it’s important to pick up after yourself. Also, pick up after other people, because
it doesn’t matter if it’s your trash. We all live on the same planet. The girls got to go on a field trip to The Florida Aquarium, where they actually got to see the animals that they learned about in the classroom. We took them on a boat tour throughout the Bay, where they got to see some of the wildlife. We did a
dolphin cruise, where they got to see some of the dolphins and some of the
birds. It was educational and very exciting for these girls because for
some of the girls it was the first time experiencing this and definitely their
first time experiencing with their friends, what makes it extra exciting. So today young girls are heavily influenced by the women that they see on social media and they can’t relate to that. Everyone should be able to accept
their bodies because everyone is different in the world, people are not
the same. Girls can do anything. Girls have the right to prepare for
interesting work and economic independence, because it tells me when I
grow up that I can be whatever I want. We teach them to make healthy eating habits, to make healthy choices with the foods that they choose, that they are
exercising and being physically fit so that they’re comfortable who they are. Girls Inc has helped me decide what I wanted to be when I grow up. I wanted to be a NASA rocket engineer and when Lockheed Martin came in, they taught us
about how they make things for NASA and SpaceX, they also talked to us about
rocket ships, and jets and planes. They helped me learned a little bit more about what I wanted to be. And the exciting thing is that 79% of our girls are on track to graduate from high school, and that’s the reason I come to
work every day. See, if you you believe in me that changes
everything, come on. For more information on how you can help, call Girls Inc. Pinellas County.