(bright music) – Hello, my friends. Welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. Today we are making bread,
and I’m going to show you how to make three different
gluten-free bread recipes. The first one is going
to be a yeasted bread. So that’s kind of like a, well, they’re all sandwich breads, but it’s kind of the
more traditional route. We’re also gonna be making
an almond flour-based bread. So this one is on the smaller side, mostly grain-free, except
we are using some quinoa. And then the third one is
going to be a yeast-free bread that uses eggs and baking
soda, baking powder for (laughs) the leavening
and helping it rise, so we’re not using yeast. I will say, all three of
these recipes do use eggs. I have not personally found a bread recipe that is gluten-free and vegan
that works for sandwich bread. So if you have one that is
(laughs) working for you that you’ve tried, please
let us know in the comments because I know there will be
some questions about that. Otherwise, all these
recipes are up on the blog. I’ve linked them down in
the description box for you, so if you wanna make them, you can find those right
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right below this video that says Subscribe. All you gotta this is tap that button. Otherwise, let’s go
ahead and dive right in. Our first bread recipe is the
high-protein quinoa bread. We are starting by adding some honey, you could also use maple syrup,
into a glass of warm water. And just stir that together
until the honey dissolves. Then we’re gonna add in
some active dry yeast. And you don’t have to do this, but I like to give the yeast a quick stir to just make sure it’s
combined with the sugar. And basically we’re
just gonna let this sit until the yeast blooms. And the yeast is essentially
feeding on the sugar, so it makes it active, and then
it gets all nice and puffy. So we’re looking for it to look like that. And you can set that
aside while it’s blooming and get your dry ingredients together. So the dry ingredients, we’re gonna add some quinoa
flour, chickpea flour, sorghum flour, potato starch, as well as a little bit of guar gum, some sea salt. And then you’ll stir that
together or whisk it together just to get everything combined and even. Then we will add in our wet ingredients. So you’re gonna add in that bloomed yeast with the water and honey. And you can give that a quick stir. I recommend using an electric
mixer for this recipe. You could also use a stand
mixer if you have it. It just gets everything
really nice and combined and makes sure that the gum is activated. So once you have the water
kind of mixed in there, it’s gonna be a little
bit on the thicker side, but that’s fine ’cause we are going to add in three whole
eggs, as well as some oil. I’m using avocado oil here, but you could use any oil that you want. And you’ll use your mixer again to just beat this all together for a good, I would say at least a minute until it’s all smooth and combined. And it’s gonna be kind
of like a pancake batter, like a thick pancake batter. Once you’ve got that batter,
you can add in your mix ins. So I’m using whole quinoa,
as well as sunflower seeds. But again, you could use any
combination that you want. You could use poppy seeds. You could use basically whatever you want. Or you could just leave it out. Fold that into the batter. And once it’s combined, you
are going to transfer it into a parchment-lined loaf pan. I actually like to use a taller loaf pan for my gluten-free breads. I think this is an eight by 10, but I’ll be sure to link the exact one that I use down below. It just helps with the height. And then we will set this
aside and let it rise. And it should take about 20
to maybe 30 minutes to rise. And it’s gonna rise almost
to the top of this pan. Once it has risen, you are
going to pop it in your oven, and you’re gonna bake it
up until it is golden brown and cooked through the middle. You should get a kind of hollow sound when you tap it on the top. You can let it cool in the pan,
and then you can just remove that parchment right from the loaf pan. Let your bread cool completely
before slicing into it. This is really important. But look at the gorgeous
height that we get. It is so pretty, and the texture
of this bread is amazing. So once it’s cool, like I said,
you can just slice into it. And similar to other gluten-free breads, I really recommend that you
store this in the freezer if you’re gonna keep it
for more than a day or two. Gluten-free bread goes stale really fast. So to keep it fresh and nice, I always slice the whole loaf up and then pop it in the freezer. And you can just pull them out
and toast them as you want. But it has an awesome, awesome texture, a really nice flavor, and it’s
really also high in protein. And I personally love the
seed mixture in there as well ’cause it gives it a little nice texture. So this bread toasts up beautifully. I definitely like eating
it toasted on sandwiches. So I’m just showing you toasted with jam, but you can basically use
it any way that you want. It is good raw as well, but I personally just like
the texture of it toasted. So I hope you guys enjoyed this one, and let’s move on to
our second bread recipe. So the second one we’re making
is our almond flour bread, and we’re gonna start with eggs. So this uses a lot of eggs. It uses five whole eggs. And we’re just gonna add them into a bowl and then whisk them together
until they are smooth. If you want to not use quite as many eggs, I think you could use three and add in 1/2 a cup of coconut yogurt or just a yogurt in general. I haven’t tested it, but I
think that would probably work because I’ve used variations
of this recipe before. So if you wanna reduce the
eggs, you could try that, but this definitely is not something that you’re gonna be
able to make egg-free. Once you have your eggs in there, you can add in your olive
oil, apple cider vinegar, and a touch of maple syrup for sweetness. Optional, but I just like that it kinda round out the flavor. Again, give it a quick
whisk until it’s combined. And we’ll add in our dry ingredients, which is almond flour, quinoa flour, flaxseed meal, tapioca starch, coconut flour, a little baking
soda, and some sea salt. And you’ll fold that together until you get a thickish smooth batter. This is gonna be more like a
kind of thick brownie batter. It’s on the thicker side, so
it’s not quite as pourable. And if you guys wanted to make
this completely grain-free, I think what you could do is instead of using the quinoa flour, I would substitute it with chickpea flour. I think that would be a
good one-to-one substitute, and that would make it
completely grain-free. So if you’re trying to avoid quinoa then or grains in general, I would try that. So once you have your batter, you can transfer this into your loaf pan. I used a standard loaf pan
for this one, nine by five, but you could use a
taller one if you wanted. It would give it more height. And always line it with parchment paper. That’s super important. And again, we’ll just bake this one until it is cooked through in the center. All of the baking instructions
are linked in the recipes, so just look for those down below. Once it has baked up,
just like the last one, you’re gonna want to make sure that you let it cool completely
before slicing into it. This is imperative for
all of these breads. It really helps you make sure that you don’t have a gummy center. So once it is completely cool, you can either do that on a wire rack, or you can let it cool in the pan. It still has a really nice texture. It’s very springy. I love the flavor of it. It has a very almondy flavor and a really, really nice texture. So again, this one, definitely
recommend you freeze it. And I also think that this
one toasts up beautifully. So for this one, I toasted it up and use it for lunch all the time. It’s really great ’cause
it’s high in protein. So I spread on some hummus, top it with some avocado and some sprouts, and it’s, ugh, my favorite kind of toast. It’s so good. (bright music) And then our last recipe is going to be our yeast-free gluten-free bread. And we are gonna start
by separating three eggs. And the reason why we’re separating them is we’re actually gonna
be using the egg whites as the way that we’re
going to get the bread to rise and lift, so
we’re gonna whip them. So just separate your eggs, keeping the egg whites in one bowl, the egg yolks in another bowl. Once you have them separated, you can put the egg yolks to the side and use either an electric
mixture or a stand mixer to whip these together
until they form stiff peaks. So basically just it’s
gonna take, I don’t know, 30 seconds, maybe a little bit longer to whip them until they are stiff. And the air and the structure
in the egg whites is what’s going to, again,
help our bread rise. So once you have your egg
whites all whipped up, you can set them aside and we’re gonna get the
rest of the bread together, and then we’re gonna
fold those in at the end. So the flour blend that we’re using with this bread is going
to be quinoa flour, sorghum flour, and some tapioca starch, as well as a little bit of baking soda, baking powder, guar gum, and you could also add in a sprinkle of sea salt if you wanted. Once you’ve got your dry
ingredients into that bowl, just stir them together
until they’re combined, and we’ll add in our wet ingredients. So we’re gonna be using a
little bit of almond milk, as well as the egg yolks, some oil, any variety that you like, touch of maple syrup, just
’cause it adds a good flavor, and some apple cider vinegar, which again is also
gonna help with the rise. Stir that together, and it
should be a fairly smooth, but kind of on the thicker side batter. I would recommend actually
using an electric mixer here because this you can see there
are a little bit of clumps. So just use an electric mixer (laughs) instead of a spatula like I did
here ’cause it works better. Once you have that smooth, you
can add in your egg whites. And we are going to gently
fold these into the batter. It’s really important that you’re gentle because you don’t wanna deflate
the egg whites too much. You still want them to have a little bit of air and structure. So if you’ve seen me make
any of my waffle recipes, it’s kind of that method. You’re just gently folding
them into the batter until the batter is nice
and light and fluffy. Once you have that texture, you can pour this into your loaf pan. And I’m using the taller one again. I think, like I said, it’s
eight by 10, I’m pretty sure. So just pour the batter
directly into that pan, again, making sure that it’s
lined with parchment paper. And just like the last two, you’re gonna just pop this
in the oven and bake it up until it is cooked through in the middle. And you can see this one also has really, really great height, and it has a really awesome
texture on the inside, very similar to the first one,
but this one is yeast-free. So all of you folks who can’t
have yeast in your diet, this is a great option. So just, again, like the last two, I feel like I’ve said this
(laughs) a lot through the video, make sure that this is completely cool before you slice into it. And again, I would recommend
that you freeze your slices or your bread in the freezer if you’re gonna go beyond a day. But awesome texture. Look at that, isn’t it so pretty? Ugh, I just think it’s so good, and it tastes amazing
with the quinoa flour. So again, toast this one up if you’d like, or you could make it however
you want for sandwiches. But I was feeling the
breakfast toast with this one, so I used to love growing up
cream cheese and jam on toast. So I didn’t have cream
cheese or vegan cream cheese, so I decided to use
coconut yogurt as my base, and then I topped it
with some raspberry jam, and it was so good, honestly so good. If you guys have not tried this combo, oh my God, you have to. Next I’m gonna add sliced banana on it and a little bit of almond butter and, mm, it’s like
perfect breakfast toast. So I hope you guys try it. Hope you love ’em all. They’re all delish. And there you have it, my friends. I hope you enjoyed our bread video today. Let me know which one you’re gonna make by dropping a comment
down below this video. I’m really interested to see which one you’re most excited for. All three are amazing. They are all a little bit different, but all three toast up really well. Like I said, all three are gluten-free. They’re not vegan, but hopefully there are
other options for you who those of you who don’t eat eggs. Otherwise, if you do
wanna make any of them, I have dropped all three links down in the description box for you. So if you wanna make them, you can just find those
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