– Hi, look at this thing I bought. It’s totally useless. I’m gonna bake a pie for charity, then shove it in my face, for charity. Just a teeny (squealing) back story for you real quick, okay. I’ll make it quick. So, there’s this cute
little girl on Facebook. Her name is AMC Princess Ana, okay? She challenged me, calling
me out in front of the world saying “Bro you gotta
shove a pie in your face”. Look at this. She got a pie to the face. – I nominate Brandon
Farris, Sofia, and Zander to do the pie challenge. – Oh I hope Sofia and
Zander did the challenge. The whole pie in the face thing is basically to raise awareness for, here we go I’m gonna butcher the name, Arthropyosis, well that sounded right. So AMC Princess Ana,
since I am a huge fan, and you called me out in
front of all my friends, I’m gonna shove a pie in my face but I won’t just make pies on my channel, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I’m gonna have Google
Translate bake me a pie, there’s just one step, that’s it. Brandon what the heck do you mean you’re gonna have Google
Translate make you a pie? Don’t worry your sweet sassy saddlebags, I’m gonna tell you right now. I found a pie recipe on the Wws dot, okay? There was only two Ws when I did it. I took that recipe and I
put it into Google Translate and I translated it to
a different language. Then I took that and I
translated it back into English and then I did that about
a couple hundred times until it came up with a whole new recipe that’s probably not
gonna end up being a pie but it is gonna be ended up into my face. So, where to begin. How about from the beginning. Let’s just get right into it, okay? Step one, the kitchen is heated
to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Fahrenheit, you heard me, shut it. I don’t think my
thermostat goes that high. Deal with that. I’m gonna preheat the oven to 375, keep the door open, heats the kitchen. Step two, Graham combines the brown sugar in medium bowl and adds butter to toast. Graham I think you’re getting
a little off track here. What does toast have
to do with pie Graham? Oh my toaster’s not even on the table. I forgot my toaster was in the cabinet. Okay, got the toaster out, but first a toast. How cool would that have been? He keeps trying. Eventually I’m gonna get a piece of bread into that toaster. First try. Toast, that’s what I was doing. Graham combines the brown
sugar in a medium bowl, adds butter to toast. I’m a be completely honest with ya, I don’t think Graham’s gonna do it, okay? How much brown sugar? The, okay, so the brown sugar. The is now an appropriate
measurement for baking. Step three, therefore it Macedonia. Who? Graham? Graham, are you Macedonian? I didn’t know you were Macedonian. (toaster pops)
Hello? Oh no, buttered my computer. I love it when butter just glides on. Transfer the mixture to a 10 inch plate. A plate? I’ve never heard of a pie plate. Step four, three, five, leave it flat on the bottom and sides. So flat, boom. Step um, the next one, to bake the crust seven to nine minutes or little as far as to
the end of darkness. What? So burn it? Got it. Let’s begin. I can’t bake this plate. Lucky for you I actually have a pie pan. Hold on I gotta flatten the crust. If there’s one thing I know about pie it’s that it doesn’t look like this. So I have to keep it in there as far as to the end of darkness. Got it. Place two cups of hot chocolate and butter in boiling water into a double boiler. To my knowledge double
boilers when you boil water you put a bowl on top the boiling water it boils doubly. Shut up. Hey guys, welcome back to my channel, it’s your boy. It’s been seven to nine minutes so let’s go ahead and
pull out our crust, okay? Not quite as far as to the end of darkness but I mean it’s, it’s to
the end of light brown. These oven gloves suck. Do crust cool. Will do. Okay, while that’s boiling. Boil. Add two cups of hot
chocolate into boiling water and butter, how much? Okay. Basketball until chocolate becomes soft. (basketball bouncing) Ah. Come on coach, I barely got to play. Next. (alarm ringing) I’m coming. You said burnt. Okay, I think we’re back on track. Heat the lid and place the
chocolate in the wheat biscuits. Wheat biscuits? This is the first I’m
hearing about wheat biscuits. You mean the crust that I sent as far as
to the end of darkness? Can’t wait to throw this in my face. Chocolate should chill
for at least 15 minutes. Okay. Chill. After disinfecting, take a bottle of milk, I hope a jug’ll do. Disinfect, okay. Okay, since we’re on
the disinfecting thing, you got anything that’ll fix this? When heated breast milk is fed blood vessels will decrease. Are you saying that breast
milk lowers blood pressure? You learn something wrong everyday. In an average bowl, total finish, sugar, eggs, and flour. Like a fatality? I don’t think you’re average. Eggs, sugar, flour. Ow. (eggs cracking) Fatality. (eggs cracking) Brandon, why do you have cockroaches? I don’t know. Add warm milk to the pan and stir it like constantly. Did a 14 year old translate this? Like, seriously? We translated mixture to sauce pan. Yeah well you were supposed to. Boil in moderation. Well anything in moderation’s good. Are we gonna use the oven anymore? It’s hot. Take the pan out of the heat and add two whiskey whiskeys. It’s like 10 in the morning, maybe start with a couple water waters. What was that whole
thing about moderation? Two whiskey whiskeys at 10 in the morning. Feed cold food for 20 minutes. Open up. Eat it. Oh, good job. Remove bananas and throw
them with lemon juice. (loud banging) Place banana bunches on chocolate chairs. The closest thing I
have to chocolate chairs is nothing close to a chocolate chair. I do however have these which I will fashion a chair out of. Boom, chocolate chair. Place banana bunches on chocolate chairs. Feel the hair for at least two hours. Who’s? Grahams? I haven’t seen him since the beginning. Add a glass of oil and
two types of whiskey, you’re not getting the whiskey. Put your bananas and
your chocolate seating, don’t forget about your
fatality eggs and sugar, and that ladies and gentlemen, is how you make a banana pie. What is it? Well that’s it, okay? And I’m not shoving this pie in my face. I’m gonna have my girlfriend do it. (whipped cream squirting) I said just a tad but okay. Is that what I look like in the sun? – [Girlfriend] It’s what
you look like all the time. – Gross. Babe, you know what this is for? – [Girlfriend] No. – This is for AMC Princess Ana. – [Girlfriend] Really? – Yeah, for the Anthro
pie morphus, pie morphus. – [Girlfriend] No, you got it. – Remember that this isn’t a time for you to unleash your anger upon me. – [Girlfriend] No. – This is for charity. – [Girlfriend] Sure. – Okay. – [Girlfriend] Ready? I’m gonna count to three. – I believe you. – [Girlfriend] One. – I believe you won’t count
to two and shove it in my. – [Girlfriend] Two. (pie splattering) – We love you Princess Ana. All the money we make in
revenue on YouTube and Facebook with this video is gonna go directly to Princess Ana and
helping Anthro pie morph. (pie splattering) – We love you.