one of the main things we seen using Max Pak was based on tissue analysis so primarily with our growers we’re
doing tissue analysis every sometimes every two weeks depending on a variety
usually it’s once a month and compared to other micronutrient products we use
whether it’s a multi mineral blend or individual micronutrient package we’ve
seen the most elevated levels we’ve ever seen since I’ve been doing this so
which is not that long but five six years and we try to find the best
products that we can because the best products are going to yield the best
results and they sell themselves and so based on we’ve used a lot of
different types of micronutrient products that are complex with you know
folic acids humic acids as well as some of the you know name-brand amino acid
chelated micronutrients and using Huma Gro micronutrients including Max Pak
and a lot of the other individuals we’ve seen the most elevated levels and tissue
samples that we’ve ever seen we actually have this happen a few growers stopped
using them for a few weeks because levels were so high so we typically do
weekly applications as foliar sprays and so yeah that was one thing that we saw
and quality in the trees color vigor those types of things looked beautiful
this year especially in some of the really tough varieties of apples like
Honey Crisp we had the best quality we’ve had on a few blocks