The surprise movie challenge
with stars of All That, sponsored by the Goldfish Moviemaker app. – I’m Gabby.
– Ryan here. Chinguun comin’ at ya. We’re going to use
the Goldfish Moviemaker app to make a three part movie
for the surprise movie challenge. – I’m going to make the beginning.
– I’m working on the middle, And I’ll finish the movie. But here’s the thing, we won’t know
what each other is making. So when we put
all three scenes together… it’s gonna blow everyone’s mind. Oh, ta-da!
it’s a surprise challenge. We each get a part of the story
and have to fill in the blanks. Fuzzyface is hiding in the bedroom. The hamster search party
decides to start looking. Oh, there’s a hamster
on the loose, that’s not good. Hey guys, so now it’s time
to do the middle. The search party tries to make
the hamster appear by singing the song, but Fuzzyface stays hidden. Oh, a song. This suddenly became an audition! Gotta go practice. Now I get to tell the ending. As a last resort, the search party
tries to blank, and it works. Fuzzyface comes out of hiding. How do you get a hamster
to come out of hiding? I like being first. I’m going to put a robot
in the movie just because I can. There’s so many places
to hide Fuzzyface! I want several characters
to move together, so I use both hands to tap each one and move them together
through the scene. Well, in the story,
Fuzzyface is hiding somewhere. Oh, let’s have Fuzzyface in the plant. Hmm, the middle part
of the story requires singing, so Gilbert is the perfect
character for this. He likes to rock out
and this song has to shred. You can use two fingers
to rotate characters and turn them in
any direction you want. If it’s a song meant to lure
Fuzzyface out of hiding, the song has to be
a hamster anthem, it’s gonna be a hanthem, yeah. Gilbert’s exclamation mark is cool,
I should use that. OK, I’m gonna record,
a one, a two, a one, two, three, four! It’s like a magic trick in reverse. OK, my scene
definitely needs music. There’s a bunch of songs
I can choose from. – That’s our beginning.
– This is really good. Let’s watch this. Time to title our movie. Gilbert, the Musical. Hamster Hideaway. Bedroom Bungles? Hamster Hideaway, yeah. [popcorn crunching] Chaos in the bedroom. Gilbert, Coral and their
new best friend, Wizbot are searching for
the family hamster, Fuzzyface, who is hiding somewhere
in the bedroom. Nice Fuzzyface photobomb. Maybe our old friend
has seen our hamster. Excuse me young man,
have you seen a hamster around here? I’ll take that as a no. Oh, if we only had a clue. Look behind you. Ladies and gentlefish,
your boy Gilbert has a plan. Fuzzyface, this song is for you. ♪ Sticks and wood shavings
Is all that I’m craving ♪ ♪ Without my ball
I’m going nowhere ♪ ♪ I lost my roll
My rock is in a hole, yeah ♪ [simulated cheering] You’re so awesome! Thank you, thank you,
hit single, here I come! Hahaha, you did such a great job. Fuzzyface is still hiding. It’s hard to find a hamster
that doesn’t want to be found. But Coral has a wild idea
that just might work. Fuzzyface Bartholomew Hamster! Show yourself this minute! Worse than my mom does it. Thanks to Coral’s mom-like tone, Fuzzyface is back
in his ball and safe. That was dope. – Again?
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