Hello! Welcome to your
favourite show, Aapni Rasoi. And I do not wish to
waste more time on introductions, because there are so many
ingredients in front of me, that I feel that if I waste
time on introductions, then this episode
won’t get completed. That is because right now our table
is completely full of ingredients. So, our celebrity chef,
Varsha Vimadalal is with us. Varshaji, I am feeling scared.
I am perspiring. Quickly tell me, what are
you going to prepare today? Today, we are going to prepare
‘Hariyali Vegetable Biryani’. Oh, my God! The name
itself sounds so good, imagine, how good the recipe would be. First, we’ll have a look
at the Biryani rice. This is the best quality rice, the
grains of which are long and nice. And we have cooked it in a way,
that every grain is separated. And while boiling the rice,
we added a little salt and a little bit of oil. That is what even I would
like to tell my viewers, that this is specially cooked for Biryani.
Right? – Right. Yeah! After we cook the Biryani rice,
we should allow it to dry, and then divide it into two.
– Okay. We have to equally divide
it into two portions. We will add a tempering of whole
spices to both the rice portions. For this, we will take
Ghee (Clarified Butter). So now, we’ll prepare the tempering
and then pour it over both
the portions of rice which we have divided equally.
– Yes. We’ll now pour this over both the portions. We will mix it a little now. Wow! We have Spanish saffron here. We will crush it like this
and add milk to this. We will now keep it aside.
– Okay. Now, we’ll prepare one
portion of rice with spinach. Along with spinach, we’ll
add chutney to prepare this rice. We’ll now add the
spinach puree to it. To the rice. We have to mix this very gently because these lovely long rice grains are just like pearls.
We should not break them. And now, we’ll mix this green chutney,
which is made with mint and coriander. So now, our green rice is ready. And now we will add the saffron and
prepare the yellow rice as well. We will have to mix it very lightly. Gradually, the rice will get
the yellow color. – Right. After completing this procedure,
we’ll keep it aside. Our saffron rice is also ready now.
– It’s ready. We had diced the ‘Paneer’ (cottage cheese)
into pieces like this. And now we will take them in a bowl. We will sprinkle a
little bit of salt over them. Next, we will add ginger,
garlic and chilli paste to it. – Okay. This is a fine smooth paste. We will add approximately
three spoons of it. Now we have to mix this well. And on top of this,
we have this wheat flour… So, we have to sprinkle this
wheat flour over it, like this. – Okay. And then we have to mix it
very lightly and then deep fry it. Okay. – So we will keep
this aside to marinate for 10 to 15 minutes and
then we will deep fry them. We will now prepare the
Biryani Masala (Spices). – Yes. I have the chopped onions, long and thin, and fried them crispy like this. They are very crispy.
– Yes. We’ll need some for the layering
and some for the Masala. Now we’ll put these into the mixer. We’ll add curd and… this curd will get mixed evenly
and form a nice gravy. This is Kashmiri red chili powder. This is ginger, garlic
and green chili paste. It is grounded. We’ll add the Biryani Masala to it now. Along with this, we will also
add a little Garam Masala to it. We will add a little
turmeric powder to it now. We will add a little
Chaat Masala to it. We’ll add salt to it now.
– Okay. Our Masala is ready now. We have
to grind it in the mixer now. Okay. – And we don’t have to
make a fine paste of it. We have to keep it a little coarse. So that it remains a little coarse. It should remain a little coarse.
We have to make it that way. The most important thing
in this Biryani is that we have to fry all the vegetables. So we have to chop the cauliflower into
big pieces like this and fry them. I have already fried and kept them ready. These are French beans which
are chopped cross wise and fried. These are carrots which are
also cut cross wise and fried. These potatoes are also
fried and kept ready. And these are green peas,
which we have been boiled. I have brought this
Masala ready from home. Now we will prepare the vegetable gravy.
– Okay. First of all, we’ll take
some oil in the pan. We’ll add a little ghee to it. We’ll add bay leaves and… we have some whole spices,
that we’ll add for the tempering. And then immediately we will
add this Masala paste which we had prepared in the
mixer to the tempering. We will now add all the fried
vegetables to it. – Right. We will mix it all well now. Our gravy is ready now. We will do the layering in the cooker now. First of all, I have kept this cooker here. We will not put the whistle on
the cooker, as it is not needed. We have to steam cook it, so,
we will add ghee in it now. The layer at the bottom
should not get burnt, so we need to add good amount
of ghee to the last layer. As the layer of rice should not
get burnt, we will make a layer of bay leaves first. So, we will arrange them
one by one in such a way that there should not be
a gap anywhere in the middle. We will add the rice now. One portion of plain basmati
rice which we had kept aside, we will add some ginger, garlic
and green chili paste to it. We’ll add a little ghee to this. We will mix it now.
Our plain rice is now ready. So, we will take a portion of this
and make a layer at the bottom. So, this way, one layer of rice is ready. We’ll make a layer
of the gravy on rice. The one which has all the vegetables. This way we have a
layer of the vegetables. Our next step is to add
the pieces of cashew which we had fried and kept aside. We will then make a layer of barista. We will now sprinkle some mint leaves
that we had chopped and kept aside. And we will also sprinkle
a little fresh coriander over it. We had fried some paneer. We will add a few pieces of that as well. We have to add few pieces
of paneer to every layer. We will now make a layer of saffron rice. We must press this slightly. So that it becomes even.
– It becomes even. It becomes even.
– Correct. Again, we have to make a
layer of gravy on this. We will now put some barista over this. Some mint and some coriander. We will add some dry fruits. We will make the third layer now. That is our… spinach layer.
– Spinach! I have kept small portions of
all the three rice because at the end, we will make a mixed
layer with all the three rice. Again, a layer of the gravy. Again, we will add a little barista. And we will again add a few mint leaves,
so that the flavor of mint is present in all the layers. There is flavor of coriander as well. This is done now… and we will
make the final layer now. We’ll sprinkle some
rice from each portion thus making three layers. Varsha, I must say,
this looks really beautiful. The border is white and then
there is a green layer after that which is the spinach rice
and in the middle is the saffron rice, which is
made with milk and saffron. We have to press it like this. We will now add the remaining
Barista, coriander, and then we will add the mint leaves. These are the paneer pieces
which we had marinated and then fried. These are those pieces. We will arrange them on top like this. We have to arrange them in
such a way that they are distributed evenly. We have to arrange this dry
fruit evenly on it. – Wow! We will sprinkle some
more mint leaves over it. The more the mint leaves,
the better the aroma. Now, this coriander. Now, there’s one last step left. I will now take this. Varsha, how much is still left now? My stomach has been crying
out, ‘Biryani, biryani!’ For so long it has been calling out,
‘Biryani, biryani!’ I have kneaded this dough and kept ready as we have to cook it on steam. So, we should place it in
a round shape like this on the cooker so that the
steam does not escape. That means, you must cook it on steam. We will cover it nicely now. Look. We have to press it and seal it like this. We have to cook it on steam now. Before that, we have keep a pan,
and then keep the cooker on that pan. It will get cooked slowly and won’t get burnt at the bottom. Right now, I have kept the
flame high and once the pan becomes hot, the heat
will reach the cooker. We have to cook it for 10
to 15 minutes in this way. This is ‘Maharaja Biryani’
which you can try at home with your friends, your
neighbors, your relatives and with your family! So, this was today’s episode of ‘Aapni
Rasoi’ with the ‘Maharaja Biryani’. We will bring something more
interesting than this on our next episode. We will get
something more exciting than this. Until then, stay tuned into
‘Aapni Rasoi’ Shemaroo Gujarati.