today on the schedule oh it’s going to
be terribly exciting today is my first full day in merriment Oklahoma City
Dutch has class I however do not have a class I have I love to you people check
this up look at this shirt I’ve got on it says Upper Peninsula
– chicken so I brought the UC with me you know what else I brought with me
holy socks let me show you two pairs of holy socks I put these socks on today
and look at this look at that and then I took the pair off yesterday
and there’s a hole there and yeah they’re not made hold on okay I didn’t
even notice that I’m sorry about that I feel like I’m really high up here when
there’s this chair lowers holy socks they’re wool socks yeah cuz it’s winter
and you know it’s gonna be a lot warmer down here and I’m gonna tell you they
had the hotel room said it 80 degrees oh it’s hot in here okay I was like
dying last night going am I gonna sleep it’s 80 degrees in here I think I’m
gonna take this out I do not like this and I don’t really need it 80 degrees in
the hotel room I don’t think I’ve ever stayed in a hotel room that warmed up to
80 degrees service um I’ve wanted warmed up to 80 degrees usually if the air
conditioner on and I’m like Oh leave another blanket for my room but I just
can’t get it to warm up but today no 80 degrees I’ll turn it down
I’m still dying I don’t think it’s supposed to warm up a lot it’s supposed
to rain off and on today yeah I’m switching topics totally
switching top way here people I’m sure they can hear me too
I looked in the mirror and what did I see it let me see if I can get closer
what is this shit a trigger order shot right right dear
how old am i what I don’t get it today on the schedule oh it’s going to
be terribly exciting first I am going to go down and get some breakfast can’t I’m
picky so I’ll probably have scrambled eggs or maybe I don’t know I just don’t
know so breakfast that I’m gonna come back up and I’m going to work on my my
job you know I have my own business anyway so I got to work on that and then
I’m going to work on editing videos they take a long time to edit sometimes some
lickety-split and others forever okay so you are probably bored to death but if
not hit that thumbs up button yeah give me a like and if you haven’t already
subscribed to my channel and leave a comment somebody told me the other day
to head back at downstate something like that I am NOT from downstate Michigan
okay I guess they didn’t like my hinky linked a video I’ll link it I can’t
remember well I’m assuming it’s up there or I’ll just put a link down below or on
the end screen or maybe all three so you can find it hink eluded and I’m sure I’m
saying it wrong you know because it’s it’s the finish the ubirr finish snow
guy okay and I am not from downstate Michigan No
so you were wrong whoever you were have a wonderful day
I have no idea what’s in store for me and what
I plan to take you so keep watching keep watching don’t don’t do it don’t hit
stop employ in the next video there’s more to come okay I dried my hair I look
more presentable that’s alright I’ll bet erotic I brought
some books with me I’m going to take one down for breakfast the question is which
one do I take do I take and somebody recommended this
book at it all body by blood a novel this futuristic type sci-fi book or do I
take something that makes me look smart story by Robert McKee yeah so fun or
smart well I think I’m dressed for fun today so I’m gonna take the fun book
breakfast awaits breakfast was and the scrambled eggs were slimy they were
tasty but slimy tomorrow I’ll just have him fry up an omelet for me or something
yeah I’m picky the book was good though I didn’t want to stop reading so most 11 I guess I didn’t have to rush
down must be further away than I thought I thought we were steamed to be close to
we’re taking a class maybe giving me a big heads up so I have time
to come down but it’s kind of cold they’re surprisingly hopeful make that
pansies growing over there should I get out pansies growing here somebody threw
their glass there oh and there’s doctors and there well yeah you can order the type of
different place bastard big s ta ke their buck apiece here in
Milwaukee or north of the Mississippi North by the start of the Mississippi
you’re gonna pay for that you’re very gonna pay two bucks apiece
or more so that’s all the taco trucks in in Milwaukee oh my gosh this comes with some
basically dos these are marinated in enjoy let’s drop me off I’m having sausage and
cheese some tea that I brought along and yogurt we stopped at the Mexican meat
market for dinner and I just got a pound of meat like that
that that’s why dinner plus the nuts I ate beforehand we’ll probably go back to
the hotel and have the snack anyway such got a burrito
he ate happen and wrapped up the other half are the best vaccine cloudy