Gracious viewers, welcome to Vegetarianism:
The Noble Way of Living Today, we have our friend, Raymond Ruckle
from San Jose He’s a Christian, a Seventh-day Adventist
Christian Raymond plays organ in his church, directs
their annual musical concert, and he is also an aeronautical inventor – that’s something
special I enjoy that very much
So, what are you going to bring to us today? I thought we’d do three things
First, would be Whole Wheat Bread, a loaf of Whole Wheat Bread
Then, Black Bean Soup And then after that, we’ll do Sunflower
Seed Sour Cream That’ll be wonderful
That will go together with the bread And bread is the holy symbol of life among
Christians So, let’s start with the bread (Okay.)
So what ingredients do we need today? We start with these 5 ingredients, and we’re
going to combine it in 11/3 cups of soy milk I put a little bit of water in the bottom
of the cup, just about this much It seems like it keeps it from becoming too
much dominated by the soy milk taste If you forget your yeast, you’ll turn out
with a very bad loaf So what we do first, is to get into the yeast,
with this hopper right here on the bread machine I’m going to put 13/4 teaspoons of yeast
So I take this knife, and I level that so it’s nice and even
That will be very exact Exactly
And you knock it off a little bit Then you go to the next one
And we put that in there And once we have that done, then we can relax
knowing that this loaf is going to rise Now, shall we move ahead and combine these?
Yeah, how about the others? We have the soy milk with the water (Is it
sweetened?) It’s not sweetened
Then we have here 1 tablespoon of olive oil And of pure cane brown sugar, this is 21/2
tablespoons And this soy lecithin is 11/2 teaspoons
And then sea salt, I pour out the sea salt in a teaspoon, until it’s kind of a nice
mound, and then I dump it there And then the last is about a 1/4 of a teaspoon
of ascorbic acid, which is vitamin C So we have all those and we mix them
I usually start with the one that needs combining the most, so I use the soy lecithin
So we pour right in here Of course we’re going to have a spoon here,
to begin to stir this in I see
So you usually mix the ingredients in the liquid first and then you pour in
Right Some people would just put it straight in
there, but I kind of like the idea that having these combined as much as possible
We’ll take the salt, pour that in And then the ascorbic acid
Stir that And I don’t like the idea of the olive oil
being just great big globules of oil I like to be able to see it kind of combine
as much as possible I guess they use the word “emulsification”
to bring that all together As you can see, it’s kind of bubbly
You want to get that as much together as possible All right, we take this and open up the container
Bring out this canister And we just pour in
Be sure that you’re pouring kind of away from yourself so you don’t get yourself
doused Now we make sure that that’s all in there
So now we move to the flour stage I usually use 1 cup of white, but you need
to be sure that you get bread flour or for bread purposes
And we’re just going to dump it right straight in here (Sure.)
And then, the gluten flour (Gluten.) Just put it right there in the middle
That was 1 tablespoon (Okay.) And then this here is going to be 2 cups of
whole wheat flour I like the loaf to come up and have a nice
rounded top If you have too much yeast and too much material,
it may go clear to the top, began to expand, and it sticks a little bit to the top
So if you want to have a classic dome, then maybe hold back a little bit on the material
and so that’s what we’re doing We put that all in there
So now we take this, and we put it in here This is a National Bread Bakery
There Okay
There’s different settings? Yeast is in here, and we’re all set
If it’s plugged in, we’ll start it And there it goes
So 4 hours later, you’re going to have a nice warm loaf of bread
Let it set awhile though We wrap it up, and just to let it set there
for at least a half hour, because it’s not good to start eating right away on that because
it can have a yeast problem for some people And if you want to eat it right away, I’ve
been told by a nutritional doctor, that if you just slice it and put it in the toaster,
I don’t fully understand that, but that takes care of the problem
I see So what’s the benefit of making one’s
own bread? I think that you won’t find quite this kind
of bread in the store I go there and I see the loaves are perfect
But something about the ruggedness of this, with the open pours as it were, and the bubbly
texture makes for a much more pleasure in eating
Especially, I’m a little bit addicted, I realized, to the Earth Balance vegan buttery
spread That’s what really sets it off
When it’s warm and you have that buttery spread on there – it tastes really good!
So if you make your own, you’ll get to have your own fresh bread (Yes)
And you have control of what ingredients go in there (That’s true)
Nothing like what you don’t want And extra nutrition, if you want to put in
like your ascorbic acid (Sure, right) That’s wonderful
You know, it seems to me, like you mentioned that there’s a Redwood Park nearby here
Maybe we could have a stroll that way? Sure! We’ll be right back
Welcome to Vegetarianism: The Noble Way of Living
Raymond is going to show us how to make Sunflower Seed Spread to go with the whole wheat bread
And it’s called by my sister-in-law, Sunflower Seed Sour Cream
Sunflower Seed… Sour cream
It’s all vegan It’s my sister-in-law who makes it, and
my brother he just loves it He puts it on potato, baked potato
He puts it on his bread He puts it on broccoli
He just really likes this And she uses this sometimes, combining it
into some kind of sandwich spread So I said, “I want to know how you make
this” She has some secret aspect of it
And so I guess we should get started Sure
So what ingredients do we need? Well, I think probably, in order to get things
down in here, I would start with some of the bigger ones
These are the sunflower seeds, and we have a 1/2 cup
So we put that in here Then we have a 1/2 cup of brown rice (You
cooked that the day before?) And that’s already been cooked, yeah
Water would be next because we need some liquid in there, and that is 3/4 of a cup
So I suppose we ought to go with this 1/3 cup of lemon juice
So we pour that in This is the seasoning: 11/2 teaspoons of onion
powder Some people might want a little bit more of
a salty taste or something and they might want, in the next one, which is a 1/2 teaspoon
of garlic powder, maybe to combine that with a little bit of garlic salt; you can play
with that So we put that in
This is 1/4 teaspoon of dill weed That goes down, and then the last one – I
believe there’s nothing else – is salt, and this was a level teaspoon
And of course, depending upon your situation, you might want to lesson it or increase it
a tiny bit But I think most of those who are a bit health-conscious
know that you don’t want too much salt And I remember you said that usually you’ll
heat up the brown rice a little bit Right
That’s a very good point A little bit of warm, I mean to have that
warm, especially just cooked, would be perfect because it blends a whole lot better
So, shall we hit the switch? (Sure.) All right
It might be good to kind of get it started This is a Vitamix machine and it has a nice
variable control I like to keep it going until it’s real
creamy Now, my sister-in-law also said sometimes
she takes a little bit of soy milk powder and puts it in there and it comes out very
white-like Why I’m going slow is that sometimes some
of the seeds go up to the top of the sides, so then you’ll have to push them all back
down, so I was kind of wait for it to break down a little more
Let’s see what happens if I hit it on high Oh! Real good
See it’s not jumping up now Okay
That should have warmed up – I saw a little bit of steam come out (Yeah.)
Wow, look at the creamy texture And those of you with spoons that have a little
flexible tip, you can bring it all out Raymond, you did a great job
Thank you Please join us tomorrow on Vegetarianism:
The Noble Way of Living Raymond will show us his special recipe for
a Hearty Black Bean Soup We will also sample a taste of the freshly
baked, homemade Whole Wheat Bread and Sunflower Seed Vegan Sour Cream! Yum!
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