what is up everybody this is Lyle with
no hippie BBQ and what I’m be making today is gonna be the best banana bread
listen this recipe is in collaboration with my man ray Mac he’s the baldest guy
on YouTube but he also has a YouTube channel by the name of Ray Mac’s kitchen
and Grill I’m gonna leave a link to his channel in the iCard above and
description below run by there tell him no hippie BBQ sent you and then I said
what’s up anyway since this easy banana bread is part of a collaboration I figured I
was going to go ahead and try to take this up a few notches so we’re gonna get
real creative with some of these ingredients anyway I’m not much of a
baker but this is one thing that I certainly know how to do some of this is
gonna be a little different than what I usually make the banana bread who can go
wrong with that anyway let’s take a look at these
ingredients and start rocking it out so the use of the ingredients were going to
need for this moist banana bread I will have a recipe in the description as well as a
link to Ray Mac’s video so you could run by there and see what he came up with
anyway we have flour I’m going with brown sugar as opposed to white sugar I
have two bananas and what I’m gonna do with these is I’m going to slice them
and then quarter room and then I have three ripe bananas I have some baking
soda baking powder salt eggs some vanilla pump it up a little bit we have
some Jack Daniels honey whiskey coconut flakes and bacon so off-camera what I’m
gonna do is I’m going to cut up this bacon and I’m gonna cut the bacon
probably in about 3/4 of an inch slices I really want that bacon to come through
in this we’re going to cook it down until it becomes crispy and that’s going
to yield about a cup of oil which we’re going to use in this as well if for some
reason I don’t end up with a cup of oil I’m going to go ahead and add a little
bit of butter to it anyway let me get working on these couple of bananas and
this bacon and we’ll get on to the next step the easy part just time to put this
banana bread together what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna add our dry
ingredients so we just got brown sugar in our baking powder or
baking soda and our salt I’m going to go ahead and add our flour I’m just gonna
kind of mix this up a little bit and like I said this is an easy version no
no need to like be too specific on this alright I’m going to set this aside now our wet ingredients including our banana
now when I cook that bacon it yielded exactly a cup of oil
we’re gonna go ahead and have our eggs vanilla and about the only thing honey
whiskey is good for some banana bread or something like that well you know what
I’ll taste this stuff I’m not a fan of all this you know hippy whiskey but
we’re gonna win have some of that in let me go ahead and taste it yep nope too
syrupy I don’t know how people like that anyway we got that go ahead now her
coconut in I’m gonna kind of blend this up all right now that we kind of have that
blended up and it’s not blend up all the way because we are going to have these
dry ingredients in and I’m reserving the bacon and these uh banana bits for later
we’re going to fold those in all right got that all mixed up we’re gonna go
ahead and fold in our banana and our bacon I’m gonna leave a little bit of
bacon for me to nibble on we’re just gonna fold this in and that’s because I
want to have the banana chunks and some healthy bacon pieces to come through in
this bread mixture should be good for about one of these loafs if there’s any
leftover I’ll make the muffins which it doesn’t look like there is so this is
gonna be the perfect amount right here now this is going to go in the oven 325
degrees for about an hour I will check it in 45 minutes this just came out of
the oven after being in there for about an hour and five minutes took a little
bit longer than normal I think it was because I added a little bit more of
that whiskey than normal I will tell you that this smells incredible once this
cools down a little bit i’ma cut off a piece and we’ll get into this taste test
so let’s get into this bread and see what is up with it I got a pretty big
piece here all right so before I get into my conclusion on this
taste test please remember check out the iCard
above the description blue I’m a frame X video posted in both places now back to
the spread okay it’s the first time I’ve ever had whiskey very mildly tastes that
first time I’ve had a coconut now that is really coming through and the thing I
like about the bacon and I want to take a little bite but I’m not gonna do it
the thing about the bacon is instead of having it chopped up real fine it is
larger pieces of bacon in there so you definitely get some of that bacon flavor
coming through in this banana bread and I thought that is definitely a nice taste right there
anyway I think this is the bomb if you’re looking for something different
give this a try I do think the brown sugar also adds a little bit more of a a
more complex sugar flavor too hard to explain anyway try this out I’m telling
you this is a winner thanks for stopping my no hippie BBQ I appreciate it comment
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