Hi Guys, I’m Laura Vitale and today, I’m so
excited to bring you this recipe because my classic dinner rolls have been so popular
here over the past couple of years and since then, pretty much everyone that watches that
video emails me asking me if I can show you how to make basic breadsticks, because you
know I love starting with a basic and then going from there – because I think once you
have the basic recipe down, then you can flavor them up a million different ways. So, today I’m going to share with you my soft
and delicious, buttery absolutely phenomenal breadsticks that are perfect every single
time and they really couldn’t be easier to make. The ingredients you’ll need, we’re going to
start with some bread flour, you’re going to need some salt, I’ve got some olive oil,
you’ll need a mixture of granulated sugar and brown sugar, along with some active dry
yeast, and some warm water. Now, very very simple, the first thing we’re
going to work on is actually activating the yeast, because you want the dough to rise,
so I’m going to add my yeast to my warm water along with just a pinch of sugar because that’s
what really feeds the yeast, and now you are going to set this aside for, I would say three
to four minutes or until the yeast starts blooming and it gets all cloudy and it smells
really fragrant, and it’s really important that your yeast does bloom and it does activate
because if it doesn’t it means that your yeast isn’t activated, if it’s not activated your
dough will not rise. And if your dough won’t rise, your breadsticks
will be hard as a rock, and nothing – nobody wants hard breadsticks! But while that’s happening, I’m just going
to take my bread flour – now I”m using bread flour because I find that for breadsticks,
I really enjoy a softer, sort of chewier texture, so I’m using bread flour. If you don’t have
bread flour, all purpose flour will do. But, I just prefer bread flour since I bake
so often, and I always have it on hand, so I’m going to use that because it’s what I
always tend to use for breadsticks. Going to add that and my salt in a large bowl,
well in the bowl of my standing mixer, I should say. A little bit on the counter, why not. It’s not like anyone else is going to clean
for me. And then, I’m going to add my brown sugar
and my granulated sugar to this mixture as well, and I like to just crumple this up with
my fingers. And now I’m just going to wait for my yeast
to bloom, and then we’ll add everything in, mix it and we’ll get it rising! It’s really easy! This looks perfect, it’s exactly what you
want it to look like, you see it’s all foamy – that is good! When you see that, you know your yeast is
doing good stuff and it’s going to do even better stuff once it’s all together. Going to add this to my flour, along with
my oil. And now what I’m going to do, is on low speed,
I”m going to incorporate everything together and I’m going to increase the speed to about
medium and let it mix for four to five minutes or until I have somewhat of a smooth dough
and I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s there, so off it goes! This looks perfect, it’s been about five minutes
now, do not be tempted to add any more water to this because once you start to get it going
it will kind of look like it’s really dry and falling apart, do not be tempted to add
any more liquid because what happens is, once you let it go, the – the flour will absorb
into the liquid, so you just need to give it time and that’s why five minutes works
perfect, sometimes it needs a couple more minutes, but this is what you’re looking for
– it’s really smooth, it’s not – it’s not tacky at all, it’s quite smooth and lovely. I”m going to put it back into the same bowl
that I had my dry ingredients in, I just oiled it with a little bit of olive oil, you can
use vegetable oil, you could use whatever you want. I just do that so it doesn’t form a skin and
now I’m going to just wrap this up, pop it somewhere nice and warm, and let it rise for
about an hour and a half or so or until it’s really nicely doubled in volume, and I’ll
show you what it looks like when it’s there! This looks gorgeous, my dough has risen beautifully,
and now I’m ready to get these shaped. Now I’ve got some all purpose flour, you can
use – this is actually bread flour, you could use all purpose flour is what I meant. Just flouring my surface a little bit, like
so. Deflating my dough – oh it is so gorgeous. It really is just beautifully risen. And then all I’m going to do is, I want to
kind of pat this into a rectangle that’s about I’d say, ten by fifteen inches or so, I’m
really not being precise at all. Because, you know, home girl don’t play that. I do not have the kind of patience to stay
here with a tape measure or a whatever you’d use. You want about, I don’t know, 10 by 15, I’d
say. I always use a baking sheet, this for example
is a seventeen by fifteen inch, so use that to kind of guide you along if you need to. But, this is looking pretty much where I want
it, I just want to make sure the only thing I’m kind of thinking about is making sure
everything is the same thickness so that no parts are thinner than others, but do your
best. Just kind of pat them into place, and see
what I’m doing, is I’m kind of just squaring things off so that everything will kind of
meet. And then I’m going to get about eighteen out
of this so, just make little marks first. And then that way when you cut them, you know
you’ve got enough. And then once you cut your strips, now I want
you to see what I did here, because I just have a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. What I do is – you don’t want these to be
a twist, so what I do is I just twist them one time, just like so. Why I do that, I don’t know, my head tells
me to, they look pretty. And that is it! Now obviously, some are longer
than others but what’s important is that they’re all the same thickness so that they bake evenly. Now these need to rest for another twenty
to thirty minutes, it depends, I”m trying to get my mappina out of here, and you just
want these to double up a little bit before we bake them – now these are, as you can see,
humongous breadsticks, because let’s face it, Carbaholic, I love bread, not ashamed
to say it. If you come up to me with a 4 inch breadstick,
I might throw it at you, okay? I want a nice big sized breadstick here, I
want my bread – I want to actually be able to taste it! So, that’s why I make really huge ones, but
you are more than welcome to just cut it in half, and then you’ll have double the amount
of breadsticks. It is completely up to you, after-all. Cover these up, let them rise and I’ll show
you what to do – last step before they go into the oven. I’m feeling bossy today! These look amazing, they’ve been resting for
about 30 minutes, now what I have here is some melted, unsalted butter and then my little
concoction – I’ve got some sea salt, I’ve got some garlic – granulated garlic and some
Italian seasoning. And I’m just mixing these together, I prefer
to use sea salt here, but any kind of salt you prefer is fine with me. You don’t need a lot of this you just want
a light sprinkle, but now what I’m going to do is, I”m going to brush the tops with some
melted butter, I want these to develop really good color and also be a little more flavorful. Last bit. And then you just take your little seasoning
concoction and you just sprinkle over a little bit on each one. And you could also do some parmesan cheese,
if you wanted to. I like to stick with this because I just think
it’s a really good flavor combination, it’s not too overpowering, and then I like to do
Parmesan cheese for a different take when I do shredded Asiago and Parmesan breadsticks,
which I can do a different recipe on that, but it’s really easy. And now these are going to go into your oven,
I have my oven preheated at 400F, they’ll be in there for like 10-15 minutes or until
they’re really beautifully golden brown, I’ll show you what they look like when they’re
done! My breadsticks baked for about twelve minutes,
and now what I like to do when they come out is – as soon as they come out of the oven,
I like to brush them with just a little bit more butter, it just keeps them really soft
and buttery and absolutely gorgeous. That’s a step, of course you can skip, but
I’m not going to – these just smell absolutely phenomenal, just want to make sure that I
brush this butter on top. You don’t want to add too much, you’ll need
just a couple tablespoons for all of them, again you’re not soaking them in butter, you’re
just kind of giving them a light little brushing. Ooh, it’s hot! Timer’s off, but look how soft that is! Look at that! Perfection! Hot though! Mmm! So good, totally fool proof. So easy to make – LauraintheKitchen.com will
have the recipe waiting for you, if you remake these, remember to share a picture on social
media so I can see your recreation. I hope you love them as much as I do, nothing
is better than homemade baked goods in my opinion. And once these are baking and your house smells
so absolutely fantastic, you’ll know why making bread at home is so addictive! And nothing tastes better than hot bread. Like I said, LauraintheKitchen.com will have
the recipe, thank you for spending time with me and I’ll see you next time! Bye!