Hi Guys I’m Laura Vitale On this episode of Laura in the Kitchen I’m really excited because We’re making dinner rolls Now I know so many people have requested To make dinner rolls and I don’t know why I haven’t already Since it’s such an easy easy recipe Let’s go over the ingredients so we can get started You are going to need some all purpose flour, some granulated sugar Unsalted butter, egg yolks, whole milk, some yeast, and some salt That’s it. Those are the ingredients. Let’s get started right away. Now I’ve got here just a small little saucepan And to that I’m gonna add in the butter and the milk And I’m just gonna heat this up, until the butter is melted And the mixture is about no more than 120 degrees (Fahrenheit) If it’s anymore than that then, what happens is when you try to actually activate the yeast It won’t work because it’s too hot. So, I’m just gonna let this melt to temperature and I’ll show you the next step. My milk and butter are up to temperature. Now, I can tell by just feeling it if it’s the right temperature If you can’t just take a candy thermometer, and put it right in, and it should tell you if it’s the right temperature or not. So, to that I’m going to take my yeast And I’m just going to…oops… I’m just gonna sprinkle it over the top, And I’m gonna leave it there for about 5 minutes, Or until I can kinda smell it and I can start to see bubbles forming, Cause that means that the yeast is activated. So, just gonna leave it alone for 5 minutes, I’m gonna tidy up a little bit and then I’ll show you Pretty much the next step, the next step, which is super easy. My yeast mixture’s been sitting for a few minutes, and it’s exactly where I want it. I can smell it. Just gonna give it a quick little mix. Good. Knock this down and pretty much add in Everything else. I mean, the recipe is the easiest recipe you’ll ever ever find for dinner rolls and it makes them just perfect every single time. So, I hope that you’ll enjoy it. Gonna add it the sugar, the flour, the egg yolks. I like to use only the egg yolk instead of whole eggs; I think it give you a much richer and almost like um… almost a brioche like texture/ So, if you’re into that, then I think you’ll really like this. And the salt. Pop this back up. Slow mo. I’m just gonna start it on low until everything gets incorporated, And then I’m going to increase the speed to about medium, and I’m gonna let it mix for about 5 to 7 minutes or until the dough is super super smooth, and I’ll show you what it looks like once it’s there. I mean it should be really smooth and…. well….. you’ll see My dough is just how I like it. It’s smooth, slightly tacky, which is good. You don’t wanna start with too much flour because you want these to kinda be really light, and soft , and you don’t want them to be too too dense. So, you can always add flour. Come on! You can always add flour cause we’re gonna kneed this, just for a second, just to kinda pull it together, before we let it rise. Just gonna get it out of my bowl. So smooth. I love this dough. Okay, That came together, beautifully. Gonna put it into a ball. Get rid of the excess flour. I’ve got a bowl here that I’ve greased. I’m gonna put a little bit more oil in there though. Gonna put it in there, brush the top of it with some more oil because I don’t want it to form, like, a crust. I want to just keep it nice and smooth, and keep it moist. I’m gonna cover this with some plastic wrap. And I’m gonna let this rise in a warm spot, for about an hour, or until it’s doubled in volume. I like to stick mine in the microwave, obviously I’m not going to turn the microwave on. I put it in there because then I know it’s away from any drafts and um, it rises beautifully, and wait about 45 minutes to an hour, and then I’ll show you the next step.