Right I’m going to show you how to make one of the most popular side dishes that we probably have. It’s garlic bread. You try this, you won’t ever but it again. It’s easy, it’s affordable and it’s beautiful. This is what you’re going to need. A part baked ciabatta loaf, two-hundred fifty grams of unsalted butter, six fat garlic cloves, flat leaf parsley. Equipment. We’re going to need a garlic press, a bread knife, a chopping knife, a butter knife, a fork, some tin foil, and a baking sheet. So first of all we want to get our garlic. With one of these you don’t even need to peel it. Put the garlic in. Look I’m not tricking you. Push it through and out comes the garlic. Inside, saves peeling, saves time. Invest in one of these you won’t regret it. now I’m going to get the butter. I’m going to chop it up into little cubes. Take a fork and we’re going to start to mash it all together just to get it all combined. Now we’re going to get some flat leaf parsley. Get rid of the stalks. And I’m going to hold it all together and I’m going to fold it in half. We’re going to put the tip of the knife on the board, fingers tucked in, and rock. And we’re going to chop this until it’s really fine. That’s about right, mix that all in. now we’re probably not going to use all
of this butter for this one loaf of bread, but the great thing about this you can use it on pasta on new potatoes, on a steak. It’s all flavour. Right that’s about done. Now it’s time for the bread. We’re going to slice through but we’re not going to go all the way to the bottom, we’re going to leave it so it’s still attached. About one centimeter slices. We’re going to grab the butter and we’re just going to plonk that in between the slices. Try not to do it too hard. We want to try and
keep it together as much as we can. I’ve just broke it. Not a problem. No one will ever know. Don’t stress yourself out and start worrying that it’s not going to be right and it’s not going to be wrong and just do it. Now because I broke I’m just gonna push it together a little bit. Tin foil. We’re going to put that flat on the tray. Scrunch up the foil around the edges. I like to serve it like this so all the butter catches in the bottom and everyone can help themselves. Rip it and dip it, all that kind of stuff. This is going to go into a hot oven, two-hundred degrees, gas mark seven for about ten minutes. Look at that. Golden and crispy and crunchy. Soft and fluffy and garlicy and buttery in the middle. I challenge you not to enjoy this. It goes brilliantly well with my Spaghetti and Meatballs and my Lasagne. So if you want to watch the recipe videos to them, just click the links now. And there you go. Homemade Garlic Bread. You’ll never buy it again. Try it out, let me know how you get on. If you have any new ideas or tips or anything different that you’d like to do with it, let me know in the comments box below, and good luck, happy cooking. If you like this recipe and you want to see more of mine or any other of the gang from Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube, don’t forget, click this link and subscribe now.