Hi my name is Greg Goldberg on behalf of Expert
Village you can reach us at www.minettis.com. In this segment we are going to be talking
about how to get a pizza into the oven and how to bake it properly so you get a ideal
cook crust with a perfectly melted cheese and topping on top. We have the pizza here
on the peal now this real real tricky situation cause if the pizza sticks to this peal while
you are putting it in the oven all your effort are for not. One thing I talked about is sauce
and we drip a little bit on the peal over here. There is a very easy way to get rid
of that. First you wipe it off and make sure there is none under the pizza, sprinkle a
little flour on top of it, and just rub it in and that is all you need to do. The pizza
should slide back and forth on the peal but it is not so we need to take a look at it
and maybe blow a little bubble of air underneath. Believe or not that loosen it right up. What
you want to do is preheat your oven to 500 degrees if you are doing this at home you
are going to want to get a pizza stone you pick them at any major cooking place, kitchen
capers sure has them, a lot of other places. Place that stone in the oven preheated to
500 degrees then you are ready to put your pizza in. So what we are going to here since
we have the professional ovens we are going to open the oven again making sure that our
pizza slides back and forth. We are going to take the pizza peal and we are going to
place it in the oven right in front there and we are now going to angle the peal slightly
up and just shake the pizza off. Ever so gently. If you find that it is not perfectly round
after you put in the oven you can reach in pinch the dough and just give it a little
tug. A little tug here a little tug there won’t hurt anything. When you are done close
the oven up and set a timer. In my kitchen here we have a whole lot of digital timers
you don’t have to get on this fancy any one will do. We are going to set it for 5 minutes,
start it and we check the pizza then.