Hello friends and not yet friends, Welcome to another cookbook review here on
Mary’s Test Kitchen. Vegan Comfort Classics by Lauren Toyota. The hot for food cookbook. Finally. If you’re a hot for foodie, you probably already
have the book, don’t need a review but are just here for the food porn. Welcome. If not, well, you’re in for a treat! I had to start with wonton soup. I grew up with wonton soup. Won tun mein was my favourite mein, if you
know what I mean. Dumplings with wispy soft wrappers floating
in delicious clear soup and bursting with flavour. Honestly, at first glance, I wasn’t sold on
the ingredients for the fillings. I felt like I’ve seen this combo a million
times in sub-par dumplings. I was skeptical. Y’all should know, I am a fan but I’m skeptical
by nature; not easily convinced. I liked how everything just goes in the food
processor though. Easy on the hands and wrists. In many of the recipes, you do want a good
food processor. Something that would’ve annoyed me before
I hoped on the food processor train. I used to love doing everything by hand. Regular viewers will know just how well that
turn out for me. Not so easy on the hands, wrapping dumplings. But worth it. I used store-bought wrappers, only being able
to find the square kind. By the way, if you’re in Calgary, the only
vegan wrappers I’ve found are at T&T. None at Safeway, Superstore or Co-op. If you can’t find any because they are all
egg-tainted, check out my tutorial for making your own. They’re simple to make with just flour and
water and a little salt if you like. Takes a while though. I went with the method outlined in the recipe
for wrapping the dumplings at first. But eventually, I reverted back to way I used
to always wrap wontons. Just wrap it up like a little sack, trying
to squeeze out any air pockets so they don’t explode while cooking. I’m not sure that it’s any better of a method
but it’s how I had them as a kid. It’s a bit of a nostalgia thing. Now we have our dumplings, they can go in
the freezer while we make some broth. The recipe is very simple and straight forward. Napa cabbage is a wonderful choice for making
a really flavourful broth. After adding a little vinegar, it tastes like
my childhood! Friends, this is when I started to become
convinced. But how about the dumplings. I couldn’t be convinced completely until… Lauren Toyota IS above the law! Remember how I was skeptical about the ingredients? Well, she found exactly the right ratio of
everything because these wontons are bursting with flavour, all the right flavours. Sure, there are lots of different kinds of
wontons all over the world. But this is the particular flavour combo that
I’ve been low-key-craving since going vegan. This recipe makes enough to freeze some wontons
for later but the next day, I already made a second batch, a double batch. I’ve been a fan of Lauren since she started
making Lauren In Real Life, a few years ago. I like her personality, I respect and admire
the professional quality of her videos and appreciate the enormous amount of work that
she puts into them. She set the standard for the next generation
of foodtubers. But, in my own ‘headspace’, this book has
elevated her to queen status. I mean, you know how I felt about her nacho
cheese sauce. Let me tell you. I’ve tried many renditions of that potato
and carrot cheese sauce. Most of them suck. Most of them don’t cover that potato-ey and
carrot-y taste. She convinced me that more was possible. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean I’ll like everything
a person makes even if I’m a huge fan. Like this ramen burger. It looks super cute, it was easy to make,
and loved the recipe for vegan Thousand Island dressing. But I’ll never make these again. Rather have bread around these fillings. Or even rice patties. Those are good. But I felt like I was wasting ramen here. You know what is not a waste though. All these cashews and all this nooch. Becoming vegan parm. Sure, we’ve seen this combo and variations
before. But it never gets old to me. Another old-school vegan fave: cashew cream. I mixed it with her red sauce for rose penne. The instructions made it so easy to make this;
the pasta the perfect texture, the sauce in the most perfect amount, creaminess… This rose penne was heavenly and I’m so looking
forward to trying all the other pasta recipes one by one. Lots of pasta in this cookbook. As well as soups, sandwiches, loaded salads,
brunch dishes, baked sweets, and even a doughnut recipe. Deep fried. Speaking my language! If you’re allergic to nuts, this book might
be a challenge to work with. Lauren does suggest alternatives but you have
to come up with the exact amounts yourself for the most part. A bit easier if you’re gluten-free, many of
the recipes are gluten-free already or you just have to remember to choose gluten-free
noodles, bread, and sauces. But there’s no quick guide or icons to mark
those out. Of course, if you follow this channel, I am
confident, you’re up to the challenge. I’m lucky enough to be free of restrictions
like that. Free to make pop tarts. Raspberry Funfetti Pop tarts. It’s the perfect recipe to illustrate the
focus of this cookbook. Fun food. Not preachy food. Rabbit food. No carrot sticks unless they’re going with
your buffalo cauliflower wings and homemade vegan ranch dip. No sprouted this and blue green algae raw
breadness. You know what I mean. That’s not to say there’s nothing healthy
about this book. There’s lots of vegetable focused awesomeness. Like that life-giving wonton soup. I would’ve tried more recipes, especially
the Southern Fried Cauliflower but apparently all the hot for foodies bought all the cauliflower
because I haven’t been able to get any! So this is the last thing I tried for this
review. And it was such a sweet ending. Literally so so so sweet. Nicely balanced with tanginess from lemon
juice and the raspberries. For my personal taste, I’ll probably reduce
the sugar next time (not sure if I’d have to add extra pectin to get the jam to gel),
but even so, I really liked these. Let me know what things you’ve tried from
the hot for food cookbook and what you thought about it in the comments below! As for me, I’m loving it. Great photos for nearly every recipe which
is so important for actually motivating you to get in the kitchen, clear instructions, fun little tidbits from Lauren’s life and
inspiration, this book is for everyone whether they are
vegan or not! Get a physical copy or be like me and get
a digital one so you can simply wipe the drool off your screen as you pour through it. Links are in the description below. Thanks for watching, friends. I really hope you enjoyed this video. I really enjoyed making it. Please give this video a thumbs up if you
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