– [Man] The omakase, in a
word, it means chef’s choice. It’s not only just the sushi. Welcome to Shuko. Coming from Masa and then
opening our own restaurant, there’s definitely pressure, not just from the customers or
the world but just from self. The influence that I got from
Masa is sort of constant. It goes beyond food, for
me it’s about colors, it’s about texture, looking at certain
things that are striking, that catch the eyes, that feels good, that catches even the sound. Masa doing very well like
with the taste of things he always thinking how to
combine with the Japanese and then how to match together. The theory behind Shuko comes
from the Kaiseki format. Jimmy and I had created
our own interpretation of what Kaiseki is. Traditional Kaiseki was created in Kyoto, the tea master would pair
tea with bites to compliment course after course that
all seamlessly goes together so the Kaiseki menu is definitely for me the original tasting menu. (upbeat music) This is our canape. And it is sweet english pea
chawanmushi with salmon eggs. It is our introduction to our Kaiseki menu to open up the mouth, our
form of hello, a handshake. (upbeat music) (brush scraping) And this is our second course, sunomono, dungeness crab salad with the cucumber, chrysanthemum flower, and tosazu sauce. (upbeat music) This is our bread course. Homemade milk bread, wild bluefin toro tartar from
Spain with Russian caviar. (upbeat music) This is our sashimi course, it is local long island fluke with grilled maitake mushrooms, shiso miso, and nori crumble. It’s a progression of courses getting richer and more deeper, setting up for the next course. (octopus sizzling) (cello music) This is our fifth course, it’s octopus from a Mediterranean. (electronic music) This is our meat course, this is Omi beef which is a
breed that comes near Kyoto, it’s not as fatty as Kobe which is the reason why we like it, it’s more about the flavor. This is our last course
before the dashi course. (cello music) (brush scraping) This is our suimono course which is dashi with grilled mushrooms, the point of it is to clean the mouth and get set up for the sushi course which is about to happen next. (gentle music) (fish sizzling) (brush scraping) (upbeat music) Homemade apple pie, very traditional way to end
end the Japanese Kaiseki menu. (laughter)