– Hi, I’m Amanda Hi, I’m James, and this is And this is And this is
– What? What? – You’re supposed to say your name, girl. It’s all right, cut.
– Oh. – I’m James Davis, and I’m an actor, comedian, and writer. I never thought much about eating healthy until my body let me know, Hey sucka, it’s time to think about eating healthy. Now I’m on mission to learn how the best athletes in the world fuel their training with healthy, simple food. Because it turns out, every job is like a sport. And every meal counts. Tennis pro Amanda Anisimova,
made it to the semifinals of the French Open. She’s been beating some of
the giants of her sport. The really crazy part,
Amanda’s just 18 years old. Like most young people, she
doesn’t know how to prepare all the meals that fuel her. Luckily, I’ve been spending
the last few weeks, honing my skills with the
best athletes in the world. Now it’s time for me to switch things up and give something back. What you laughing at, girl? You ain’t never seen no tai chi? – [Amanda] What are you doing? – I watched a YouTube video. You wanna join in? – Sure. – I’m kinda doing a hip-
hop version of tai chi. – Okay, that’s cool. – So I’m putting dance
moves into my thing. Now, slowly, we’re gonna go in a circle. – Okay. – Circle, circle, circle, back here. Jump on it, jump on it,
jump on it, jump on it. Normally, I have the
athletes show me their dish, but today’s different. You lucked up. You eat sushi? – It’s my favorite. – Really, it’s your favorite? – Mm-hmm. – Okay, cool. I’m gonna show you how to make sushi. Now, I’m an expert sushi chef. I’ve been training in sushi for today. – Okay, are you um, ready to get serious? – Let’s do it. I gotta look like I know what I’m doing. – You most certainly do. – Are you a vegan, a
vegetarian, a pescatarian? What are you? – I eat a lot of plant-
based recently actually. I sometimes have chicken. But mostly fish or just plant-based. – Okay, okay, plant-based Well speaking of plants,
this is our nori. – I’m familiar with it. – Oh, okay, well yeah, it’s seaweed. – A nori’s a fancy way of putting it. – Yeah, well I’m the teacher so today, we’re calling it nori. – Okay. – Like you’re blowing a feather. Blow that feather to me. Yeah, give me a little bit
more knee bop, knee bop. Now, come forward Two hands Gonna take a handful of rice. Some of mine fell out, that’s okay. And we’re gonna put it on our nori. – Oh, like down? Or in the middle? – Kinda down, my bad. Yeah, yeah, you wanna put
it towards the bottom part. As an athlete, you prefer brown
rice over white rice right? – Yeah, definitely. It has more fiber. – Okay. – Perfect, right. – Yeah, yeah, it’s perfect. No, it’s not. – That was actually a good one. – Actually a good one? That means that others have not been good. Now we’re gonna make a vegetarian roll. So we’re gonna put our veggies in. What you have to remember is symmetry. – Symmetry, you know it’s gotta fit right. – There’s an art to it. – yes. – Is it symmetrical? You being symmetrical with her? Symmetry is key. – Who’s your teacher? – The top sushi maker
in all of east Los Angeles. Are you laughing at my roll? – That’s okay, you’re
gonna roll another one. – Did you always want
to be a tennis player? And have you always been
super focused about tennis? – Yeah, I started when I was three so that’s really young. And it’s always been my passion. I really never was
interested in other sports. – What do you do when you’re
having fun with your friends? – Well, I live in Miami, so I
go to the beach pretty often. – Hey, I love Miami. – Yeah. – We agree on that. One of the few things we agree on, ’cause you’ve been very sassy
with me this whole class. – Is there any shot you wanna learn? – A shot? – That’s what it’s called. – That was a little low. – You’re just not a natural, I guess. Oh my God. – Got that the carrot in
there ’cause it’s gonna be a veggie roll. What is carrot good for? I know you know. – My parents used to tell me
that it’s good for my eyesight when I was younger. And I think it’s actually true. – Is it? I’ve never heard that, that’s not a fly. – I’m definitely gonna
use some avocado in this. That’s my favorite. – These are chunky pieces of avocado. I’m gonna go over here. – That’s actually a smart idea. – Actually, you love saying actually. As if you don’t expect me to
say smart or funny things. This is fun. That’s what we should do. We should play sushi tennis. Who’s your favorite tennis serve? – I’m just gonna smack it on your head. – Oh, oh, oh, okay, okay, cool, cool. – Are you, that’s a made one.
– I think it’s my serve now. – No. Want any cabbage? – Yeah, I’m gonna put a little. Yours is kinda wrinkled. Good job. – Yeah, I don’t know how that happened. We’re gonna roll that out. – Mine looks better. – It does unfortunately. – How do you roll it? – Okay, so, what you’re gonna
do is you’re gonna slide it down to the bottom. Yeah, you already ahead of the game. Then, what you’re gonna do
is you’re gonna press down in the middle with your fingers, while rolling this over. Yours is better than– – I’m kinda using common
sense at this point. ‘Cause you’re not really
telling me what to do. – Oh, okay, okay, that,
it is being rolled. – My sushi has been rolled. – There’s another sealing
technique but if you do this just know that this roll is only for you, and people who really love you. You can put, bring it up
and then kinda just seal it like that. – Like an envelope. – Like an envelope. Watch your fingers. Your moneymakers. – Bam. – That’s good, that’s good to go. – Wow, these actually turned out good. – They actually did. – You never use the word actually? Not as much as me. – You know what actually, I don’t. I was just gonna tell you
the same thing, actually. You know Matt, he actually broke his back. I have a cousin actually. I’m actually gonna take
those, I’m gonna use those. I thought you were gonna name it. – Well, it’s supposed to be teamwork. – Okay. – We’re gonna use my name first. Or my initial first. – So the Double-A Roll. – Ooh. – ‘Cause it gives you
power like a double-A battery. – Mm. – What does it feel like
to be a young phenom? In the tennis world. – It’s definitely really exciting. I’m really grateful that I
get to play these tournaments at such a young age and experience all these amazing moments. It just motivates me more for
every upcoming tournament. – What is your mental
approach to your matches? – I definitely try to
visualize everything, including the atmosphere and the crowd. Because there are little
moments that you might be affected by so yeah,
just try to picture out how everything is gonna turn out. – Based on my research, talking to other world-class athletes, there’s always this recurring theme of they were eating kinda bad, then this light bulb went off. And then they switched
their nutrition game up and that kinda correlated
to them doing better. – Yeah, that sounds pretty familiar. – Yeah? – Well, break down your journey for me. How did it happen? – Yeah, when I was 14, I
started to feel a little bit sluggish and then I started
to kinda change my diet, and I felt better in
tournaments and then it was just finding things that felt right for me, and what foods I liked. Yeah, what helped me in my training. – So it was more of you
making that realization, more than like some outside
doctor or parent saying, “Hey, get your nutrition together”? – Yeah. – Okay, I see you. I see you. If you want more information
on our sushi house, please visit our website
at www.sooshihouse. – Dot. – Dot. – Com? – Dot com, slash. – What, slash what? – slash gov dot edu, dot dot dot, loading Hopefully, our website
information is being displayed currently. Our wasabi is amazing. I gotta go. All this, this is just page one of the Athletes Cookbook, baby. If you want more, you better
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