it definitely easy not to be aware how
much sugar you’re consuming. The American Heart Association recommends that women consume twenty-five grams of added sugar a day. Its enlightening
picking up the large candy bars or those single package
cookies and see how many have them you cannot
eat without going over that recommendation. I’m excited for the new nutrition labels which differentiates between the sugars
that are naturally occurring in the food verses sugars that are added by the food processor. Yogurt – expecially
like a a fruit yogurt, when I look at the amount of sugar it’s a very high number but how much that sugar comes from milk Milk has milk sugar it’s not a sugar that cause the same problems we see with
fructose sweetened beverages fruit has sugar and they clearly put
some fruit in there and then they’ve added sugar. I wanna know how much is added sugar and I can’t even tell and
I’m a registered dietitian who is taken a lot of nutrition courses. So
the general public doesn’t know either.