Hey! In this video you’ll see how to prepare
cow skin for use in Nigerian cooking. You see all that hair; they will be burnt
off during the making of the ponmo. This one is special high end ponmo because
it contains some fleshy part, the red part of beef unlike the tasteless
ponmo that is just the skin. Let’s go! We have a specialist in the house to show
us how to do this. He makes a fire and places the skin on the
fire with the inner part facing up. He tends to it, turning them from time to
time so
that they
are evenly burnt. He checks it by scraping to ensure that all
the hair has been burnt off. Once he is happy, he places them in cold water
to cool them quickly. Then he uses his knife to patiently and meticulously
scrape off all the sooth from the burning. My husband loves ponmo! When done, he cuts them into sizeable pieces. These will be thoroughly washed again before
cooking. You see the meat inside the ponmo, it is so juicy and gives very delicious results unlike those ones that are just the skin. They are best for Bitterleaf Soups and Ora