Hey guys, Dr. Axe here. Today I want to tell
you about how sugar can actually cause cancer. And with the growing number of people getting
cancer every single year, this is something that I’m really passionate about and I want
to help educate everyone on really how to prevent this disease that’s causing many people
to suffer today. I can tell you from having a mom who has gone through cancer twice, that
you never want to see your family go through cancer. I’m going to give you tips and give you the
scientific background on ways that you may be able to prevent cancer. And one of the
things that we know for sure from medical studies, from Harvard to Mayo Clinic, that
sugar can increase your risk of cancer and we’ve known for a long time that cancer has
also been linked to diabetes and obesity. Why is that? There are many reasons but I
want to touch on one recent medical study that was just published here recently and
it has to do with how diabetes and cancer are linked. One of the things that sugar does in your
body if you’re getting too much sugar is that too much sugar increases your insulin in your
body, over time your insulin receptor sites can burn out and that essentially is what
causes something Type II diabetes. And also pre-diabetes when you look down here, when
you’re getting more sugar in your body, it increases a hormone called GIP and it also
releases something from your pancreas, a protein called s-catenin. And s-catenin is a protein
that has actually been shown to cause your cells to replicate and cause your cells to
become literally immortal and so they don’t die. And that really is what creates a precancerous
cell. So again, if you get too much sugar in your diet, it increases s-catenin which
can lead to cancer. Too much sugar in your diet can increase your insulin resistance
causing diabetes and that’s why these two things are linked. I want to give you some ideas on some ways
in the medical literature that may show you how to naturally fight cancer and some of
these cancer fighting principles. And obviously we know too much sugar can cause obesity,
diabetes and cancer. Again to the science here, s-catenin or cancer cells, literally
they are a kind of immortal so they don’t die or die off like other cells and they self
replicate. And there are certain nutrients that have been shown to cause what’s called
a cell apoptosis or cell cytotoxicity. That means that those cancer cells die off. So
there are specific herbs that have been shown to do that. And I want to talk about my top
three things for naturally preventing and fighting cancer. My number one here is getting more fruits
and vegetables in your diet. Fruits and vegetables are the most nutrient dense food and the highest
in antioxidants. Now antioxidants protect your cells against free radical damage, against
proteins like s-catenin. So if you are getting too much sugar in your diet, let’s use berries
for instance, a blueberry has tons of antioxidants, a lot of vitamins and minerals, water, electrolytes,
but a berry has sugar. So why doesn’t a berry itself like a blueberry cause cancer and in
fact has been shown to fight cancer even though it has sugar? Because berries also carry along
with it a large amount of antioxidants. Those antioxidants keep things like s-catenin from
actually causing cancer because it protects your cells against those proteins and free
radicals of the sort and that’s how it works. Let me say this, all sugar isn’t bad. It’s
not like any time you eat sugar it causes cancer. It’s when you isolate the sugar. If
I took a blueberry, took out all the anti-oxidants and fiber and we just had the fructose left,
that single sugar, could that increase your risk of cancer? Absolutely and that’s why
getting your sugar in a whole food form in something like a blueberry or a banana, you’re
getting fiber with it, you’re getting other nutrients that actually will keep it from
causing cancer and in certain ways, fight cancer. Get more fruits and vegetables. I
would recommend doing a berry smoothie for breakfast, juicing vegetables or eating big
super food salads any time possible for cancer prevention. Technique number two here, get more healthy
fats in your body. You can see here that these hormones are so important when it comes to
diabetes and cancer. In fact many cancers today are linked to, they’re known as hormonal
cancers and that hormone GIP, is released when sugar is eaten in your body or if you
get too much sugar. And that hormone can actually increase your risk of diabetes and cancer
if things like cortisol are too high or your progesterone levels are too low and estrogen
gets too high. When your hormones get off, it increases your risk of cancer. And part
of that is also due to getting unhealthy fats. Fats are important for cell communication,
they’re important for every cell in your body. In fact, you have 75 trillion cells in your
body. Every one of those cells has what’s called lipid bilayer and lipid means fat.
Every cell in your body has fat and so those fats are responsible for the health of your
cell. What gets in your cell, what gets out of your cell, fat is important for that, so
I recommend getting healthy fats and following what we call the Budwig protocol. Johanna
Budwig was a German researcher and she found that when your cells were sick, it was due
to not having healthy fats in your diet. And she did a protocol, mixing cultured dairy
like cottage cheese, kefir, also known as [inaudible 00:05:48] and today I use a product
like Amasai. Any cultured dairy beverage at all has probiotics but also has a healthy
saturated fat. You do that healthy saturated fat along with, in this protocol, they did
flax seeds or flax oil. So getting the cultured dairy plus the plant
based omega-3 fatty acids. Those things together have been shown to naturally energize your
cell. This has been used in the past for natural cancer treatment by Dr. Johanna Budwig and
other clinics today. And again the key here is getting more of those healthy fats. Healthy
saturated fats from cultured dairy and coconut, the healthy omega-3s from wild caught fish,
fish like salmon and chia and flax seeds. And then also getting some good omega-9 fats
from things like avocados, almonds, olive oil, those are good as well. But those omega-3s
and healthy saturated fats, those have been key in fighting cancer. Also herbs, these herbs curcumin which is
found in the herb turmeric and bromelain which is an herb or I guess a nutrient known as
a proteolytic enzyme that is found in the core of a pineapple, the highest dose in the
core of the pineapple. These nutrients have actually been shown to cause what’s called
cell cytotoxicity or a cell apoptosis. They’ve been shown to actually fight and kill off
cancer cells. And so doing certain herbs like turmeric, doing the bromelain. So eating herbs
in large amounts, sprinkling them on your food, putting cinnamon in a smoothie for breakfast
or supplementing with these herbals, especially in their fermented form is a great thing to
do to naturally reduce your risk of getting cancer according to the medical research. So put these things in the play. Again for
myself having a mom, having family members and patients, I have taken care of over the
years, you never want to get cancer and so be proactive. Let’s reduce your risk by getting
more fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, like healthy saturated fats and coconut and
cultured dairy products like kefir. Also getting the omega-3 fats and chia, flax seeds and
salmon and getting more herbs like curcumin from turmeric and bromelain from pineapple.
You do that, you’re well on your way to fighting cancer.