Ooooh don’t be scared my poor puppy! oh you’re okay… hey sugar welcome back to my 1 cake 4 format series. I’m Rox of RoxStarBakes and I am of the school that sprinkles make everything better so why
not put them into a birthday funfetti sprinkle white cake. this is the only
birthday cake recipe that you will need for sheet cakes, round cakes, cupcakes and
mini cupcakes. if you’re new to my channel my passion is helping people
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me and let’s make sweet treats together. to get started, here’s the recipe take a
screenshot save it and I’ll link all of the ingredients in the description below
so you can find exactly what I use later. Prep the ingredients and make sure everything is
at room temperature. line your sheets rounds or cupcakes I clip the sprinkles
with flour so they don’t all sink to the bottom.
Mary Berry would do this with fruit and I noticed when I try doing this with
sprinkles it worked too. for every 1/2 cup of sprinkles I coat with 1 tablespoon of
flour. here I sift the dry ingredients and set them aside. this lightens the
mixture and works out the clumps. shake shake shake! for the liquids I like to incorporate
the sour cream, milk and vanilla extract in advance. it makes it easier to
distribute into the mixture. mix until the large chunks are gone and set aside
for the vanilla if you really want that nostalgic box cake taste a tip is to use
clear vanilla extract truly taste like that nostalgic box cake mix but elevated
and you can absolutely use a classic vanilla extract or vanilla seed pod. I’m
making this cake batter recipe with a hand mixer so it’s easier for everyone
to see how I work through the step-by-step. if you’re going to use a
stand mixer get on your paddle attachment. so I creamed butter and sugar
together first. I’ve tried this recipe in different orders and this works best for
me this almost doubles in size and lightens
a lot. scrape the sides down on occasion add the egg white in at least two
portions until just incorporated. mix on low I’ll do this on speed two or three.
scrape down the sides before adding the dry and wet ingredients. add a third of
the flour mixture to the batter and mix to incorporate. add half of the milk
mixture and mix to combine. repeat adding alternate additions of flour and
milk mixture until both are fully but just incorporated make sure to end on
dry if the mix starts to curdle then the ingredients might not be at room
temperature here is when I like to pre-heat the oven
then fold in the sprinkles. I just add a couple portions and fold gently I prefer
confetti sprinkles like these because they don’t bleed. for the sprinkle cake
jimmies and nonpareils work too but they bleed and this is fine if that’s the
effect you’re going for. in a future video I’m going to use the recipe with
blue and green jimmies to get a water inspired effect you’ll see. then it’s
time to distribute to your formats. I don’t typically butter the pan because I
like that about her to crawl up the sides. for the cake rounds I distribute
the mixture evenly across five 5 inch cake rounds. I pull the batter to the edges of
the pan like so to make sure everything fills the edges and corners this also
gets out the excess large bubbles. then I always try to even out the top then I
bang the pan a few times to ensure the batter settles into the edges. I really
like sharp level cakes by the way you don’t need to do this on a turntable and
most often I don’t unless it’s for fun alrighty for the square cake distribute
the batter it’s heavy and it’s a little hard to hold I spread the batter a
little and then make a giant X across to ensure that the coroners end up sharp. I
want all of the edges and corners to be filled in then I use an angled spatula
to get something a little more level BANG BANG I use the scooper for the
cupcakes and the size of the scooper depends on preference for piping and how
each recipe bakes I’ll link the size I used below. tip for the mini cupcakes
since I’m using parchment paper liners I add a rice to the bottom of the mini
cupcake pans. this absorbs the oils so it’s not greasy underneath each cupcake
since making this video I’ve gotten a new scooper for my mini cupcakes that I
like much so I’ll link that below. when done
distributing place in the center of the oven and now bake. use a toothpick to see
if it’s done there should be about five crumbs. left let cool in the pans for
about 30 minutes check these out here are the rounds you
can see the cake is pretty white on top I peel the bottom of the parchment paper
because I wanted to show you that all of the sprinkles distributed and they don’t
fall sink to the bottom. here is the rectangular cake it is so nice and level
perfect for decorating. I slice a piece of the corner so you can see the inside
of the cake fluffy of moist and the corners and edges are nice and sharp.
here’s the cake again from a different angle so you can see the edges here are
the regular standard sized cupcakes they come out nice and level and they are so
pretty breaking this in half look at the
crumble. it is fluffy soft moist and bounces back the mini cupcakes are
perfect bite sizes and stay really white still they’re also really level which is
great for decorating. baking success!! how do you decorate your birthday cake for
me my favorite is with chocolate frosting nom nom so yummy I’ll link some
great pairings in the description below if this video was helpful at all like
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