hey crafters were officially in November
which I’m very excited about because you know October’s fun and Halloween was
awesome but now we’re in the time for Thanksgiving and Christmas so obviously
now that we’re in November and Thanksgivings coming and Christmas is
coming it’s time for fall decorating for Christmas decorating for thinking ahead
for Christmas presents and Thanksgiving gifts and just all kind of stuff going
on so something that’s fun to use to decorate with and we’re on this time of
year is pinecones I’ve got some cute ones here in this bucket I filled up
that we got it from inner woods and today what I’m going to show you in this
quick video is a way to repair your pinecones for crafting and decorating
with them because you’ll notice the pinecones they
might be closed up like this it might have stuff growing on this one’s really
cute it’s got little mushrooms on them or they might have bugs in them and
obviously if you’re bringing these in your house you don’t really want all
that stuff coming in and you want your pinecones to be nice and open not really
closed so what we’re going to do is we’re going to get a cookie sheet cover
it in foil so that way our cookie sheet stays nice and clean it doesn’t get any
SAP for the pinecones or anything on it and we’re going to essentially bake our
pinecones in the oven at a low temperature I’ve got my oven preheating
to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and the reason we go with a low temperature is that we
don’t actually scorch our pinecones but then we just leave it in there a little
longer to make sure that anything critters in there dies off and then also
it’ll help the pinecones open up more so it’s really not much to it other than
you need to get the oven preheated I’m going at 200 degrees fahrenheit you want
to line your tray with tinfoil and then I’m just gonna take my pinecones spread
them out on my tray make sure they’re not all on top of each other
I want them to spread apart something they can open up and so that way if
there is any SAP on them they don’t get stuck together but I’m just gonna put my
pinecones on my tray with ones like this that have dirt or mushrooms or something
growing on it I’m going to brush these off you could even get like a leaf
blower and just we blow the dirt and things off but I’m
just gonna put them on my try pop this in the oven for about 30 minutes and
then take them out and this should be good to go and here we go these are the finished
pine cones they are now free of any living critters inside of them which is
really awesome also they are for the most part very open I had a lot that
were like this to start off and it’s been obviously didn’t open much but you
can see like this one open up some more this one was about like that you know
this one was closed a lot more you can see the bottom and the top start to open
if I had left it in a low longer probably the middle would have opened
more but you can see how most of my pinecones now are very nice and open I
don’t have to worry about any critters living inside it there and they’re ready
for me to start crafting so at all I only had them in the oven for about 30
minutes as I said you could probably go a little longer and get some more to
open up the heat just causes them to think that it’s a different time of year
so they open up and then obviously any critters that are in there can’t stand
the heat and so it also prevents any creepy crawlies from coming out of your
pinecones once you brought them in your house for decorating so I’ve got some
different crafts and projects I’ll be bringing you with these pinecones but
hopefully they solve some of the problems you might have had when working
with pinecones in your crafting before